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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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^Welcome. But I just have to ask since Batman is getting painted blue......."Does this count as a new credit?":lolr: But in all seriousness I think it looks good, not Dark as I thought, but good. The only thing is when the GP thinks Batman I think they will think Dark Knight not comic book Batman.

Andrew "It does look awesome" Iorio

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Going up to the Mountain on the seventh with my school. I can't wait to hear things like "I am going to do a triple back flip on X2" or "I died on Goliath and came back to life" Is there anyone who is going on the seventh? It would be nice to meet up with a fellow enthusiast.


Sorry, but I'm going New Year's Eve

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^ Superman has been looking down on the park since 1996 (the ride's planned opening till technical problems delayed it till early 1997). He agreed to stay, but noticed that his friend Batman started feeling blue.


So he needed some space and flew away. I would have done the same...



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