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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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I would say the left and right are when you are sitting in the train in the station facing the front. They have been running the left side all week but today the right side was running instead.


Ninja and Riddler were not running Saturday morning.


Terminator was great as usual, I only got 5 rides before there were too many people, 3 on Batman, and 3 on Colossus and 2 on revolution then went home . It was pretty busy today, Viper's queue was down the entrance ramp, Tatsu used all lines in the queue, Scream was almost to the entrance.


I didn't even bother looking at X2.


Last day tomorrow at SFMM before I leave Cali..

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Visited the park today...as for the new coaster activity...a wall with the regular "coming soon" sign has been installed from the Johnny Rockets all the way to the Deja Vu entrance and the old theater building and extended Deja Vu que have been completly demolished and the land cleared. They're not wasting any time...

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04 - Ninja - mostly smooth

05 - Batman - so tight and fast and yet NOT painful


Hmmm ... ya know, there is a joke to be had ...



...Boobs? No, something much better. Ha!



Anywho, off to spend the day at Magic Mountain. This should be fun. I'll see about getting some pictures.

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So, I've been wondering for a while, which side is Colossus' Right Side and which side is the Left Side? Is it whichever one is on the Right/Left as you're entering the queue or when you're sitting down on the ride?


haha, I was wondering that as well I believe it would be where the station is but i don't know.


When entering the queue the left side is for the left side and the right is the right. The only crossover is after the first set of brakes on the brake run. The right side dives down over the left to get back to its side of the station.

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I rode Colossus today and forgot to ask about which side is which.


Oh well, at least I got to see Goliath's new paint job. It really looks nice.


The cleared area for the new coaster looked sort of smallish to me. Could fit a Roller Skater, but really nothing much bigger.


Otherwise, two rides on X2, two on Terminator, one each on Gold Rusher, Revolution, Riddler's Revenge, Batman, Tatsu, and the Thomas train. And all had relatively short lines.


The best part was meeting up with an old friend and meeting some new ones---one of whom had never been to SFMM before.



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and Tatsu is a great coaster, just the pretzel kills me it would have just scraped into my top 5 if I didn't just about have a heart attack every time .t


Hmmm...somewhat odd that you can't take Tatsu's loop (I'm guessing the Gs), but you rank Goliath, with its Helix of Death, #2.

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Same with me. Bring on helix of death as many times as you want, but I can't even handle Tatsu once anymore. Sucks for me, I guess.




I agree 100%. Tatsu's pretzel loop ruins the ride for me, and while I don't like Goliath's helix, I can still ride Goliath a couple times in a row without getting sick.

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Tatsu's pretzel is a love/hate thing imo. I love it, but if it was any more forceful or any longer I would hate it. It made me have the nerdiest response to a year book question. The question was how does it feel to be older and I said it kind of sucked cause I'm starting to black out on roller coasters.(so far just tatsu though)

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I don't have any problems with Tatsu's pretzel loop in the front, but riding in the last row is very uncomfortable for me. (So where did I ride the time we rode it yesterday? The back. But that's because the others wanted to, so...)


Goliath's helix? No problems for me, but closing my eyes helps, as does focusing on the track ahead.



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I hadn't been to SFMM in a while, and some friends wanted to go. So I figured why not. As always, I took my camera along. Here is a brief report of my trip.


Check out my full Photo TR here: http://www.americacoasters.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=14098&p=256878#p256878


I was running a bit late to the park today and didn't get there until 11:20, almost an hour after the park opened. When we were making our way through the parking booths, I was still a little worried to see a good deal of people around the ticket booths and walking to the park. Luckily, the first section of the parking lot wasn't even full.


Anywho, the first stop of the day was Viper. Practically a walk-on. And somehow I managed to get two rides on before others in my party got one. Looking down at X2 from the top of the lift, it looked to have a 20-30 min line. So I decided to hold off and ride that last.


From there it was off to go ride Terminator. And of course, I had to stop and take pictures of walls and dirt. Here you go:




Terminator was quite fun. It was nice to see that instead of a downgrade in theming, they actually added some since I last visited. Camo net over all the chain link fences and doors in-between each pre-show. The audio was working, as was the flame. The fog, however, wasn't. But I'd guess they had it off because of the colder temps. No big loss there.


The wait for Terminator was 20 mins.


Continuing the loop around the park, it was off to go get a ride on Riddlers Revenge. As we approached, I smelled something good in the air. Oh, a new restaurant. No more mexican food! Now selling mini pulled pork/sausage/bbq sandwiches. Reminded me a lot of SFoT.



Batman was fast and smooth as ever. No complaints here. A one train wait.


I also took a ride on Grinder Gearworks. I hadn't been on it in at least 10 years. After riding, I remembered why.


Oh look, Goliath is getting paint!



And so is the Flags gift shop!



Another restroom is being remodeled



This is where Santa goes:



I ended the night with a ride on X2. Now, to be honest, I really didn't want to ride. Even after the addition of new trains, the ride was still beating the piss out of me. But I figured I would give it another shot. This would actually be my first night time ride since the transformation. We also decided to ride in the front row, another first since it became X2.


After waiting 30 mins (the line stayed the same all day long) I must say, I had an awesome ride and am really glad I did. It was a great way to finish a relaxing day at Magic Mountain.


I leave you with a picture taken with my older brother.




Anywho, I had way too much to post again. If you would like to, please check out the complete report at: http://www.americacoasters.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=14098&p=256878#p256878


I hope you enjoyed this read.

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The first time I rode Tatsu was the first time I blacked out on any roller coaster.


After that first time, it got a little better because I was more prepared for it, but still, that is THE most intense moment at any coaster in Southern California.


I think alot of pretzel loops pack a punch. I came close to blacking out on SUF, but I was in the back seat. Plus it was night, so I couldn't brace for it either way. I've never been on Tatsu, but I automatically agree with you. What row where you in?

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The thing that ruins Tatsu for me is the layout. It's honestly just getting to the point where it's starting to bore me so much that I have to consider whether it's worth riding (I guess I'm just spoiled from having a decent amount of rides on it). The pretzel loop is still pretty cool, but it rattles too much through it which creates a decent amount of discomfort through those high G's. The only 3 good parts of that ride to me are the lift hill, overbank, and pretzel. Needless to say, the first few times I rode Tatsu, it was the greatest thing I had ever been on, however, I kind of enjoy Viper more than it now...though I am kind of an Arrow (or at least SFMM Arrow) fanboy haha


EDIT: I have a question, do they still cycle the colors on Terminator's sign? On KROQ night, it cycled through colors and was really awesome, now it just stays red, which is still cool, but I liked the color changing.

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Which one is Mr. Six????


I know, right?


My friends were joking about it throughout the day. So when I saw a photo op with Mr Six, I took advantage of the situation. And you know, it kinda freaked me how how similar we look. Heh.


I told them that my name is Mr. Nine.

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