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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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^^^^^Exactly. I think it would be a really neat idea if they destroyed it as a media event, tying it into what will be going there in the future. I mean, the media would love it and so would all the people who hate Psyclone.



I still don't get how blowing something up as a fun little media event is rreckless or stupid. It's an outdated roller coaster that no one really cares about. Most of us hate it and most of the regular people who go to the park hate it as well. It would be a great publicity stunt. Maybe even bring in David Blaine to see if he can survive the explosion.


Anyway, it does not put the park into a bad light at all. I mean, things get blown up for science all the time, and that isn't seen as reckless or stupid or put science in a bad light, does it?

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At the park today and took notice of some trees with orange marks on them. This was on the hill next to the Chicken Plantaion (Log Jammer 2nd drop on the other side).


I think someone else is working on a trip report so I will hold off on other observations for now.


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^^^Or we can just continue using the great feature provided to us by Robb and Elissa. I'm pretty sure they would set limits on the photos if bandwidth was an issue.


No offense, but why would anyone want to put their pictures on a crappy website that will seen by about 2.3 people when they can use these forums instead? I also like how you made it seem like you got inside info on Psyclone and Flashback (when you obviously read it here and should have credited this site), but that's another story. Not that it really matters, since only 1.3 more people will look at that site, but still...


If you want to start a website with SFMM updates, more power to you. Everyone's got to start somewhere. But don't be shocked if no one uses that site...

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This is great news, I just hope they don't screw things up again!


On the demo thing, as cool as it would be to see, I don't think it's a good idea.


Just not good PR for a park that is know for being unsafe to begin with.


Want some good PR? Invite the media into your newly painted and all fixed up "Clean and safe family freindly park". That would be a good start.


On the building size issue, In this case size does matter.


It's safer and faster to implode buildings the size of LV casinos then to, tear it down!


Anyhow, does anyone know for sure what's going on with the Metro thing?


Coud a Seuss train thing form IOA type ride go up there? Would it even be practicle?


I Guess with those tree marks we'll know soon enough.

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Hey guys, Las Vegas resident here. Vegas casinos are NO longer imploded as a tourist attraction. They are done during the early hours of the morning, usually around 3 a.m. and are NOT promoted to the tourists as an attraction to go witness. As a matter of fact, the police are used to blck off any and all of the viewing areas now. They are imploded because it is the easiest and fastest way to bring a casino down.


There is a danger in blowing things up or imploding them, since debris has the tendency to get projected quite far from the implosion. What will happen, if these two coasters do in fact come down is, Psyclone will face a wrecking ball, bulldozers, and other heavy equiptment, and Flashback WILL face a welders torch, and chopped into pieces.


Good riddance in my opinion, though I would love to see another woodie at that park again.

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You guys need to take a page out of the Aussie's book, Davey's absolutely right, our only "decent" wooden coaster faced the bulldozers and an incredibly large steel wrecking cable while our little Meisho "looping wooden wannabe" coaster faced a fairly interesting death with a bunch of scissor, uhm... truck things. You tell me, hydraulic arm with a set of 8' foot hydraulic clasps at the end, we'll call it a scissor truck or something... Point is, your people can call our people, who knows, even the people who paved Wonderland Sydney could give Magic Mountains some paving tips for the near future.

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I think I saw the "scissor trucks" on the Discovery Channel. They take apart old boats. That was the one before they cleaned out the hurricane barrier and after they went bloodworm hunting. I should stop watching those Dirty Jobs marathons.

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Not sure if this deserves it's own thread, so I'll put it in the SFMM discussion thread.


Is the parking situation at SFMM similar to that of SFGAm? By this I mean do you need to pay $15 each trip through the toll plaza? Also, is there a 15-minute parking area where a season pass can be processed? I ask this because I'm coming out on Solace/WCB weekend, and I may be going through the gate a couple of times.



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