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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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Nice to see those pics! Great to have a new coaster in so cal to look forward to next year. Good timing for SFMM as well. With Universal, Knotts, and DL/DCA in-between big attractions, SFMM will be the only local park with a brand new ride.


Speaking of the theme, they always could extend "The Movie District" all the way back to the Terminator coaster. Rename a few attractions/shops and/or some props to tie into Hollywood, and call it good.

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I flew out to California yesterday for a day trip to SFMM since the park was open for Columbus Day. I don't have too many photos because the day was so short so I don't believe this TR needs its own forum.


We flew out from Vegas at 7:30AM and had one of the most turbulent flights I have ever had. And took a Prime Time shuttle from Burbank Airport. The drive was a nice 45 minute ride because of traffic. It only cost about 45 bucks so it wasn't so bad. We got to the park at 9:30AM and the park didn't open until 10:30AM. To our surprise the ticket booth was already open and they weren't even letting people in to park yet. I have a season pass, but my friend had never been to SFMM yet. The rides closed sign was put up and only had Tidal Wave, Yosemite Sam Sierra Falls, and Sky Tower being closed. It was really windy so I already anticipated that one.


They opened up for parking around 9:40 and around 9:50 they opened up the metal detectors and let people into the entrance plaza. While waiting for the park to open they had employees out talking to guests handing out park maps, I totally loved this because everyone had a happy and cheerful attitude.


The park opened exactly at 10:30 and everyone of course started running to X2, unfortunately X2 wasn't open yet. So we headed for Viper.. Nope still testing. Went to Tatsu.. Nope still down. We we decided to head to the back of the park. To my surprise DejaVu was already open. We managed to get on the second train of the day but that still took 15 minutes to get on the ride. But I had an amazing front seat ride on DejaVu, it is still one of my favorites at the park.


We decided to head back up to Tatsu to see whats up and still no word, and the same thing with X2. Viper was finally open but unfortunately only with one train so we waited 30 minutes for the ride, and much to my surprise Viper is still running great! I love that they are taking care of this ride, I had absolutely no headbanging on the ride!


With X2 still closed we decided to take the Orient Express up the hill, I love that the Orient Express has automated spiels on the trip up the mountain. We headed to Ninja and had a two train wait with only one train running but that was no big deal. Ninja was running great as well.


After Ninja we headed to Superman: The Escape. On our way we noticed Tatsu was testing. I knew testing sometimes takes a while so we went onward to S:TE, S:TE had a minimal wait (about three dispatches) and they were working really fast! I loved it.


After S:TE we headed back to Tatsu and there was a 4 train wait at the time, but we still ended up waiting 35 minutes to board the ride. They were only running 1 train and right before we went on the employees were talking and were completely oblivious to the fact that the train was back form its run and sitting in the block before the station for about a minute and a half. I had to say something and they were like oh! Anyways we had a great ride on Tatsu, I still love the sense of height while heading up the lift, but once our ride was over we ended up sitting in the block before the station for about another 2 minutes. This was a little disappointing. When we left, the line in the bottom queue filled up half way which to me meant an hour wait the way things were going.


We then headed to the back of the park it was nice to see the characters interacting with everyone and I loved how they were with children. We headed to Gold Rusher and there wasn't much of a line but the employees were great. Riddler's was next and the line was really short. They were running 2 trains and not stacking. I had a great ride on Riddler's no vibration or anything.


We decided to have lunch at Fresh Cut Fries in front of Goliath, honestly these are some of the best fries I have ever had!!!


After lunch we went to Batman: The Ride and there was no wait easily got 8 rides in without getting off. They were running two trains and the ride is still great!.


Colossus was next they weren't running Colossus Backwards so that was kind of a bummer. They were just running the forwards side and I had a really great ride on it, not much shuffling going on. We headed to Scream! after and they were running one train, there was no need to run more than that. The ride was great and we got 4 rides on it without getting off.


Goliath was next and they were running 2 trains and doing an amazing job! We got 9 rides on it without getting off.


Revolution was next and while in line for the ride I received a phone call from Prime Time shuttle saying that they are canceling our reservation because of the fire. I asked is there anything you can do, or what do we do next. They said they didn't know because traffic was so bad they couldn't make it and we should take a taxi back to the airport and leave now. This was about 3pm


Revolution was great they had the new refurbished train on the tracks, this train was great, it also ran quieter on the rails I noticed. We decided to head back an try one more time for X2, the employee there was very very informative and saying the ride was down due to the winds, and the wind forecast wasn't good. I loved his honesty and he suggested other rides.


We did some souvenir shopping and decided to leave the park. We didn't see a taxi out in the loop so we headed back to the gate and the lady there directed us to Guest Relations and the representative there gladly called us a taxi everyone was so nice. We decided to leave because we got all coasters in except for X2. The taxi ride back was very long because of traffic but we still ended up at the Airport with 3 hours to spare. Kinda disappointing knowing we could have stayed longer, but better safe than sorry. I hope that everyone that was affected by the fires are alright!


All in all we had an amazing day at Six Flags Magic Mountain and my friend wants to go back! Every employee that we came in counter with was awesome to us from entering the park to leaving. So here is the Pros and Cons of our trip and I'm happy to report way more pros than cons.



Ticket Booth opening early

Guest interaction before the park opened

Park Opening up on time.

Extremely friendly employees.

I heard "Have a magic day" many times.

Even though it was windy employees were still sweeping up leaves.

Park and restrooms were really clean!

Fresh Cut Fries.

Short waits on a few signature attractions.

Smooth ride on Viper

Employee at the gate saw I had a season pass and said welcome back.



Slow dispatches on Tatsu and Dejavu

Colossus backwards closed


That is really my only complaint I won't put X2 on this list because it was weather. Viper 1 train isn't an issue because they were working fast.

Again this was an amazing day for me at the park. My friend will end up getting a season pass next year as well.



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When we always used to go it was open til midnight on Saturday. It says so on their site now. We've went on the day in April when it's open til 1am but it's always packed.


I have to print the tickets out and was needing to know if I should get the Flash Pass. You guys are the only source on Tatsu I have so any help is appreciated by tonight.


I was also going to print the parking permit at the same time. Wish I could go back to just having a season pass like I did 2002-2004, it's much easier than having to get tickets like this. Plus the bonus book was very helpful since we'd go by Marine World either on the way there or way back.


Back to the point, we never got flash passes back then and never needed them with the only long line being X. We'd usually do it at close and be there til late but it doesn't offer them anyway. So thanks for the help.


Great quick update there.

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I am praying for a retheme of the back area, to "apocalyptic earth" or something of the sort. It would fit well if the ride is themed to Terminator, and Deja Vu can easily be themed something different, or take on a theme like mentioned. The sad thing is, that is a pretty dead area of the park. Maybe a future dark ride in that back corner would help for an apocalyptic earth theme...

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Speaking of the theme, they always could extend "The Movie District" all the way back to the Terminator coaster. Rename a few attractions/shops and/or some props to tie into Hollywood, and call it good.

I really like this idea. The entire area of Cyclone Bay doesn't make too much sense now seeing as Psyclone isn't even there anymore. And I always thought The Movie District was a little small, I think if they did this it would be a great idea.


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Regarding themed areas at SFMM, I think they had too many---nine or ten, I believe. Either remove the themes altogether and let the place just be an amumsement park, or put a few bucks into just maybe five or six and theme them really well.



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I'm thinking about it and really like the idea of the park expanding out the Movie District, I think it could fit the ride very well.


I also agree with what Eric said, the park does have way to many themed areas, and I don't think it would be such a terrible idea to combine some of the themed areas and get rid of some of more outdated ones.

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Cyclone Bay is probably the worst themed area in my opinion. Just combine it with The Movie District. See, the thing with Rapids Camp Crossing is that it can't really be combined with Baja Ridge. There is that long walk underneath Revolution in the woods to get to RCC. I would say just have it be a lower level of Samurai Summit.

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Here's my take on SFMM's themed areas:


  • Baja Ridge, Rapids Camp, and Samurai Summit are fine as separate, distinct areas. As they are, they work fine.
  • Cyclone Bay needs a retheme, but at this point, I'm not sure to what.
  • The Movie District should be combined with Gotham City, which expands some possibilities for future attractions.
  • Colossus County Fair could work on its own, but only include the area from the Magic Moments Theatre back to Colossus and Scream!
  • High Sierra Territory works fine, as does Six Flags Plaza.
  • Where Goliath, Swashbuckler, and Buccaneer are is kind of a gray area. The attractions in that area have always had pirate names/themes, and did have a Pirates Cove area attached to them at one point, but never really had much in the way of theming. I'll have to think this over.
  • Bugs Bunny World and Thomas Town are OK. I just hope there are plans for additional attractions in Thomas Town, as it's sort of lacking in amount of things to do.


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I was at the park for a short while yesterday. They have started pouring the cement base for the coaster. No pictures as I left my camera in my car, there is more wood in the corner, tons of it. That's all I really have to report on. The park had a surprising amount of people for noon on a Friday during the school year. Lots of kids were there. I was shocked.

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Forgive me, I haven't watched too many of these GCI's be built, but has it ever been pointed out why they use the slab technique in some cases and not in others? If it's such a good technique, why aren't they doing it with Prowler? It just easier for them to do it at SFMM because the ground is level?


I just don't get how it's better. Seems like a massive hassle to maintain.

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I think the slab technique has more to do with the quality of the ground than anything else. Building a slab for the entire ride spreads the weight of the ride over the entire area instead of concentrating all of the weight on seperate footers. If I remember correctly, one of the big problems with Psyclone was that the ride kept settling after construction was finished. If that was true, the easiest and cheapest way for SFMM to build a new coaster on the same site would be to use the slab design for the foundation which theoretically, allows the entire ride to "float" over any possible movement in the ground. The other options would involve either removing and replacing all of the dirt on the site to provide a better and more stable base or provide deeper footings that connect the ride to more stable earth below.

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^ true.


Also, in keeping with the theme, Terminator: Salvation, the ride will be made of liquid wood, much like Robert Patrick in T2, but wooden instead of steel. It will be able to change shape and stab annoying GP at will with cruel looking points.


The concrete slab will prevent it from planting in the soil. germinating, and devouring the planet.

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Hey everyone, this may be a little off subject with the current discussion about the new coaster at Six Flags in 2009, but I have some interesting old photographs from Six Flags, you might be interested in, while viewing the history of the Santa Clarita Valley.


The first is construction of the Sky Tower (cira 1971) and it's a overview of the park, and not a bad photograph.


The second is a picture of the May 1971 Preview Ticket given to guests for the grand opening of the park.


The third are some medals given to guests on opening day back in 1971.


I was a year old back in 1971, it's amazing how big the park and the valley has grown since the park was noting but dirt.



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I had a quick trip up to the park today and saw what all has been going on. Pretty similar to whats already been depicted in the recent construction photos, I think they are almost ready to start pouring and get to the fun of filling that sucker in soon ~


As for my quick trip to the park, why oh why when I go there do the ride operators suck at cycling the trains efficiently? Well in specific its always on Batman... How ever the Tatsu Ops were being quite slow as well, stacking up the two trains every time without fail...


The two reasons I went to the park was to finally experience X2 and to ride Colossus backwards; Which we rode twice in a row, for some reason it doesn't seem as deadly backwards to my body as it does forwards.


My quick thoughts on finally getting on X2 was that they were cycling efficiently, in the hour it took to ride it didn't malfunction or break once, the sound track really does work well with the ride, there was no fire or fog on for our ride. Back row on the left side still makes me happy like a german school girl. Although why did the shoulder restraints seem to kill me more than the old X trains?


Any who it was a quick trip, and I'm excited to see the progress of the new coaster as it gets erected

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