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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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On 7/18/2022 at 8:14 PM, ryder said:

I believe the locker situation is now better because they added a free cubbies as an option.  Sounds like it's speeding things up considerably.


You should have been given the OPTION to pause payments during the pandemic in an email the park sent out.  If you didn't request it, they kept the payments going.  In exchange, you got updated to a "Diamond Elite VIP", which gives a total of 4 FOL passes per visit and I believe bigger discounts.  And as noted above, they were offering gift cards for the value, but you have to get it in person.  Mine was for about $256, but do note they can't be used for any sort of online purchases... so that limits it to mostly merch and food (non-mobile order, as last I checked, they don't have a way to upload a gift card into the mobile ordering app), though you can also get Flashpass or Hurricane Harbor cabanas... it just has to be done in person the day of purchase.

My other question is, does the pass just go on forever until you cancel it? I thought I had a 12 month membership yet they’ve been charging me for almost 3 years now…

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On 7/28/2022 at 8:06 AM, Rai Fox said:

Season passes are one year.  Memberships are indefinite, until you cancel them.

And they don't offer the memberships anymore, so I would hold onto it until Six Flags gets rid of them.  I certainly plan on holding onto my membership as it's better and cheaper than the current season pass offerings.

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On 7/13/2022 at 10:00 PM, ryder said:

That's why I only do pockets with closures when I visit them parks.  Never have lost anything yet.

Yes! These days it's my debit card, season pass, and car fob ONLY (no wallet or housekeys) in my back pockets with a button or a zipper, with my phone and un-sunglasses (for dark rides) ready to be put in the ride cubbies or on-car pouches. SFOT is good like that and doesn't push ride lockers anymore.

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Finally got back to the Mountain yesterday and got my first rides on Wonder Woman. My first ride was in row 6 and I was slightly underwhelmed. Let me preface by saying I am a HUGE fan of Railblazer (top 5 for me currently). Don’t get me wrong I thought it was great and I knew going in don’t expect Railblazer but I just thought the elements would be more. Knowing I was in row 6 I quickly got back in line. I let two girls behind me go ahead on the next ride to secure row 12 and let me say the ride blew me away!!! It’s shocking the difference the back makes. The drop is insane, literally out of your seat all the way to the bottom and the air time doesn’t stop there.

It’s my #2 in the park as TC still reigns supreme. I rode them back to back twice to confirm. TC’s airtime is just so freaking good especially blue track in the front. So good!

I know this has been said before but yes X2 is rough and it’s really only the last part. I got back row inside seat and honestly thought I got a concussion after riding. I was holding my head hard against the headrest and it still slammed hard. Anyone else had that? Nonetheless my #3 in the park as the first drop and raven turn drop are unlike anything out there!

Tatsu was running one train and even with flag pass it was still a 35 minute wait, BRUTAL!!! Ops were so slow, I even timed it from departure to departure it was 7 minutes and 35 seconds. Unbelievable. #4 in the park as the pretzel is still unreal intense!

Last ride comment, Goliath is easily the best themed ride in the park. Built in a time when Six Flags gave a crap about theming and I love it. When I went to Discovery Kingdom a couple years ago I was pleasantly surprised that Medusa built around the same time was themed almost just as well. Even Wonder Woman just feels cheaply done so I appreciate Goliath tremendously! 

Overall  a fun day as I went strictly to ride rides. The park doesn’t look great as there are a lot of abandoned buildings decaying in the extreme heat by the day. When I was 12 years old if I said that Knotts was better than Six Flags I’d slap myself. Today it’s not even a comparison.


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