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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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Didn't you guys hear? It's totally going to be a stand-up inverted floorless wooden rapids ride! ...with a launch!!!

That'd hurt....


Good one.


Ok, going by coaster05's rule of "did my post add anything of value", all the changes and improvements to Magic Mountain make me really want to check this place out. Before, I could've cared less. "Yeah, just another park." The positives I keep reading here have changed my tune. Plus fixing little things like Valencia Falls or adding the cyber cafe, really make to the atmosphere better.


Nice touches folks. Hope to see you within a couple years.

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I finally had a chance to get to the mountain since a couple of years ago, and I saw some things I liked and some I disliked.


For starters, X2 isn't much of an improvement from X. The only big differences are the music, the color, and the fire, which I did kinda like. The heat adds another interesting element of thrill. The ride overall was not smoother, but at least the trains were a little more comfortable. It was definitely a good marketing success, though, I must say. It was very popular and everyone around the park was raving about it.


The operations around the park are somewhat lagging. The biggest being Tatsu, where, despite the lines at X2, there is still a 2.5 hr wait. The biggest problem I saw was that they let a little bit of the line go up the stairs and then stop the rest. There's not much wrong with that, but the flash pass customers kept coming between pauses and the ride ops kept letting all of them in, even though there's a huge line waiting. It broke down and a bit of a mob formed at the merging point for the lines and a lot of the people who waited 3 hours were very mad. It seemed rather unfair since by entering there the flash pass people already skip out on 2 hours of waiting anyway. In my opinion, the lines should merge equally weighted at that point, not weighted toward the flash pass people. Another reason the lines were going slower was that they only had the East side station open. I don't see why they wouldn't have both stations open on a weekend in July, but I'm not sure what was going on there. Also, in the line, there was waaayy too much trash. It was lining the walls and it was all over the floor. They should check that out more often. Some of the misters broke also and a few of the people in line got soaked. Other than that, Tatsu's pretty much the same since I last rode it in 2006.


I personally don't see why ride ops are told to "direct" guests through the queue (not to bash ride ops, I know their just doing what they're told). There's enough logic in my opinion to just let people walk up the stairs on their own accord. The same for X2. The ride ops were telling people which direction to go, when it should be the people's choice which side of the train they want to ride on. I know it's to improve efficiency or orderliness or something, but I see nothing wrong with the old fashioned way, it's much simpler, and it keeps guests happy. I'm also not sure how this can be fixed, but line jumping is just ridiculous these days. It's beyond the point of sneaking in the side, people will just walk straight through the line, pushing people out of the way. There needs to be more security IN and AROUND the lines or some way to prevent line jumping. Also, a couple of the ride ops were pretty rude to the guests, especially when rides broke down...


Other than all that, the rides were running very efficiently and capacity seemed to have improved for most of the rides since I last remember. The park definitely has potential, but it still needs improvement. Thomas town also looked quite nice. Not too crowded...but the kids seemed to enjoy themselves.



^^What's wrong with "Have a Magic Day?" It just adds to the overall cheezyness of the park haha


Didn't you guys hear? It's totally going to be a stand-up inverted floorless wooden rapids ride! ...with a launch!!!

Yes, it'll be stand-up AND floorless...

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Hi, I'm a newbie. I live in Scotland and am coming over to LA in August. I am getting one day at SFMM (Wed 27th August) and am leaving my girlfriend at the pool for the day while I try to run round getting on everything.


Not sure if its the done thing on this forum but I would really appreciate some tips on the best way to get everything in. I have a flash pass to pick up - when is the best time to get it and where do you get it from?


Is it best to head for X2 straight off or leave it til later?


Needless to say X2 and Tatsu are my priorities.



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Hey it's best to run to X2 probably because you'll end up waiting longer the later the day gets!


Yes it's true, by being at the gates when the park opens and sprinting to X2, you'll spend less time waiting in the queue to ride than at pretty much any point during the day. However, that does require arriving at the gates early to be in proper sprinting position. I'm curious just how early people are arriving to be at the gates when they open?


The way I see it, if people show up at the gates at 8:30am for a 10am opening, then wait 20mins or so in the queue before riding, they've still waited almost 2 hours to ride X2, despite only 20mins of that wait being in the queue. Doesn't sound like a whole lot's been saved. The only thing that's really been accomplished is the wait's been shifted to non-operating hours. While this does increase the total amount of time during which a guest can ride something, the guest who arrived at 8:30am still waited a comparable amount to those who waited 2 hours in X2's queue in the middle of the day.


Does anyone who arrives to the gates 60mins+ before opening think about this? I wonder because the last time I tried to be at SFMM for opening, there was a ginormous crowd of people completely filling the courtyard beyond the metal detectors, and I was stuck back by the entrance to Hurricane Harbor having arrived about 40mins before opening. Have to believe those at the gates had been there for 60mins plus.

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^I guess the way people see it is as long as they're not corraled in switchback chains or zigzag poles then it's not "as bad" as actually waiting "in line". I'm just guessing but people who wait at the gate from 8 in the mornig probably don't link the two wait times together-they just see it as waiting for the PARK to open... Even if they do intend to be the first on X.

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I'm just guessing but people who wait at the gate from 8 in the mornig probably don't link the two wait times together-they just see it as waiting for the PARK to open... Even if they do intend to be the first on X.


But it's true isn't it? The wait's in a different place & not during park operating hours, but it's the same wait in terms of time. It's actually longer if folks get there more than 2 hours before opening, which does happen.


AND if they go to some other ride that isn't X2 first, then they've waited multiple hours for a ride that may never see a multiple hour wait during the day! Wait 2+ hours to wait about 30-40mins less, yikes!

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Today I went around the park for a few hours with a couple of friends. Wasn't a horrible visit but it was FAR from good. Overall the park seemed a bit more dirtier than it has in the past. Meaning just random debris floating around. Nothing out of the ordinary though, so I'll leave you the pain and simply write the bullets.


The Good +


+ Fast Colossus crew


+Fast & Friendly Viper crew


+ Thomas Town ride ops seemed very "on show" and 'integrity'.



+ Lots of characters - including one face character. ( The Riddler )



And the bad.


- Park was dirty.


-Deja vu single ride line was closed.


-Just about every employee walking around the park either had their shirt tucked out or had a cell phone out.


- None of the workers seemed to care about their job.


- Batman crew was horrible slow.


- Tatsu took almost 30 minutes with flashpasses. One train one station operation during summer. There was literally no more than 10 people ahead of us too, and it still took 30 minutes.


Overall the park just seemed VERY old magic.



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