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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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4 hours ago, Jew said:

You can go by yourself. I did that last night. I’m sure they suggest more people so they can guilt you into taking a friend without a pass to fork over $25 or $30 bucks.

You’re really just paying for the unique opportunity to drive through the park with some employees in costume waving at you, since it’s just primarily the normal holiday in the park lights package.  Magic deserves credit for doing something and putting people back to work, but do not going in expecting something amazing if you have already seen the holiday in the park lighting.


Thanks for the response. I have a Pass so I wouldn't have to pay to get in. I'm actually more exciting about driving my car through the park then the actual lights but I've liked what Magic Mountain has done with Holiday in the Park in the past so I'm curious to check this out.

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On Saturday 11/21, Theme Park Review was invited to see the Six Flags Magic Mountain Holiday in the Park Drive-thru Experience. It’s rare for park patrons to get to drive through a theme park, so this

There are other jobs available.  Not even close to a fair comparison.  And I’m someone who is a causality of this nonsense. The rational argument you should be making is how if the goal is to kee

Looks like the 2021ish coaster for SFMM was conditionally approved by the city https://epicla.lacounty.gov/SelfService/#/permit/3f44c971-a566-49fc-95c9-7ae34f7382fd Here is the second request th

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Last night I went to Magic Mountain for their Holiday in the Park drive through experience. Never in my life did I think I would be driving my own car through Magic Mountain but here we are. It was pretty cool getting to drive my car through the park and it took me about 25 minutes to get through.

I entered through the backstage area by DC Universe near Batman the Ride and went around the park counterclockwise going through the backside of the park first, then going up the hill by Tatsu and Roaring Rapids to Baja Ridge, then through the front side of the park to Goliath and underneath Superman to the Screampunk District, and exited the park through the Screampunk District in between Scream and Twisted Colossus.

Anyways on to the pictures.

The first thing you see is the Six Flags bus from all the old Mr Six ads as you enter the park through the backstage area.

Entering through the backstage entrance by DC Universe

Going through DC Universe

Crazanity was the only ride operating at the event...empty cycles that is.

Driving around ornaments by Justice League and Riddler’s Revenge.

Driving through the new Underground area of the park.

Going by West Coast Racers which I haven’t been on yet.

This whole area of the park is unrecognizable to me.

Hopefully I’ll get to ride West Coast Racers sometime in 2021.

I seriously don’t recognize this area anymore. I hadn’t been to Magic Mountain since 2018 when I last had a Six Flags Pass. I got one for 2021 though when I went to SFOG last month so I’ll be back when this park eventually reopens.

Driving up the hill underneath Tatsu was my favorite part of the event.

The area by Tatsu and Roaring Rapids was my favorite decorated area of the park.

Driving by the Magic Mountain Coaster Hall of Fame

Driving by the front of the park but not entering or exiting through there.

The iconic front entrance area of Magic Mountain

Bugs Bunny saying what’s up Doc to everyone.

YOLO through 2021

The Golden Bear Theatre was well decorated.

Doing a drive by Goliath

Driving underneath Superman

Happy Hanukkah a month ago.

Going by DC Universe again but turning right into the Screampunk District.

Entering the Screampunk District

The closest I’m getting to riding Twisted Colossus for now.

Exiting the park in between Scream and Twisted Colossus.

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5 minutes ago, Nrthwnd said:

Great report, thanks! Was it imperative for you to have your car lights on? Or was that made an option? A lot of the pathways there I can see, are very well lit.  Just thought I would ask.

There's a sign telling you to dim your headlights when you enter. I tried turning off my headlights and I didn't like it so I kept my normal low beam headlights on for the drive through the park. 

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It appears they are using the underground as a showcase area.  The night I went their EMT department was featured.  Had their ambulance and some other vehicles parked out there with EMT staff waving.  Since it was SFMM, I wasn’t sure if it was a real emergency or not.

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21 hours ago, SharkTums said:

I still can't believe SFMM is doing this! I mean, it's awesome, but just so odd!

And they extended it through the end of the month on weekends. I went on what was supposed to be the last original day of the event. 

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Looks like (to me) Drive-thru Holiday Events might actually become a regular annual park "event" since most of them all over the country have been successful in their own ways. And there's (mostly?) no guest trash to pick up after, compared to a walk-thru experience.

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6 hours ago, Nrthwnd said:

Looks like (to me) Drive-thru Holiday Events might actually become a regular annual park "event" since most of them all over the country have been successful in their own ways. And there's (mostly?) no guest trash to pick up after, compared to a walk-thru experience.

Magic Mountain would make way more money with a normal Holiday in the Park with guests roaming around in a normal year, but I think drive thru holiday events would work well for parks that are normally closed in the winter because its too cold like Cedar Point. All these parks would have to do is plow their pathways and decorate their parks and let people pay money to drive their cars through the parks. Even parks that are open in the winter like Magic Mountain could have the drive thru option for slower weeknights when their parks would normally be closed or dead but could be worth staffing minimally for having people drive their cars through. 

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