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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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Plus I think the regular Flash Pass is $30 in the lighter periods.


Unless it has changed from earlier this month, X2 is only running one train which leads to a painfully slow and long queue without Flash Pass.

It was still on one train as of Sunday, but it's 3rd train has returned from refurbishment and they are in the process of disassembling the second train. Viper has been testing since last Tuesday and should be opening soon, if it didn't today. Also I heard that Twisted Colossus was only scheduled to be down Mon-Thurday through last week, so it should be back to operating daily.

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Does anyone know why Twisted colossus is not operating on weekdays anymore? Today was my third visit since Sept with the ride closed.


There are rumors that it’s a straight budget cut but closing your best ride for staffing seems so unbelievably ridiculous that I feel like I’ll cut them some slack and assume that maybe they’re just doing some refurb or something.


We’re visiting in February and planned to do a day at Magic Mountain, a day at Disney and a few hours at Knott’s before we fly home but only that final day falls on a weekend. If anyone hears anything about this I’d be interested to know since if this becomes a semi permanent thing we’d probably just do the full day at Knott’s and hit Magic Mountain on the day we fly out since it’s a Saturday. I didn’t really want to cram the place into like 3 hours but it’s probably worth it to ride TC.

Yeah, since you've been there before once on the log flume and the rest of the 3 hours on Colossus should be just fine.


Make sure you get on X2 though.

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Anyone know when the holiday lights stuff gets turned off?


I was looking to go Wednesday Jan 2 or Thursday Jan 4. I presume crowds would be better than the week between christmas and new years.


Holiday in the park ends December 30th


So the lights turn off too? I dont care about Santa and the food and such, mostly wanted to see the decorations. I know it takes them a month or more to actually bring it all down

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Definitely inner. It's still bumpy there, but it's considerably less so.


It really depends on what kind of ride a person is looking for. Some people actually like to be thrown around like a rag doll in the jaws of a pit bull. Not me, but just sayin.

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Is there anything noticeably different about Viper? Seemed to down a long time for just standard maintenance. But then again, it took them six months to replace Goliath’s lift chain!


I haven't ridden Viper since it reopened, but from what I understand this maintenance period was mostly electrical and operating system upgrades. I think they also replaced the lift chain. I would imagine the ride experience is the same as it has been in recent years since almost nothing was done to the trains, at least visibly.


I'll ride it on Wednesday. It's one of my favorite coasters in the park.

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