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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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I didn't think i'd like CRAZANITY because spinning swing rides upset the tum tum. But it was GREAT! Can't wait to take the Family so they can ride it.


Also waiting to see the big reveal for that area. My brother is working back there tearing it up and has to keep a tight lip on the going on's!

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^ Oooo...you're closer to my age! So if you can take Crazanity that gives me hope I can actually ride this.

The spinning isn't bad. I'm not a fan of spinning rides either, and this one's much more of a rotation — especially once it get moving fast. It also changes rotation direction midway through. For me, what makes it more intense than the other giant frisbees I've ridden (Cedar Point / Kings Island) is that the positive / negative forces seem higher. The downswing is quite forceful, and the angle of seats, combined with the angle of the arc, makes it feel more like some weird variant of ejector-hangtime. On other giant frisbees, it's more like a graceful swoop followed by a ton of floater air. This one feels much more aggressive to me.

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That's awesome! How are rides like Twisted Colossus, X2, etc. running?

We are just covering the media event at the moment as that is the focus of today.




And with an absolutely CraZy amount of confetti, CraZanity is officially OPEN! According to Evan, the ride is fantastic! We highly recommend coming to the park and taking a spin on it!

All good! Nice photos!

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Hey guys! As Robb said, I was at the media event today! It was super fun and the ride is GREAT! I've never been a big flat rides guy but this might change my mind about that position. It had good positive g's to go along with some nice floater airtime. It's also insanely rerideable because it doesn't spin a whole bunch. And then they fed us!


Overall, it's a great addition to a park that'd been sorely missing a flat ride like this. It's now high up on my list of top rides at the park and I can't recommend it enough. On top of that, they did a great job revitalizing the whole area from Johnny Rockets to the bathrooms over near Scrambler. Everything looks refreshed and nearly brand new after years of feeling a little unloved. Great job SFMM!



About to get on!


The aftermath. Glad I wasn't part of that clean up crew.


Yes, that IS a funnel cake burger. Never in my life had I thought, "Gee, this funnel cake needs more meat," but it actually tasted pretty good.


Lunch spread. It was pretty good!


So much confetti!!


You really do get some cool views of the park from up there.


Haulin' buns!


Neil layin' down the deets. He did a great job with his speech and seems really excited about this ride.


Swallowin' Swords, stealin' hearts.


They had a bunch of performers around to entertain us!


For some reason, they broke out the steampunk stuff.



The Sign! We made it!


Just to show you how mammoth this thing is. It's way bigger in person than I expected!


One last look at all the fancy new things. They did a great job with this area and I'm super excited to see what they're gonna do to Cyclone Bay!

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I saw the picture above and thought, "Oh cool! Blue rocks!" But found out it's confetti. Anyways, y'all are gonna love this ride. I love the one here at SFOT and imo it's the scariest ride we have. And y'alls is taller! Scuuuuurrrry. But the one we have here is down quite a bit, hope it goes different for y'all. The lighting alone is so eye catching, then you have this big disc swinging. I love these rides. Enjoy!

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Once the landscaping comes in, will be an improvement for the area. Big surprise was funnel cake burger! I can start diet next year, that looked really good. SFMM really did need a ride on like this for a long time.


I think the new area could support quite a few interesting options and may be developed for a few years. If it is the mack spinning coaster, time traveler, hope they don't go just 5 feet higher and say world's tallest.

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Personally I’m kind of hoping it’s not a Spinner, but I can see the commercials now claiming “worlds tallest spinning coaster” If you live in Southern California you know exactly what commercials I’m talking about lol


the sea world commercial is terrible. lol

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Personally I’m kind of hoping it’s not a Spinner, but I can see the commercials now claiming “worlds tallest spinning coaster” If you live in Southern California you know exactly what commercials I’m talking about lol

Time Traveler was as super FUN ride and IMO more like the kind of attraction that SFMM could use. And yeah, they don't have a spinning coaster at the moment, right? So it would make sense for them to get that AND have the "worlds tallest, fastest, whateverest" because that's what they do...

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Perhaps there's no correlation, but I can't imagine that the park would be able to build something that massive in the area due to the proximity of that new residential development. I assume that land was developed with the understanding that SFMM wouldn't radically change the landscape or increase noise levels or whatnot. I'm also hoping it's not a spinner (although it'd make sense) — or an RMC — but that's just because I'd personally love to see a record-breaking B&M floater (something like a cross between Diamondback and Fury 325 that spans a massive amount of the park), or some kind of oversized multi-launcher like Taron or Helix. I also can't imagine what they could do to fix up Apocalypse. It seems to be the design itself that tears the track up as the ride is non-stop speed and turns. It seems that without more hills to reduce momentum, the ride is always going to pull itself apart. Anyhow, it's nice to see the park's clear dedication to investing in new rides and improving on a regular basis. They've done a lot over the last decade or so.

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Feel like Knott's has spinner covered....as well as dive. Probably a Mack tho....its going to be commercial that will basically share the fence, if there's a contract I feel it goes the other way....you are building/moving/living next to a major theme park that's been here long before you. There are large rides, noises, fireworks, lights, etc. Deal with it or find somewhere else

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I'd actually be totally OK with an oversized Mack spinner at SFMM, as long as Carowinds' new Mack isn't a spinner . I'm loving the new US Mack additions, but I'd want at least one of the 3 latest/largest models to be standard orientation like Blue Fire.


Manta and Slinky Dog aren't quite enough to quench my thirst for a full-sized standard Mack LSM Of course, that's my selfish opinion


But I can really see SFMM marketing the hell out of records for biggest spinner or whatever, and I'd rather it be Mack than any other company

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