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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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Yeah, I don't like the Wiggles, they are an embarrasment to my country.


I've got a day and night in LA now before the Behemoth TPR trip so I might have to come up to SFMM, I'll probably steer clear of TT unless there is a credit on offer though.

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BTW, the Thomas train has about 800 feet of track and is pulled by a diesel-powered locomotive.




I wonder what that is going to cost the park with diesel prices so high?

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After seeing that udpate, I've never watned to visit Magic Mountain more...and the update showed nothing but a child's play area!


That's definitely saying something.


Also, from the video, it seems you can get some amazing views of Goliath.

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I can't believe they got it open by this thursday!!! I was there on Wednesday, and it differently didn't look ready for it to be open by the next day. On Wednesday they had a crane, for the sign had yet to go up, and the fountain tops were not on yet. There were also some plastic people on the ground, and all the gift shops merchandise was spread out in front of the gift shop. The plants weren't in the ground either, but that didn't happen by thursday I see. I honestly just can't believe how fast the wrapped it up.

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^^Basically, in an effort to be more family friendly they've trained A LOT of the security guards to do balloon animals. It's a nice thing, but most of them suck at it and you end up with a lot of 'swords' and long straight pieces!

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According to the L.A.Times


Six Flags Magic Mountain has indefinitely canceled the nightly summer fireworks show due to concerns about brush fires and the statewide drought declaration, amusement park officials said.

The long-standing fireworks display was part of the evening parade held 30 minutes before the Valencia, California, amusement park closed each night, reported the Santa Clarita Valley Signal newspaper. (Hat tip to Blooloop)

Magic Mountain officials wouldn’t speculate whether the fireworks finale would ever return.


During the October 2007 Magic Fire, smoke billowed from behind Magic Mountain’s behemoth coasters but never forced the closure of the amusement park.



This kinda sucks big times

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I also thought it always was a great , well magical way to end the day at the mountain. Nothing like being on Goliath or Viper during the Firworks. Guess we have the flamethrowers on x2 now to make up for it


Somehow me thinks this is just a costsaving move, it is not like the area experienced draught and watershortages in the past, especially during the 80's and 90's when fireworks went off daily without any problems. Dont see what the difference is now

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^ Right.... "Cost saving"...coming from a year where they have probably spent MORE money on improvements than the last decade combined.


Please get your facts straight before you post.


Great update. I'm sure my nieces & nephew will want to go there as soon as they hear about it! Also, Kidtums is just adorable! I love her "Cher" wave. She's all growd-up!

Yeah, she is growing up quite quicky! Especially now that she is walking. And hey, she'll end up with TWO Thomas Town credits back to back as we'll check out the SFOG one very soon!



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Made it out to the park on Wednesday, and passed by Thomas Town and it looked great, I really like how they kept a lot of the trees *cough* KBF should take some notes *cough*.


All the rides in the park were practically walk on except Tatsu, Deja Vu and X2, and everything was open except Yosemite Sam's Sierra Falls. X2 did not open till Noon, an old MM habit that I thought had died out by now... But besides that all the rides that could had 2 trains running, so it was great hardly having to wait for anything at all.


Rode X2 and loved it. Loved the fire effect so much that I wish there were 2 parts with fire, and I also loved the music track during the ride. The audio for X2 really helps the overall experience of the ride. Didn't feel or see any fog at the bottom of the first drop, and didn't get any fog at the brake run (Isn't that where they said there would be fog?). I'd say the ride is running about as well as it did back in November/December with the old trains, but overall I am impressed with the new trains and the ride they provide. Unfortunately that last raven turn is still a brain shaker.


We waited 1 1/2 hours for X2, but I didn't mind, my group and I were going to be waiting no matter how long it took. The new queue line features were entertaining, and the videos and music really helped time to go by fast. Love the selection of music (wish the music/video track was a bit longer though so you didn't hear the same songs 5 times while in line) and a lot of the videos of extreme tricks were awesome! Not a fan of the break.com footage, because I've always seen it as passive violence, and if the parks trying to create a family atmosphere, things like that shouldn't be easily viewable (in this case, pretty much forcibly viewable) to younger kids waiting in line who are going to check out more violent footage at break.com when they get home.


Music at the line divide was really loud (I go to shows where its about that loud so I can take it, but I saw kids covering their ears) and I was bummed the huge flat screen in the station wasn't working. Would like to say I noticed dispatch times have increased dramatically and it definitly helps capacity. There were 2 1/2 to 3 minute dispatches! However some took 4 minutes, and the trains would stack, so it slowed the pace a little bit. But definitly improved, nice work Magic Mountain!


We were at the loading gates when I noticed the music on one of the trains wasn't working, and decided to let the people behind us go so that we could wait for the train with the music. We wanted the full X2 experience, especially for our first ride.


Then the only damper of the day happened, keep in mind the park closed at 7, and its now about 7:45. Next train with music is coming and a manager of some sort comes up to us and tells us that they are going to be sitting in the very back of the train, making my friends wait yet another train. I told them we had just waited a train because we wanted to ride with the music. She said we could just wait for the next one. I said we can't just wait for the next one because that one doesn't have the music, we'd have to wait 2 more cycles before we could even get on so we could listen to the music. She looked at me and didn't say anything. Then I asked her why they couldn't just wait 1 more train so that our group could all ride together, and then they (since I saw them just walk up and not wait at all) could get on the next one. She could obviously tell I knew what was going on, she turned around and walked away.


Train pulls in, guests get out. Her and the guy she was with walk on the ride before the loading gates open, completely ignoring me and my friends. I was pretty TO'd about the situation and the utter disrespect they had for us. I walked up from behind them to the car they were sitting in and said "That's great customer service by the way, letting guests wait 2 hours for a ride, and you walking up and cutting right in front of us making us wait even longer. I'm sure Jay Thomas and Tim Burkhart would be delighted to hear about this situation. What kind of example do you think you're setting for the rest of your employees?" They were both shocked that I walked up to them and said anything, and they were both stuck in their restraints so there was nothing they could do. They both looked at each other and didn't say anything. I read both their names on their tags out loud to them and told them I'd be reporting both of them to guest services for cutting in line, and for being so rude and non-responsive. I said "Thanks for being inconsiderate" and I walked back to my seat.


I got on and rode, and got back in the station to see my friends still waiting--they wanted to ride with the music too, so they waited the 2 trains. I just couldn't believe what happened. Why would they let a guest have a wonderful day like we did then top it off by doing something like that right at the end? I didn't report them because I don't care about them getting talked to, its the principal of the matter. I was trying to be polite with them and explain how we had waited just for the music, but they refused to give any sort of explanation for anything. When things like this happen with higher ups, it really puts a black cloud over all the little great things that are going on around the park, and it also comes off as being a bit shady. I was disappointed to experience firsthand that this kind of stuff still goes on.


But besides this minor issue, we had a great day at the park. I really had a blast on X2, and a lot of the rides seemed to have freshly re-habbed trains which ran very well. This issue at X2 didn't ruin our day whatsoever, it was just a bit shady and it was something that I wanted to note.


Both of my friends got Xtreme Play Passes because they saw I had one, and thought getting flashpasses and free parking on each trip was a great deal. They had a great time and I told them to enjoy days like this when lines are short and the weathers great, because during the summer it can get hot and the lines can get pretty ugly!


It was great to visit Magic Mountain, I had truly missed it. It was a sight to see Valencia Falls running again, I always enjoyed that part of the park. Ride ops and other employees are now telling guests "Have a Magic day at Six Flags!" and it's great to hear it. Keep it up Magic Mountain!

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Thomas Town looks fantastic! I think the track color of Percie is wierd, but its not going to ruin the ride or anything! On the promo picture, it looked like it would have a green track. On Wikipedia, I read there will be Vegitale kids area in 2009. Does anyone know if this is true? I think that would be awsome!

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