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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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I work at one of the schools that got evacuated from the Creek fire. We were able to see flames from my classroom window. Our classes are canceled today.


Too bad I sill don't have my Disney AP; would have been a perfect day to go, lol. But that selfishly said, I do wish the best for all that are impacted.

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Just heard on the radio, the fire in Ventura county is covering 300 square km.


Thoughts go out to all those in the area, affected by this fire.

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Some incredible images coming in. These were sent to me so I don't know who the credit is.


Wow. Incredible is right. I trust they're not, but they almost look photoshopped because of how surreal they are.


I knew there are 747s and DC-10s in use to fight fires, but I wasn't aware of any MD-87s until now, so that's neat.


The Md-87 fleet was grounded for a few years due to an accident where the retardant got sucked into the engine. The vendor (Forest Service contracts the planes out) had to make modifications to the dumping mechanism before they could be put back into action.


Now back to SFMM...

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Fires still bad here in Ventura County. We were evacuated Monday night around 11:30 pm. Never been through this and it was scary watching my neighbors panic and throw stuff in their cars, not knowing if we come back to a house. I did my best to get personal stuff, external hard driver, water and snacks and 2 bossy Dobermans in my 4runner.


I drover away I cried because its was my house, something that I worked very hard for and didn't know if I would see it again. Yes they say its materialistic but when you go through this, you are not thinking that . You cry because of the pictures and any other memorable things you might lose.


As I sat at the beach watching the mountains burn and seeing the flames get closed to my neighborhood, all I could do was pray and cry!


Thankfully my house was spared but a few others did not. I was finally let back in yesterday to find my home smelling like smoke really bad. Shoot.............. I'm about to make Fabreeze & Lysol more richer with all I have to buy to take the stench out!


Here is a photo from my front yard 1 hour before it moved towards our direction and we got evacuation notice!


I ask that you keep the others in fire danger zones in thought.



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So scary to see that, even in a photo!


Glad to read you got spared. Hope it sticks.


How are your dogs doing, now?

Hope they're not too freeked out, still.


Dogs are doing good! Fire is only 10 percent contained and is growing fast. Fires could possibly shift back our way and burn what was missed last week.


Air quality is bad in are area. Here are some photos..............



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