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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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How are the crowds on the weekdays leading up to Christmas weekend? I noticed the park is open till 9:00 pm that week and I'd love to get out there for some night rides since I haven't gotten any this year.


If school is out (which is probably is), expect it to be crowded.

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My 6-month, post-jaw-surgery coaster hiatus has finally come to an end, so I stopped by the park for a few hours on Saturday.

It wasn't too crowded, and most everything went pretty smoothly in terms of ride ops. Apocalypse, Green Lantern, Lex Luthor, and Full Throttle were closed.

Viper and Goliath both seemed faster than I remember. Viper flew through the loops like crazy, and I actually got a decent amount of floater airtime on Goliath. They were both excellent rides!

My one disappointment was the ops on Twisted Colossus. The ride was only running 2 trains, and the ride ops weren't even trying to race. This is one crew that normally hustles, but they were dragging their feet last Saturday night. Most trains were making it all the way back to the station before the next train would dispatch. With TC having a 4:00 ride time, those were some pathetically slow dispatches. Despite not racing, I was able to sit in the back, which made for a fantastic ride with tons of ejector airtime. It's still my favorite ride at SFMM.

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Someone posted on Facebook that the fire was very close to the park, and may have already hit the park. Any truth to this?


Can't seem to find much about it online.


looks close on the map, but it's on the other side of the freeway in the hills.

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From: The Signal Santa Clarita Valley


The Rye Fire is currently burning at 1,000 acres with multiple evacuations and road closures in place.


College of the Canyons in Valencia is serving as an evacuation center, City Communications Manager Carrie Lujan said.


The Centre located at 20880 Centre Pointe Parkway was previously the designated evacuation center.



West Ranch High School

Santa Clarita Valley International Charter School

West Creek Academy

Rancho Pico Junior High School

Oak Hills Elementary School

Six Flags Magic Mountain

SCV Senior Center

Newhall Community Center

About 1300 homes in the Westridge community

Travel Village

Oakmont of Santa Clarita senior apartment complex


Road Closures:

Newhall Ranch Road between I-5 and Rye Canyon Road


Now reopened:

I-5 southbound at Hasley Canyon Road and northbound at Magic Mountain Parkway


The Signal will post updates as the story progresses.

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I really like Green Lantern. Yes, I said it. It's the most intense ride in the park and really freaks people out. My last ride on it was outstanding. Those drops are amazing. I don't know, I feel like people like to pile on this one and the bashing of it is a little unfair. It's obviously not a ride for everyone I will admit, but I have a special place for unique, freaky A$$ coasters that have their way with with me.

You and I can definitely be friends. I love it for the same reason - it's the only coaster where I just never know what to expect, and I love the anticipation and the rush of not knowing exactly what it's going to do. Sometimes it's boring, often it's painful, but when it's just right man it's amazing. I've still yet to try one of the new FreeSpin coasters to compare against it.


For all two people that care, Green Lantern is down until the end of the year (if not longer) so no need to worry about riding it.


All the park would need to do to make it a better ride though would just be to simply remove the magnetic brake that prevents the cars from freely spinning.

I guess that would be Monte and I, so thank you
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It looks like one of those Egyptian sandstorms, a grey one, barreling down on poor Magic Mountain there.

Yeah and unfortunately its on the wrong side of the park. It would have to destroy the entire rest of the park before it got to the coaster I wouldnt mind burning.

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Some incredible images coming in. These were sent to me so I don't know who the credit is.


Wow. Incredible is right. I trust they're not, but they almost look photoshopped because of how surreal they are.


I knew there are 747s and DC-10s in use to fight fires, but I wasn't aware of any MD-87s until now, so that's neat.

Edited by Ed Farmer
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I work at one of the schools that got evacuated from the Creek fire. We were able to see flames from my classroom window. Our classes are canceled today.


Too bad I sill don't have my Disney AP; would have been a perfect day to go, lol. But that selfishly said, I do wish the best for all that are impacted.

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