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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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I just got back from media day. I would like to thank SFMM for putting on a great event and being great hosts. Thank You!


I got a total of 16 rides on X2, here are some of my thoughts about the ride.




-Much better color scheme than the first X.


-The on board audio was good. (any ride with the Gunny from Full Metal Jacket yelling at you as you clime the lift gets a passing grade with me.


- VERY GOOD taste of music! (Sinatra, Metallica, and Rage Against The Machine)


-The station looks very nice with the huge big screen TV in the middle of the load station, much better than the old X logo.


- The ride was smoother (for 3/4 of the ride) and felt MUCH faster and forceful than the first X.


-The queue looks like its going to be entertaining.


-Seats rotate to the dispatch position very Quickly (faster that Eejanaika’s dropping floor)


- Fire effects at the bottom of the first drop and Second Raven Turn.


- The middle of the seats are higher up, preventing your legs from flying around as much compared to the old X.




PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! put padding on the shoulder part of the restraints!!!!


-I’ve got a huge bruise on each of my shoulders.


- Extremely violent during last raven turn and half twist.


-Seats were sticking in the lock position.


-No separate unload. (trains would wait about a 1-2 mins or more, in the former unload to wait for the current load and unload station to become available.


-Seats rotate slowly to the unload position.


- Audio was messing up on some of my rides or didn't work at all.


OUT OF SFMM’s CONTROL. (high winds)


- No fire effects on any of my rides

- Fog was not that noticeable.


Here are a few pictures I took today!


The new entrance.








The new Queue
















X2 has crashed landed!














Trains & Station







Un-load station is no more!









Opening Ceremony
















On Death Row




News helicopter.



On Ride Photo Booth



I hope you enjoyed my Photo TR!

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The seats rotating quickly to the dispatch position should speed things up so that is good. I don't think they would speed up the tilting to the unload position simply because it could be unsafe, I'm sure somebody somehow would find a way to injure themselves if it was faster. All in all it sounds like a really great transformation and I can't wait to try it out.

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^Yes he stated they rotate quickly to the dispatch position. I was commenting on what he said about the seats rotating too slowly to the unload position. I haven't seen it in person yet but based on his post it sounds like that part of the seat rotation did not change.

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Great photos. I just hope come tomorrow you don't see constant four hour lines again. Hopefully with a little practice the ride ops can get all three trains running with minimal stacking. I believe it can be done if they have enough staff checking the trains and with the new locker policy!

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^^ X always had a locker policy, so we can't hope for much speedup there. It is my hope that the single load / unload will help (though I was hoping that they would find a way to make it possible to load 2 trains at once, kind of like a GIANT maverick station, but seeing as there's no location to move loaded-but-not-ready-to-dispatch trains, I fully understand why they couldn't.

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I just rode X2. My ride reminded me quite a bit of Eejanaika. It was significantly rougher than my 10 rides on X in October. Obviously there are big differences between trains and rows since Robb had a much smoother ride yesterday than I did today.


I hit my head on the last raven turn harder than I have ever hit anything on a coaster before. It still hurts.


As for the music, I can see why people will like it and it does add something, but I've never been a big 'music on coasters' fan so it didn't really do much for me. Station and Queue look nice.


Also, please make sure to give them time to work out kinks and new crews. They were trying today, but the ride was giving them lots of trouble.


I'll try to answer any other questions people may have.

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I just rode X2. My ride reminded me quite a bit of Eejanaika. It was significantly rougher than my 10 rides on X in October. Obviously there are big differences between trains and rows since Robb had a much smoother ride yesterday than I did today.

Weird. I spoke with several people yesterday who rode several times in each train and I don't think I heard from anyone say they felt the right was rougher. "Same as before it closed" yes, but not rougher. And three of them had ridden Eejanaika in comparison. And even I rode outside seats in both trains and didn't have a problem.


Not sure what could have happened between yesterday and today. Perhaps the colder weather has something to play in it?


I'll be riding several more times tomorrow morning and will let you know if has gotten any rougher since my rides yesterday.



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At WCB, Tim said something to the effect of, "For the smoothest ride on X, place the heavier person on the outside seat, with the lighter person on the inside". Anyone else remember that? Or perhaps it was the other way around.

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I took only four rides yesterday, but didn't notice much of a difference with roughness between inside and outside seats. But I'm sure it'll vary for any number of reasons, not unlike most other rides.



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^ Well, I just did a 3 page X2 update with a video yesterday so I really don't think there is too much else to say about X2 at this time.


I'm not sure how much time I'll have at the park on Saturday, but we'll see how things go.



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I was at SFMM yesterday and it was a fairly nice day. The park was full of people who were waiting in a 3-4 hour line for X2. I noticed that their was a large amount of security for crowd control. i started my day off at the back of the park with Deja Vu, Riddler, etc... When i made my way over to goliath i noticed that it was running 3 trains. Which was very nice to see. After that i made my way up to the top of the hill. when i noticed as i was walking to superman that the laughing dragon was open i didn't get a chance to go in it was nice to see. Their was a disturbance later on in the day by the Cold Stones with people fighting but was handled Quickly. Viper was running smoothly as usual with 3 trains. All in all it was a great day at my favorite mountain.

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