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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2205 - Opening Day Photo TR!

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No offense but if sfmm doesn't use Flashback that often why not demolish it and build something new. I seems like a waste of space of it just sitting there doing nothing for a few years.


Theres another thread in this forum about that exact topic. I suggest you search for it to find out more. But basically it boils down to budget and operations.


Here's a question for everyone...do you prefer SFMM with 16 operating coasters, or MM of the past, with Revy, Collosus, Goldrusher, maybe Ninja and alot of the old classic parts. I mean we are talking before the loop was complete up through rapids camp crossing. I'd be interested to see what people think.

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^ROFL, smallest update ever!


To answer the question above, I would have loved to see the park before they completed the loop. I mean, not many parks (well, no parks) have as many coasters as us, so we're kinda spoiled in that department. It would be nice to see what the place looked like before they totally trashed/neglected everything and focused on throwing in a bunch of (awesome) coasters instead

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Update / Trip Report - 10/31/06


First off, lets start with the list of closed rides.


Orient Express



Log Jammer

Jet Stream

Roaring Rapids

Colossus Forwards


Cyclone 500


I know that i might be forgetting something, but as soon as i remember, i'll add it.

The park was pretty much empty throughout the day. people started showing up around 6


Rides Running only one train


Colossus Backwards



Riddler's Revenge




I didn't really go on that many rides today because operations were the most horrible that i have ever seen them. the rides that i did go on were:



Colossus Backwards


Deja Vu

and Superman


Tatsu alone had about 10 minute dispaches, but at least it was running two trains. I really dont belive that the crew knew how to operate it today. The only person that i believe that has been operating that ride before is Emanuel. I didn't even bother going on it. I was standing in the station and the retarded ride op (who i've never seen before) accidently reset the ride. Truly horrible.


Deja Vu's operations were actually really good. as usual.

Goliath operations were horrible.

Colossus backwards operations were horrible

Viper operations were ok

Scream! operations were horrible

and Superman operations were really good.


I pretty much sat around the park from about 3:00 pm and on, just checking out the stores and stuff.




Roadkill Kitchen: This show was actually pretty fun. It was quite enjoyable and entertaining. the acting was really good.


Globe of Death: This was really good. how could watching three daredevils on motorcycles ride around at 35mph through a big globe not be entertaining.




I wanted to start out with Deadman's bog. It was supposed to open at 6:30, but i was standing in line until 6:45 and it didn't open, so i decided to go check out Carnage E Hall.


Carnage E Hall: This maze scared the crap out of me. The Special Effects were really good, and the actors were really good. The must have spent a lot of time on this one, because it was unrecognizeable from the normal stage of the magic moments theater.


Brutal Planet: Not so brutal. Its scares really didn't deliver for me. Though the group of girls that they sent me in with was screaming their heads off. I really liked the Ring scene though. that was awsome.


At that point i had to leave the park because my ride was there. Overall, it was not that good of a day at the mountain. They really do need to get their stuff together, because that park is going more and more downhill everytime that i go.

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I want to offer a differing opinion regarding Halloween 10-31-06 at MM.

The park was EMPTY, bad for the bean counters and GREAT for the public!

I spent most of the day at Tatsu for over 10 front row rides (daytime and nighttime) and a few back row rides thrown in for good measure, I just could not stop re-riding especially when there were only 5-7 minute wait times per ride and that was just due to slower dispatches. Had loads of fun on Colossus backwards which in my opinion is AMAZING and one of the highlights of fright fest for me (I do wish the old days at MM when this used to be a regular standard feature at the mountain) true there were slow dispatches with only one train running but the park was empty so there was only a two train wait for the back row, which really makes that ride special, watching the track go by while in reverse! Amazing at night with the fog everywhere. It is just very very fun and that’s what it's all about in my opinion, having fun! I tried out the mazes this year for the first time and would have to say I was very surprised that even after just recently visiting Knotts Haunt for the first time MM has some really good mazes, I actually may have had more fun on a couple of the MM mazes, The Jokers maze (near flashback) was loads of fun that rotating room (old trick I know) is just 10 times more awesome at MM because the wall at the end of the hallway rotates as well, it really felt like I was spinning out of control! The Brutal Planet in Gotham City was good as was the Haunted Theatre maze.

Overall I would have to say this was one of the funniest days of the year I have had at MM. I spent the day re riding all the rides I really love at Magic Mountain (minus X of course which I missed terribly as well as freefall which understandably was closed due to lack of any crowds Tatsu,Collossus backwards, Goliath, DejaVu back row.

Guest relations are now saying the part for X will be installed in January (hopefully it will not be any later) we must have a welcome back X party when it reopens!

Thanks Magic Mountain for hosting a fun fright fest!

I know I had a great time!

Looking forward to riding X and Freefall again soon!



Great day, No crowds at all, barely any people (empty parking lot) The people that were there were all getting along and having a good time. We all had Many re-rides, enjoyed fun mazes, rode colossus backwards, great fun. What else more could we ask for? (Besides X being back)

Two thumbs up!

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did anyone notice that it says on the six flags website that it said this

** X is currently undergoing rehab. The process involves a long lead time on a major component. X is scheduled to reopen at Six Flags Magic Mountain in mid January 2007.


Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience.

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did anyone notice that it says on the six flags website that it said this

** X is currently undergoing rehab. The process involves a long lead time on a major component. X is scheduled to reopen at Six Flags Magic Mountain in mid January 2007.


Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience.


Yay, it's at least SCHEDULED to open before my next MM trip....



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Also, i think they might have stopped seeking buyers because they're already advertising for the 2007 play pass on their website.




1. No.


2. Final bids from potential buyers are taken in early this month.


3. CEO Mark Shapiro plans to sell all 6 said properties in a bundle to ensure each of the six properties hold on for a strong chance to remain amusement parks.


4. Once the potential buyers are narrowed down, the company plans to sell within 24 months.


So, to briefly summarize my points, Magic Mountain IS STILL up for acquisition. Magic Mountain (in addition to Darien Lake, Elitch Gardens)WILL be operating for 2007 because the final bids haven't even been received yet.

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I went to work today and had gotten sent to scream to find that it was running three trains. The most ive ever seen since it had opened.I also heard about a big plan that was brought up during an meeting to put either gravel or grass under the scream during the off season.I wont belive it untill i see it of course.



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Six Flags offers are on low side

Only one bid for Magic Mountain and five other parks is said to exceed $650million. Analysts say the company needs at least $800million.........................

.................. it was also unlikely that Magic Mountain, which draws 2.5 million to 3 million visitors a year, would be sold to real estate developers because of regulatory and environmental hurdles..............


By Alana Semuels, Times Staff Writer

November 11, 2006


Registration required: www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-sixflags11nov11,1,5859222.story?coll=la-headlines-business

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yes, registration is required. at least for me.



I think i would have a heart attack if they made Goliath and Riddler have 3 train operation.


Wow, for Scream! to have 3 train operations! A lot of people must have wanted to visit the parking lot.

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