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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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I predict that when RR reopens it will have new sit down trains ala Hulk. SFMM can't do a floorless conversion because they already have a floorless coaster but no one wants to ride standups anymore.

It's possible, but I doubt it. The park advertises it as the longest, fastest, and highest stand-up coaster in the world. Converting Riddler to a sit-down coaster would strip the park of its bragging rights.


I don't mind it being a stand-up coaster, but if the park would replace the OTSRs with new ones that allow another 3-4" of room for my head, that ride would be MUCH better in my book.

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I predict that when RR reopens it will have new sit down trains
At a few million bucks a piece, I predict Six Flags will not be doing this.


but no one wants to ride standups anymore.

I disagree, Riddler still gets decent ridership and can get a sizable line on busy days. When I was at SFOG, Scorcher had the 2nd longest wait of the day (DDD being the longest). Green Lantern had a line when I was at Gradv in 2014, while Nitro and El Toro were walk-ons. I know part of the reason is the slow ops, but they arent unpopular by any stretch. The first gen B&M stand ups and Togos however are/were crap, and I can see why Cedar Fair is converting them or scrapping them completely.

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IMO the only reasoning behind the new different colored paint job is a "Different Coaster" vibe to the people that don't know a thing about the rides and visit every couple years, and won't recognize it. Conveniently done in a "new" area that they'll be presenting with the new indoor ride.


A fresh black support and green track paint job would have looked phenomenal.


I would be enamoured to know who in the Six Flags industry makes these kinds of decisions.


At least it's not another variation of orange and blue....

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stopped by the park for a few hours today. first section of the parking lot was filled except about the last 2 rows, maybe 3. ghost town. basically just rode TC and Scream. had lunch and got my snack and left. my buddy and i rode TC i think 10 times and scream 3. didn't have to get off scream with only 1 train operation. scream was pretty brutal in the back. 3 was enough for me today.


TC does seem like it's just hauling ass faster than i remember and how some have posted about. could be just my imagination. not sure about the thread of better operations at six flags as we only raced once, with an empty train. oh, rode full throttle too. seems it was so dead today, and hot, everyone was just in slow motion. i know i was, and it's why we left early. couple of wussies. LOL


anyway, fun short few hours. i'll get back another day in the next couple weeks before the crowds pick up.


Drop of Doom was closed early in the day, but I believe it opened up in the afternoon.


TC line all day.


Parts department needs to make a huge seat and lap bar pad order.


Scream line with one train operation.



new something. ride cars for justice league?


well maintained trash can.


paint prep going on RR.


excellent grounds maintenance. :)


track work on apocalypse. double male restroom signs.



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I'm increasingly saddened by the decrepit state of the park in areas that are in dire need of attention while new installations are made in other areas of the park.


I know this is a park that needs new attractions from time to time to keep people coming back, but they should really spend an off year updating areas and improving the infrastructure of the park. Although when they do that too, it often seems to fall short of what is really needed.


What the hell Six Flags, get your act together.

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What are you talking about? The park updates the surrounding of new rides for the past years. The only part that looks forgotten now is the back by Apocalypse and I am sure they will take care of that area in the next years

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So essentially, TC sped up, but its operations slowed down.


The only poorly-maintained areas I've seen at the park are the planters near the Metropolis construction area, and the restrooms. The mess in the restrooms is largely due to inconsiderate people who pee all over the toilet seats, floor, and everything else within reach. Occasionally, I see the janitors cleaning it up, but considering this happens in every men's restroom, the janitors seem to be overwhelmed.

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As per the last half decade or so, every addition has come with a refreshed area around it. Whether a good refresh or not *cough*FTPlaza*cough*, the park has been updating areas as rides get put in. We've gotten DC Universe, Full Throttle Plaza, Screampunk, Revolution Plaza, and now Metropolis. So they've basically been going around and doing nice things to the areas where the new attractions are which is a solid, yet completely un-extraordinary business model.


Us as enthusiasts expect the park to be wonderful and sparkly overnight, but that just isn't how Six Flags rolls. If there is one thing I've learned from Six Flags, it's that they do not do much in the way of preventative maintenance or upkeep. They also don't staff anything properly (yes, the janitors are always wayyyyy understaffed). However what we might call understaffed, the park considered normal. Having one person at the register and one person prepping food in the back of a food location at any given time? Yeah, it's understaffed a lot of the time relative to how many people are in the park, but the park sees it as a labor savings.


At the end of the day I think we always need to keep in mind how Six Flags as a whole runs their parks: Low barrier to entry (cheap season passes and incentives) which drive turnstile clicks and then in turn upsell everything else to maximize profit margins. Six Flags is basically like the budget airlines, initially they are really cheap and it feels like you're going to get a lot of value for your money, but then, once they're done nickel and diming you, the company has turned a profit (and in the case of Six Flags right now, a pretty decent one).


So are there always going to be areas of the park and aspects of the theme park experience that will get overlooked by Six Flags? Absolutely! The return on investment on making the grounds or facilities look amazing just isn't there for a park like Six Flags. Their business model and the clientele don't demand it, so they aren't going to invest in it. They aren't Disney or Universal. Those guys dump millions and even billions into selling you an experience that keeps paying customers coming back for more. That's just not the Six Flags way.

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With the rumor that B&M has developed a new design for the stand up trains, could Riddler be the first to get them?

"...While I'm sure the track design will remain similar to standard B&M track, our source went on to say that we can expect a slight redesign to the trains, including modification to that annoying bicycle style seat thing that goes between your legs and the addition of new restraints that will incorporate a stand-up version of B&M's new vest style system (as seen on Banshee and all the Wing Coasters), which should cut down on any possible head-banging."

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I was hoping to have the all or part of the Griswold family, KISS, Lynda Carter, Timothy Bottoms, and a few others at the opening of New Revolution.


But they ran the VR route instead. Revolution still deserves a grand re-opening of it's own, sans VR. So much potential there. But hey, if VR sells, I get it.

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^ Nope. Not gonna happen. We're not going to let them out of Vancouver, Canada.


Where Gotham is filmed. And The Flash. And Supergirl. And Supernatural. Once Upon A Time, too.



(Who knows? Could happen.)

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I spent the afternoon at the park today. I got there around noon and the first parking lot wasn't full yet, but there were about 10 school buses parked in the bus parking. Fortunately, the schoolkids cleared out by about 2:00, turning the park into a ghost town.


Hurricane Harbor is being cleaned up and prepared for opening day. Slides were being pressure-washed, the speakers inside the water park have been turned on, and the slide tower right next to the entrance has been repainted a bright yellow. I didn't think to take a picture, but it looks quite good.


The park sent me a priority boarding pass like somebody else (a few pages back in this thread) received, so I used it to try out Galactic Attack on TNR. The VR was glitchy and didn't really coordinate with my head movements, but I think that was due to the 95-degree heat. When I took the headset off, it felt VERY hot. I rode it again for my last ride (by this point, most of the ride was in the shade of the tall pine trees aroudn the ride) and it was much more enjoyable. I never experienced the original fighter jet VR, so I can't really compare it to that. It was definitely better than Santa's Wild Sleigh Ride, but the park probably didn't put much effort into SWSR since it's a HITP exclusive.


Twisted Colossus is still just as fast as it was the last time I rode it. Since the ride was a walk-on, I was able to ride twice. I also rode six rounds on Viper, until a big group of people filled up the train and I had to get off.


I had - undoubtedly - the most painful ride yet on Green Lantern. My side outweighed the other side by about 150 lbs., so I ended up facing down the whole time. I still feel the aftermath of the perpetual wedgie.


I waited for Tatsu, but it broke down right before I boarded, and I decided not to wait.


All in all, it was a great day!


Ride count:

Viper - 6

TNR/Galactic Attack - 2

Green Lantern - 1

Roaring Rapids - 1

Twisted Colossus - 2

Full Throttle - 1

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How will the lines be on the 22nd-24th(Mon-Wed)? I checked the calender and events, grade nites are the 18th and 19th and they have a AAA night on the 12th and whatever else. Will the lines then be similar to this week or a little busier due to more school trips? I think Csun finishes on the 19th, but that doesn't worry me much as six flags isn't the first want of college kids when school ends. I am most likely going to go the 22nd-24th and use the BAFF, just hope its similar to it being dead and Colossus a walk on would be great.

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