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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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I can't wait for this ride to open. Usually I wait a couple weeks before going to try a new ride, but Twisted Colossus may be an exception. It keeps getting better and better, so perhaps I'll brave the opening day/weekend crowds and likely 4 hour waits for once.

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and the pop of air should be glorious.

I'm still waiting for the day RMC will make larges, ejector-filled airtime hills, like only Intamin makes yet.

But other than that, wow, this is looking crazy, the blue side is kind of a warm-up, and then the green side is like there's no tomorrow.

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^Me too. Short pops of strong air are always very fun but I'd also like to see them making a straight, simple and large ejector hill.

Okay yeah it was the angle.

I'm not sure it's just the angle. There is definitely a twist to it. I'm sure they know what they're doing, though.

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TR for 3/7.


Arrived at 9:45 A.M. and found parking in first row. Bus was kind enough to stop on return. Was about 25th in line at GP; took 7 minutes to get in park.


Boarded Yolo at 10:23 A.M. Had nice chat with gentleman who studied physics and told me about magnetic trains, and how yolo "hovers" above the track.


Jogged over to X2, but stopped along the way to use the toilet. Noticed a small line and estimated a 15-20 minute wait from the end of the first switchback. At 10:34, the ride is down for a "minor delay." Then the delay becomes less minor and we find out the ride may be closed, so I continued to Tatsu.


Encountered a 10 minute wait for Tatsu and boarded the next-to-rear row after waiting an extra train because someone had a platinum FP. Decent ride; ran smooth. Got off and noticed that the line had grown to more than 60 minutes because the X2 people decided to walk up the hill.


Found out Superman would be closed for another 30 minutes, so I took advantage of a legendary 2-train operation on Ninja. The ride seemed to need maintenance as it was grinding badly out of the station. Saw the lack of trees and noticed Jet Stream was dry. And RR and Tidal wave was closed. No water rides, and X2 was still not up. Must be "three flags" day.


Superman opened about 10 minutes after a double walk-on at Goldrusher, but when I got to the front of the line, something frightening happened. The car came back with people screaming, as if something was wrong. Almost suddenly someone popped out of the disabled entrance door and told us that there'd be a "minor delay." I looked through the cracks in the doors and the car was not in the station: the auxiliary brakes must have come on. Thinking strange things were happening, I decided to leave.


It looks like "M"arch at SF means "M"aintenance as half the rides were closed down: all water rides, Superman, X2, Revolution, and Scream. And someone said LL was not working.... Trees next to Ninja were down, too. I felt like I was a beta tester instead of a normal guest! Others were complaining about downtime, too, and it just didn't seem like a good day to go.

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^ any word about what happened to/on Superman? This unfortunately doesn't sound surprising for SFMM! Luckily I have a season pass, but there's been too many times I've gone there and thought to myself, if this was the once in a few years trip I took to SFMM, I'd be pissed sigh

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Twisted Colossus Construction Update


POV Video:


Double-down drop looks twisted :D




Get idea how much work got done on Twisted Colossus.


Head choppers :D


“High-Five” element look super sexy :D






Green side go be WTF moment on “high-five” element.







Add some lights on lift hill.


Look like keep old part Colossus under lift hill.


Twisted :)


Lift hill porn.




Broad view of the Twisty Colossus



New color scheme on Scream looks awesome! :D




Here picture batman train on 10/17/14


SFMM got original batman train back for Six Flags Over Texas.


Before they paint wall next to Tidal Wave.


Here looks like after paint it.



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