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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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Unfortunately when TC will open, SF MM wil make TC only available with an platinum flash pass (+$15), so prepare to wait in line for 2 hours (however six flags is kinda bound to use 3 trains, so that will help).

That was expected though. It's standard procedure that the newest ride will be a FP upcharge for the first year or two due to popularity.

When YOLO was added as a Platinum upcharge, X2 was downgraded to Gold and Lex Luthor was downgraded to standard. Perhaps now they will either put X2 on regular flash pass or downgrade YOLO to Gold. My guess would be the latter.

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I always found Ninja had a slight thrill factor due to the trees obstructing your path, but that factor is now gone. A lot of the trees have already been missing for some time since the accident, so it's not that shocking. Before they recently returned the second train, it made riding it almost pointless.


Anyhoo, I'm ecstatic to see them put up the first inversion. At this rate, we'll see it in the next week or so.

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While it will probably make the ride less interesting (to be honest, after riding Eagles Fortress, all suspended coasters are boring!), it at least creates a nicer visual for the ride.
Interesting (Not saying youre wrong, I say that with no sarcasm). I always thought the thick greenery made for a better ride, owing to the whooshing through the trees. Kinda the same effect as feeling like go karts are faster than they are because of how low to the ground you are.
Ninja was always a mediocre ride that was a good family friendly "big" ride for kids. Now it's just easier to tell that's the case without the trees.
Agree with you there. It was never really a thrill ride, I always viewed it as a relaxing break since it is (or was) shaded.
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