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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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Yeah. I've been on it before. I'll say since I've lost 30 pounds. This one doesn't hurt me as bad. Lol. Maggiekat is now marathoning the single rider line LOL


I think I just met you in the Green Lantern single rider line. I was the teenager who was agreeing with you about how it hurts. And yes, it still hurts.

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Yeah. That was me. I'm still here. Daughter is marathoning it LOL


It wasn't honestly as bad as I remember it being, but let's just say I would not marathon it. Can't you sneak off to Batman?


TC's final brake run/flat looking turn into it on the green side appears to be installed. Both tracks are built almost to the high five as well. No pictures sorry.

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Maggiekat and I are onboard our flight back to Vegas. Even in the rain. Mission accomplished. Maggiekat added 2 new credits and we were able to get a mess load of re-rides before the lines picked up. 20 plus on superman ImageUploadedByTapatalk1423364627.757977.thumb.jpg.c3fd6214c004cbef2755cc822c3e0c2d.jpg

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Umm..... at this rate they'll barely be a halfway through the layout. It's been a couple of months already and they've barely made it a quater of the way around

This project is looking like Goliath last year. Goliath only had a little bit of track installed at this stage in the game as well and opened in mid June, but then again they had new supports to put up. It seems like the frame of the ride is just about done though.

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Wow, at this rate, I can see the entire circuit being completed in the next month.


Yeah, they are kicking serious butt on this ride. But I'd say give them about 2 months to finish the track portion. Things will pick up majorly now that all the cutting away of the structure is done.

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Umm..... at this rate they'll barely be a halfway through the layout. It's been a couple of months already and they've barely made it a quater of the way around



Umm..... there isn't much to the layout. The removal of old track is complete and much of the new track is already up and in place. All that's left is the high-five element, the two inversions, and the curve into the second hill, which I hear is coming along quickly already. In the pictures posted above, they're already installing the wooden structure beams and supports for the inversions. Even if they're not complete in a month, they'll be damn close.

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Thought I'd give a mini trip report and thank the folks who gave me advice for how to attack the park now. My buddies and I had a great time.


Followed your advice and hit full throttle first. Fun little ride. Love the way they hang you on the loop. I feel like the ride needs at least one more element though. It falls more into the Superman / Top Thrill Dragster kind of ride in that it has one thing it throws at you for about 20 seconds. Still a fun time.


From there we got our flash pass, set it for tatsu and ran on X2. About a 40 minute line at 11 in the morning. Went up around the back to find Apocalypse closed, but rode Riddler, Green Lantern (REALLY enjoyed this one. Didn't expect to but it was pretty darn solid), Batman, Goliath, heard apocalypse was open so we went back that way to give it a shot, and from there just bummed around the park hitting whatever we could while the rain fell. Sadly we didn't get a chance to ride Superman. Once the rain became fairly steady they shut it down for the day.


Positive impressions: The park was MUCH cleaner than I was expecting. Hats off to them. I've heard some horror stories about the last few years but if yesterday was indicative of their normal operation then all I can say is anybody complaining about how the park looks must be expecting Disney which isn't really fair.


I was pleasantly surprised by how often we were forced to use the... paid storage units (seriously TPR, automatically replacing my words with things like YOLO and fluffy bunnies is a bit immature don't you think?). We chose to use them on X2.... everywhere else (full throttle, green lantern, etc) bins were provided. It was really nice to see the park care about keeping things off the ride but not feel like we were being nickle and dimed away.


I was also pretty happy that the park opened Apocalypse a little later in the day. The six flags of the mid 2000s would have quit on a ride that didn't open by noon.


But the best, the very best, was that there were FAMILIES there. Almost none of the thug element I had started to just take for granted as part of your SFMM experience was gone. The blatant line cutting was almost non existent. I don't know if it was because of February or what but it was really really cool to see SFMM nice, clean, friendly, and family oriented. Great job guys!


The only downside to yesterday was just how many rides were operating with just a single train. Apocalypse (though I can forgive that one since it only opened later in the day), Gold Rusher, Batman, Ninja, Viper... all running one train. The worst offender however, was when we rode Viper in the late afternoon we saw the X line was really short. Just the straight away from where they split your group up. We decided to give it another run. Turns out X2 was running single train in the afternoon. That minuscule line took an hour to get through. I can forgive most of those rides on the list... many of them are very very short or poorly attended... but X2 should never run single train. You really should have 2 or just close the darn thing.


Any trip report wouldn't be complete without me calling out poor rider behavior, however. The things people will do never cease to amaze me. On Full Throttle a little girl was a solid 4 inches too short to ride. What does mom do? Point her daughter, who is doing her best but not QUITE succeeding to keep the tears at bay "Wait over there" alone while she rides by herself. There was no other family with them. Grr for parenting fail. Also when X was running single train, my friends and I split ourselves into two rows at the station (there were 4 of us). We found two rows that also only had 2 people so we figured we could ride together o n the 2nd train.


The two guys in front of me rode one rider at a time, leaving a seat empty, so the other guy could hold their stuff. How selfish can you be? It's a dollar. You're wasting everybody's time behind you over a dollar. Grr for considerate ride optimization fail.


All in all I had a great day and was really very impressed with SFMM and how they're currently running the park. It was clear that, for the most part, they were giving a darn about whether we were having fun and you know what? We absolutely did.

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You must have had a good ride.


I will say that with Green Lantern, you should realize the ride has a ton of variability when it comes to the experience. When the ride is totally balanced (as staff seem to try and do), it's agony. You get thrown into the restraints at all the wrong angles, and can get stuck upside down through for prolonged portions of the ride (again getting thrown painfully into the restraints). I'll agree when it's running as it should, it's kind of fun. It's just got too much variation that turns every ride into a gamble, and the general operations stack the odds toward a bad ride.


Basically, the ride itself isn't inherently bad (Insane at Gröna Lund is still a TPR favorite, and it's exactly the same model); the decisions the park made in operating it just seemed to try and neuter a rather intense ride at the expense of what actually made the ride good to begin with. Sometimes you can get lucky, but it's still a gamble.

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My daughters first ride on it was yesterday. I agreed to go on it for her first time. And to be honest. Had the best ride. Was painless for a change. Still only rode one time (was not going to gamble as I've had some really bad rides before). She loved it and marathoned the single rider line for about 2 hours

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Twisted Colossus Construction Update


POV Video:


main drop looking good





High 5 section looks so fun and almost done.



Brake run where concept design didn't meet reality. lol


This is the design concept


two brake runs. whooooo



Lift hill looks more fun than the drop lol




Rocky Mountain construction crew working hard in the rain.



New ASSphalt ;)


Broad view of the Twisty Colossus


Scream is getting some new colors






Area 51 next to Batman.....I wonder what this will be :)


Lex Luther in the rain. It was super fun and extra wet lol


Trivia while standing in line. Smart


Fun . This is question #2


Nice mug but um.....The coaster is not brown! ha!


Who knew Tatsu is a vekoma SLC lol

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