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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2218 - Wonder Woman Roller Coaster for 2022!

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Even if the transition track on TC is more straight in the pictures, perhaps they simply changed the design so the blue track is starting closer to the lift than was shown in the animation. I'm sure there will still be a twist element.


I'm betting that the original design of the ride had always incorporated this section of straight track in order to squeeze in the necessary block. Rides with two lift hills have used this design element for years (Iron Dragon at CP for example) and I doubt a designer like Alan Schilke would have forgotten to add in the extra block. It's probably just like the concept art for Goliath where the steel lift hill structure was planned from the beginning but wasn't included in the concept art on purpose.

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I was really looking forward to that twisting dive and banked curve before zooming up the second lift. Hopefully The pacing isn't killed with a full stopping brake right there. I'll cross my fingers!


me too, it looked like a definite highlight. but i'm assuming/hoping it will be a brake just for emergency only and for the most part not even used. the lifts have already been said to be able to sync the trains, to a certain extent, which is why if there's a brake here, i think it's just in case the previous train hasn't left the lift yet.

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I, too, wish they would have gone with purple track and orange supports. The park tends to stick to only a handful of colors and shades:


Red: X2, Viper, Ninja

Orange: Tatsu, Goliath, Superman

Yellow: Goldrusher, Tatsu

Green: Riddler, Green Lantern, TC

Blue: Batman, Scream, TC, Superman


At least X had Pink for a while and Scream had the Magenta-esque supports, but both of those are now gone.

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So they are suppose to open "Spring" for TC. I saw on their website (https://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/special-events/educational-event/teen-truth-live-drug-and-alcohol-abuse) that on March 25 they are suppose to have an event in the Magic Moments Theatre. Do you think that TC will be open by then? I assume they intend to open up the revised theatre so it would make sense that the ride is suppose to be done to open with the new ScreamPunk District.

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