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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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^^^True. Normally, I would have said the same about a modern GCI. But, I actually think that, when compared to other GCI's of the late 2000's, Apoc is actually one of their weaker designs. It is still 1000x better than what was there before, though.


I understood the complaints about Full Throttle, Green Lantern, Apoc. In all three of these announcements, I agree that I was expecting a bit more for a park this size. But TC? Seriously? This is their biggest project since Tatsu (which is 8 years old).


Why are there complaints about the length of this thing? Correct me if I am wrong, but won't this be the third longest steel coaster in the US? Also, I would understand the complaints about capacity if this were built at a park with descent operations like Cedar Point. But, this is SFMM. 700 pph is rocking it by SFMM standards.


Edit: okay, not the third longest steel in the US, but still probably in the top ten.

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The people around the net complaining about TC's length compared to the original's 8,000ft of suckage should be forced to marathon on that old ride Mantis Man style. I'm so sick of that embarrassing argument against this new ride.


I agree. It's actually ridiculous.


They are building a ride that is AT LEAST going to be 100 times better than the original, that should be enough right there but apparently not.


I haven't been this excited for a new ride in a long time. The layout, the track colors, the trains, it's just gonna be awesome!

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^I agree too, the part that I really I like of Twisted Colossus is the bit of fun before the chain lift which is also unique because on most coasters, they just go right to the lift with one or two turns, but on Twisted Colossus:


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I have to admit I am positive TC will be a hit. I think it has some fantastic elements that the general public, as well as enthusiasts will love. If I was a betting man Id say SFMM has winner.

I mean just look at that pre-lift. Its non-stop action no matter what the track length is. And I love love love the colors!

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I was at the Mountain today, leaving now. I was foolish enough to not take pictures of Colossus on the way in. Basically all of the 1st turnaround has been chopped off 20-30 feet lower than the original turn. There is a small part still sticking up that I wound assume is for the high five. Unrelated, but they were using both sides of Tatsu's station, which I've never seen before in my life, and I had the best rides I've had on Apocalypse in a long time. Train 1, row 10.


Edit - Crappy phone night pictures are crappy:


The most dramatic changes were to this turn.


There is a crane near the brake run/former double down. Don't know how new that is.

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I can't wait to see how this turns out. It looks like it could be the best ride at SFMM hands down. And this wasn't in the concept art but does anyone know if the old track from the portions of the ride that aren't being redone are staying? Like the lower portion of track in the structure of the first turnaround.

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Twisted Colossus construction update


POV Video:


Twisted Colossus Train Reveal Six Flags Magic Mountain IAAPA 2014:


Twisted Colossus construction site.


Getting ready for the high 5 section.



Gold Rusher wheels :)


Jet Stream repair shop.


Fire is good next to wooden roller coaster ;)


Good news Apocalypse have two trains run :)




Done some re-tracking on Apocalypse.


Here 180-degree turn on 11/15/2014






YOLO christmas



Water fountains getting ready Holiday in the Park.



Bugs Bunny chilling out SoCal snow.


Sylvester and Tweety enjoying the snow.

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Wouldn't be surprised if the lower turnaround old track is staying. 6F never removed Colossus's old double down track OR Cyclone's old first drop. Really though, I don't think it staying would look all that bad, and it may be a lot of work to remove old track nestled deep in the structure. I'm okay with it staying.


But Rolling Thunder still under El Toro is just ridiculous.

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^Well, did they still keep Cyclone's first drop to this point in the renovation? You can't compare demolishing a ride (Rolling Thunder) and leaving a piece of track that requires some precision to remove and leaves a gaping hole in El Toro's supports to this crazy idea that RMC isn't going to remove the old Colossus track. I don't even know where this idea came from, and I'd be surprised if this was even SF's decision. Did RMC renovate Rolling Thunder, then leave the base of the drop? No. It was demolished, and the track is a memorial sort of thing. They are completely overhauling Colossus' support structure, and it may even require the removal of the old track.


Please, everybody, just put this idea to rest. I'm all about making fun of Six Flags when they deserve it, but this is just ridiculous speculation that isn't based on any previous examples.

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I hope they at least paint the track. i'm guessing the only place they wouldn't really need to touch is that final turn around.


there is still track to the Dragon ride to the top of the hill. you can see it on the 2nd lift on Ninja. that one didn't make much sense to me, but i guess if it wasn't in the way, leave it.

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LOL... I feel like that Giga for Viper rumor has been around longer than the Knotts version.


I agree that TC will hold me over for a good while. I'd like to see the park focus on other things for now.



Rumors are just that "rumors". Not to be taken too seriously when they are so far in the future.


I would like to see them spend some serious money on up keep of the park. They need to start thinking of the big family dollars. I have nothing against teens filling up the park...but the real money is in the family dollars.

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Hey, I enjoyed yours as well. Thanks for posting them!


Thanks. Next time I'll take some earlier and they'll be much better.


If you want to talk about SFMM not removing unused stuff, the Metro Monorail track was sitting there for a long, long time before the majority of it was removed for YOLOcoaster, and Flashback was SBNO for quite a while too. Not to mention all the abandoned buildings on the hill and in the back half of the park. As for what happens to the Colossus track, again, we'll just have to wait and see. Whether an old piece of track out of sight exists or not won't change anyone's opinion of the park, other than giving us crazy enthusiasts something else to make fun of.

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^So that settles it! Wicked Cyclone > Twisted Colossus.


They both look like outstanding rides. Wicked Cyclone does appear to have some pretty incredible pacing though; something I'm interested to see if TC is on the same level of quickness. The old Colossus appeared to really struggle on the high portions.

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But Rolling Thunder still under El Toro is just ridiculous.


LOL couldn't agree more, but it's typical SF and to be honest I don't mind it for some reason. And fine if it's been made out to be a "tribute" to the old ride as an excuse for them just not removing it, but think about it. You could easily have 1 mechanic spend 2 hours a day cutting and removing small sections in pieces, and that thing would be gone in 6 months. Excuses that it can't be removed because of its location is just downright dumb. Anything can be removed, cleared, finished, we've all seen MUCH bigger coaster obstacles than that.


As far as Twisted Colossus and them not removing the track of the ride that isn't in the way, again, it doesn't bug me in the least. Yes, it's cheap in not spending money and time to take them out, but at this point I'm used to it. Gave up on Magic Mountain being Disney a long time ago. I'm just happy there are some awesome rides that continue to operate and that the park spends money to install new rides, even some times incredible rides, every couple years.

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