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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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OK so I just checked the email, and in a browser window the grammar seems fine; but on the iPhone, it is not. Perhaps its more of a formatting error than an English error.


So it is more of a phone thing. Anyone check something other then an iPhone?

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OK so I just checked the email, and in a browser window the grammar seems fine; but on the iPhone, it is not. Perhaps its more of a formatting error than an English error.


So it is more of a phone thing. Anyone check something other then an iPhone?


I did, in Google Chrome on a WIN7 desktop. It did not have the apostrophes. But Suzette's Bakery did.

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I'm assuming the "fail" you're speaking of is the misuse of "were," which should be "we're."

That is INCREDIBLY embarrassing. Yikes. The individual(s) writing these things should at least have a basic understanding of contractions. Nice one, Six Flags.


EDIT: I also noticed the misuse of "well" in the last sentence, which should be "we'll." LOL.


They've consistently sent out email blasts with major grammatical errors... pour oversight by Six Flags, and to be honest, indicative of all the nuances in how there parks are operated. SIGH


yes that was on purpose


That was?

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If someone has tendonitis, and can walk but hurts a lot and walks super slow and not for that long, and can't do stairs really, what can I do if going to the park? How does a wheelchair work and will the wheelchair fit when waiting in lines??


Also, how packed will it be Saturday?

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X2 is back open! I'll have an update tomorrow.


How are the crowds today? I am taking my kid there tomorrow, and hoping for Sunday lite, but worried due to holiday weekend. Thanks.


Its Saturday 2:50 (about) California time and I just got home from SFMM. Its about 90 degrees and not a cloud in the sky nor a wisp of wind. Tons and Tons of buses with Friday Teen night (on a sat?) event, Choral Magic group , and Life Teen group . Not many families with strollers but all these teens in pockets of groups just being teens. Superman seems down and I never saw X2 running but doesn't mean its not. Sunday the weather should be the same and another Special event called Dance Fest and unsure how many this group brings. Park is open limited hours until 6pm and overall should be low attendance day . And I don't think this is considered a Holiday Weekend as SFMM is closed Monday but open Tuesday.

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Twisted Colossus construction update.


They repair all fire damaged top lift hill and remove a lot sections of old Colossus.


POV Video:


Twisted Colossus construction site


Colossus Fire damaged on 9/13/2014.









Trick track section before lift hill.



WOW RMC work on a Saturday they mean get done on time.


Christmas tree at DC UNIVERSE


Christmas trees next to YOLO


Have a scary experience on Scream, my over-the-shoulder restraint pop open go down hill towards loop finally lock in place after zero G roll. man most crazy air time on zero G roll not touch my seat whole time go through.


Look like Scream trains go refurbish soon.


3rd train is missing.







Airtime. :)


They put a queue area early entry for season pass gold members.


Ford at SFMM today they do a promo on they hybrid cars.


This most weirdest thing i done at theme park, test driver a ford C MAX hybrid.


After you done your test drive and survey you get ten bugs bunny bucks :).

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