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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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i'm curious about something on YOLO... at the top of the loop there is painted marks...anyone know what these are for?


They were indications as to where the train should be pushed if the second launch is not forceful enough to push the train over the loop and it valleys, the paint indicated as to where to push the train if this scenario were to happen. Hence why the crane near GoldRusher is now gone.

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Morgan and I went to SFMM yesterday too. She was off of school and I decided to take a day off of work (even though I ended up getting paid half the day from answering emails while in line, ugh).


We took the same pictures of TC that everyone else did so I'll just post some of our others. Morgan is now 12 and a half years old and she told me she's big enough now to go to Fright Fest, but not do any mazes. I seriously doubted this when she said it and offered that she could just tell me when she wants to leave at any time. I know my daughter well... more on that below.



On the way, Morgan taking a selfie.

We arrived late for us, around 11:30 from San Diego, neither of us wanted to get up to an alarm that morning and I knew it wasn't going to be too crowded on a Friday. We 'processed' our 2015 gold memberships (bought for $6/month during labor day). This new processing consisted of taking the print out from the website to the front gate, scanning our fingers and being handed a pass with our names hand written on them. A cheesy looking pass, but it was the fastest I've ever been processed and the finger scanners actually worked when we went through.


It had been a long time since we've been on X2 so we headed over there, this was the longest line of the day at 30 minutes, but provided some interesting in line entertainment. There was a pack of teenage nerds with their DC shirts and capes on, hooting and hollering at anyone else wearing a comic shirt (myself included). I'm a nerd, but it's always interesting to see the packs of young nerds together, they seem invincible.


Then there was this guy...I usually try and avoid taking embarrassing pictures of people I don't know, but I couldn't resist this one (and it came out really crappy on my cell phone with and crack over the lens that I just noticed yesterday).IMG_20141017_115515.thumb.jpg.1a83efe25bb9e90cc98279c424e15b25.jpg

Duct Tape


We also saw a pumpkin duckie thrown into fenced off area and I immediately thought of Big Mike and the good ol' days when he'd hide duckies for us to find. IMG_20141017_120713.thumb.jpg.1aeccb6d48d9e70012efca2425b00e14.jpg

Big Mike?


X2 was almost smooth for our ride, from the right side of the loading station on train one, 4th row.


We headed up the hill, skippping viper and revolution and I got convinced to go on Roaring Rapids... of course I was the one who got soaked and stayed that way in wet denim until we left. My jeans are not this dark. IMG_20141017_125506.thumb.jpg.b05bf973cf5b762d024260edb8f5a4b9.jpg

Soaked from Roaring Rapids


There was theming around, though not even close to the volume that Disney does, and not cute like Disney. IMG_20141017_140206.thumb.jpg.a16c0d53c58ceb4d670777cae6cf5d98.jpg

Some theming


So we did a circuit: X2, Roaring Rapids, Apocalypse, ate a snack, Riddler's, Batman, looked at TC and skipped Scream, Goliath, Full Throttle (10 minute wait), went to the car to get sweatshirts, up the hill, Ninja, Superman. Then bought tickets for Fright Feast. This was interesting: couldn't take pictures during the show. It was a buffet dinner, the food was ok, on par with average six flags crap. It was $20 a plate, I figure we usually pay about $16 a plate in the park and this included a show. The show was from illusionist Michael Turco, who was on America's Got Talent at one time in the past.



I was a decent show, but the show kept you in your seat so you didn't go back to the buffet line. Something to keep in mind if you do it. Here is the menu from the six flags website. Buffet items feature all their family secret recipes:


Pa-Willoughby’s boneless chicken wings and his special homemade wing sauces

Mama-Willoughby’s sinful salad bar

Cousin Primo’s Pizza bar featuring his annual party favorite: Tri-Tip Pizza

Innocence’s pasta with tomato & basil she grew in her haunted garden

Grandma Willoughby’s signature pie and desserts

Also includes soft drinks, coffee, and tea.


They had scare actors while you waited in line to get the buffet, this is where I knew Morgan wasn't going to make it long in Fright Fest. I didn't get a picture of the actor that freaked her out cause I was busy consoling my child. She was ok with all but one, a 'girl' zombie who was about the same height as Morgan with gray/white contacts in. She was good, she only moved her eyes and feet, the rest of the zombies would talk a bit, but she stayed so completely in character. Poor kid...IMG_20141017_170853.thumb.jpg.dd0b834cabb4d0148f28103195db6018.jpg

Creeped out.


Out of the buffet and it was getting dark, headed back down the hill and rode Apocalypse again, then Jet Stream in the dark,gold rushers in the dark, then clutched Morgan's hand through a scare zone, got to Riddlers, then to the DC area where my favorite scare zone was. My camera sucks, but they had the fog thick over here and everyone was dressed as Harley and Joker themed clowns. Again, pictures were few and far between as I couldn't let go of Morgan's hand and my camera sucks (need an iPhone 6, no kidding). She was really fine and wanted to stay to ride rides. IMG_20141017_195807.thumb.jpg.79aa5455c9bdf6d9d246013827f5edc8.jpg

DC area



So we went on batman, flash, shared a dole whip, goliath and decided to call it a night after riding revolution. Got home at 1am and here she is at 11am still. IMG_20141018_111141.thumb.jpg.d34880ad4e6cc4ceb033a85ec9a2fbbe.jpg

Still Asleep

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Been searching various sites lately for Iron/Twisted Colossus NoLimits 2 videos or concept art (specifically pre-announcement versions). I would love to see what other possibilities Colossus fans imagined for the ride. Maybe one day we'll get to see the various layouts RMC proposed for the park. I just saw a "Helix" video yesterday from Liseberg that did exactly that. It was really cool to see the evolution of the ride's design and made me think of Colossus' story. Below is what I've been able to find thus far via Google, Instagram, & NoLimits. Anyone else care to share their findings or even their own vids/pics?





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I was also up at the park yesterday, Friday October 17th. Here are some random thoughts.


-Got my Gold Pass. The new passes have no name or picture on them, they write your name on the back. It's tacky but you can't beat the 30 seconds it took to process.


-The park seemed ready for a more crowded day. We saw them closing shops early (around 8pm) presumably due to the lack of crowds.


-X2's line started in the station because everybody was walking up the ramp and nobody was going to the stairs on the other side. The ride was rougher than usual (right side row 6).


-Ninja and Apocolypse both had single train operations. They also had the laziest, slowest, and least inspired ride ops we encountered all day. Single train ops with station load times above 5 minutes. They were even stacking Ninja. Seriously!


-All the other rides we went on had very efficient and hard working ride ops.


-Regarding Ninja, we rode at night and the lack of trees really reminded me of when it opened. Yeah, it opened up the views a bit but I remember the near-misses with support columns being the highlight anyway. So that was nice.


-Apocolypse at night with the lights out in the front row is still such a great coaster experience. Everybody was bunched up at the station entrance leaving the front of the train with 1-2 car waits.


-I still like Scream! I don't care where it is or what you have to say. I'd be willing to bet that it's going to become more popular in the very near future due to its new neighbor.


-Taking a friend on YOLO without explaining what happens after it 'disappears behind the hill' is truly one of the most hilarious things you can ever do to somebody.


-The 'Nachos with choice of meat' at the mexican place in the back of the park is a really good value as far as value at SFMM goes.


-We only did the two mazes at the top of the hill. We were spoiled by the non-existant ride waits so when the mazes started hitting 30 minute waits we were like 'meh eff it.'


-The dole whip isn't as good as it is at Disneyland, but it remains to be the only pinapple flavored anything that I like.


-Throughout the day, we were line-jumped 0 times, had no issues with unruly people, and everybody was really pleasant. There were a lot of straight couples making out and a lot of gay couples holding hands. Cute.


-The parking was only about half full when we left the park (all the way to the edge of Colossus).


-People that wear roller coaster shirts always look angry. Why is that?

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I'm pretty sure RMC knows how to program a ride.

Not necessary. RMC is a company which design and build rides. Programming a ride isn't the same business. Recently, RMC called Irvine Ondrey Engineering to do so, but as they say on their Facebook, SF projects are in-house.


Regardless, they are the professional roller coaster contractors. We're the coaster nerds needlessly speculating about the operation.

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I don't know how I feel about this, I feel like a steam punk design should have a roller coaster that looks the same. The bright vibrant colors that they're using on twisted Colossus don't really sit well in the Victorian era steam punk idea... Maybe I was expecting something a little bit more "new age"

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Did you notice. They are considering an option to use a cell phone app for the flash pass


Accesso already offers that...totally makes sense for them, as it cuts some of their overhead costs.

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Did you notice. They are considering an option to use a cell phone app for the flash pass


Accesso already offers that...totally makes sense for them, as it cuts some of their overhead costs.


I would definitely go for that. I'm getting tired of Man-Checking myself when it's hanging from my belt loop

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The train and entrance scream "Joker" to me. The figurehead on the front car looks like the Batman villain and the Luna Park mascot had a baby.

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