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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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I was at Six Flags today it ran very smooth to me. The people working their were very attentive. I still didn't understand why they are running one side only on tatsu, but hey i never understand most of the stuff they do. Another huge surprise was the fact that Deja Vu was open and running smoothly.


Sorry i don't have any pictures, be sure to post some next week when i go.


I don't know what Mark Shapiro looks like. But there was a guy in the suit there walking around the park escorted by a bunch of more suits with radios and such.


I first spotted him at the Cyber Cafe where he was handing out small donuts and asking people their opinions of it.


The next time I seen him was near the exit. I just bought one of those 3 scoops cones for me and a 2 scoop cone for my son. I think the kid behind the counter was new, because he packed those cones with a huge amount of ice cream. I don't ever recalled getting that much ice cream before. So I'm sitting on the bench and the guy in the suit says "that looks pretty good" One of his escorts said to me, "thanks for coming".


I'm 44 and I think I'm in the demographic they are trying to lure into the park. I have been to MM since around 1974. I haven't been to MM in a couple years, mainly because I'm have been growing more and more tired of it.


But the park was the cleanest I have seen in years. Most rides were operating the entire day with the exception of Viper (close down while I was standing in line) and Roarin' Rapids.


If they want to keep us old geezer going back to the park, they need to do something about the transportation system in the park. Namely, bring back or upgrade the Metro system. I was exhausted going up and down the hills. Disneyland and Knotts have an advantage because they are mostly flat parks with very few hills. Disneyland does have a decent transportation system with their monorail and Railway.


The Cyber Cafe was a great hit with me. It gave me time to just relax and recharge my batteries as my kids raced around the park. I hate to try and get to a computer during peak season. Maybe the should impose a time limit and some sort of minimum age requirement.


Entertainment was pretty much lacking in the park. I know it's early and probably not worth it to do anything until later in the season when more people are attending. The Guitar Hero event wasn't very impressive.


The 3 point basketball seemed to be doing big business. A bunch of young guys in line waiting to hand over their 10 bucks.


I would love them to fix up the log jammer and add some theming to it, more like Disney, Knotts, and Universal Studios. They all have indoor tunnels and rooms with animitronices. I believe a souped up Log Jammer can add to the family experience that Spirio is after.


MM is not going to outdo Disney, but they need more indoor attraction such as a 4D movie.



The Super Heroes seem to be a hit with the ladies and the little ones. But men in tights don't do anything for me.


And what's the deal with the single rider line for Viper? I followed the signs to proceed to the exit and was directed to the flash pass entrance. I told the kid I was trying to get on as a single rider and he told me the line was for flash pass only and I would have to get in line like everyone else. I chalked it up to a kid not up to speed on single riders.


Also on a positive note, it looks like the days of the gangsters rolling around the park are over.

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^I suggest you reschedule for the end of May or maybe early June. X2 is not to be missed!


X2 looks great, especially with the new trains, but we've already paid for our airfare and hotels. Also, I'm hitting up all of the parks in Southern California with the exception of smaller parks with smaller coasters, so I don't mind missing a few coasters this time around considering that I'll be riding 35+ new coasters. SFMM is such a big park that it seems very difficult to ride everything in one try, so I have no problems returning in a few years to ride the coasters that I missed. Thanks for your advice though.

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SFMM is such a big park that it seems very difficult to ride everything in one try, so I have no problems returning in a few years to ride the coasters that I missed. Thanks for your advice though.


Getting them all in one day is actually really easy, with plenty of time afterwards...actually it depends on what day you go etc. Although, I have gone on a Spring Break friday before and I got on every operating coaster. Head for the back of the park first with Deja, Riddler, Batman. They'll probably have no line at the beginning. Scream always has little to no line. Goliath will fill up, but nothing terrible. You can always get flashpasses and use one on Goliath. Revolution, if running 2 trains will have little to no line. Tatsu you could use a flashpass on. X2 wont be open, and Viper also depends on how many trains are being used. Ninja and Superman have become increasingly more popular, but also shouldn't have terribly long lines.

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I thought Mark Shapiro would have hung around on Wednesday when I talked to Jay about finding my camera, but he moved on. But, yeah, that was him. He had at least one security guard with him.


But the park is indeed looking great. Best I've seen it in years. If they keep this up, people will start coming back.



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I've been lurking here for a few weeks now as I'd been planning a trip to Disneyland, but all this positive press about MM has caused me to include it in the trip, I was put off by the gangster stories and the parks running half a train on half the rides. Glad to see the parks finally getting some attention!


Won't be there for X2 but what would be recommended as must rides?

It'll also be my first 6 flags park so that'll be entertaining.

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^ Well, it depends on what day you are going to be there. If you are there on a weekend in summer I would actually reccomend getting a strip of Flash Passes. The "not to be missed" coasters I would personally reccomend are:




Riddler's Revenge




Superman: The Escape


Note that there is a single rider line for Deja Vu so I would absolutely use that! I know there are a few other single rider lines, but I think the one on Vu probably works the best.


If you need any more help with your visit, just ask!



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Re: Getting into a comfortable position on a stand up.

Oooo, please instruct me on the procedure, or at least what you do. The first two rides I experienced on a stand up were both very uncomfortable in the baby maker zone.


I get the OTSR down and buckled, then I grasp the handles on the front of the OTSR and while standing flat footed with knees locked I raise or lower the entire sliding restraint assembly until I have just about 1/4 - 1/2 an inch between the man-parts and the bicycle seat. When they actually lock the height adjusting mechanism there's still a bit of vertical play, but if you've done it "right" the maximum amount that the bicycle seat will move vertically will still not quite be applying any pressure to the aforementioned potentially sensitive area. I then proceed to actually ride "standing up" by keeping my legs straight and knees locked. It works for me, but I imagine different people's results may vary, or they may prefer something else.


I hope that isn't too graphic an illustration. I'm honestly just trying to pass along what's worked well for me.

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While waiting in line I seen several people toying with the seat. (playing around) before the operator put the lock in place. Many of them got locked while almost in a sitting position. The operator didn't yield to their pleas to release them and sent them on their way. I thought it was pretty funny. Lesson learned: pick a good spot and don't move until the operator locks you in place.

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Anyone else that went yesterday have questions on why only one side of Tatsu's station was being used?


Also if you went yesterday or just plain knows why can answer a question for me? Why was the Great American Scream Machine in the museum, and not viper? i mean i know their similar, but that confused me.

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^^I'd say they felt the line wasn't long enough to use both "stations" and 3 trains instead of just 2.


As for the model of GASM, well, for some reason they got that instead of a model of Viper. However, it's been pointed out that it's really a model of SFGAm's Shockwave, since the 2nd and 3rd loops are "right to left." GASM and Viper's 2nd and 3rd loops are "left to right." So, does the model really belong there? No, but it's explained as basically being the prototype for Viper, and that's better letting it collect dust in some warehouse.

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The new uniform shirts for the hosts/hostesses have 2 purposes:

1. They are 25% spandex, so they breath better. (...and here comes the flood of comments with the use of the word spandex.)

2. They make hosts/hostesses more visible on the midway and allow guests to more readily approach the team members.


Here is a link to a video of my awful two-day-of-Guitar Hero-playing skills.




My name is William,

and I am SIX FLAGS...


and I am NOT good at Guitar Hero!

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The ride is smoother, not sure it has anything to do with the paint. The front is pretty intense, the back IMO provides the best ride.


I really think the park needs to add a transportation ride or refurbish the one they already have if they decide to be successful in the family market. No parents want to drag their kids up and down hills and across acres of land for 8 hours. Its not like the park is flat, and even Disney which is flat and wouldn't typically need a transport ride with its size has one to cater to people with kids.


Saying it doesn't bring any profit is not really true, because when parents know they can come to Magic Mountain and enjoy themselves for a majority of the time (other than just get exausted walking) they're more likely to come back. Yes its not as quick as a coaster, but you can still market it.


There's no better way to relax at the park and avoid tiring yourself (and your family) out like sitting on a metro or train, and getting new views of the park in the beautiful landscape of the mountain.

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There's no better way to relax at the park and avoid tiring yourself (and your family) out like sitting on a metro or train, and getting new views of the park in the beautiful landscape of the mountain.


You got that right. I still have aches and pains from my trip on Wednesday.

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