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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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So I have a question regarding this Gold Pass deal going on.


My friend and I are planning a trip to the mountain October 25th and 26th, ?



The way it works is that you buy your discounted season pass online, print the receipt and head off to the park (tell the parking guy that you'll be upgrading to gold and they'll let you park for free).


Trust me, Trust me, Trust me


Your getting no parking from the parking guy at toll gate until you either pay cash or charge or present your gold parking season pass. Showing your piece of paper is nothing until it has been processed and that covers parking. Your best bet is allow some time and pull into guest pick / up drop / off area and drop a person off and have them go get their gold season pass and come back to car and let that person then go take the car and park it in parking lot while the other person gets their season gold pass and meets you back at a predetermined area.


Nope, not true. I went through this yesterday and even called ahead to make sure I wouldn't need to do anything like what you outlined. I called and asked to make sure I could get the free parking in order to process my pass (which was confirmed) and then when I pulled up to the booth, the guy simply scanned the printout and sent me on in.




I went last Saturday to the park and just showed my printed page with the barcode for my season pass with the free Gold upgrade. The parking gate attendant scanned it and I was good to go!

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@ThemeParkReview: "Twisted Colossus will get four trains & we will always be running three." -Donald Spillman @SFMagicMountain #SFMMWCB http://t.co/dzLXc0H6FA


I'm really glad to read that.


I really hope they are able to keep their word on this and planned accordingly. It's all good intentions until the trains are due for their annuals and the budget for parts/labor isn't there because the cycle shop is already stretched thin maintaining all the other trains...

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The best hope for Revolution... Is time. Eventually the park will need new trains, and a new angle in which to market the ride to younger guests (see X2 or Colossus). Only then will we possibly see the changes we hope for Revolution. I have a hunch that this will be sooner rather than later.


This is what I'm hoping for. Now that they are transforming Colossus I'm hoping 2016 will be a revamp of Revolution in some way for its 40th anniversary. I was talking about this to a couple of people in the park yesterday. New trains with lap bar restraints are a must, get rid of all the unnecessary trims, re paint and smooth out the track, and maybe add some effects to the ride. I rode Revolution once yesterday, and the OTSR is horrible and legroom is even worse if you're in a non front row of a car with an un padded metal bar that can really hurt your knees. I know its a pipe dream for now, but the fact they are redoing Colossus gives me hope for Revolution in the future. The layout through the trees are awesome and the ride really has potential.

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I will be making a short trip out to California in mid December for a wedding. I plan on hitting up Knott's and SFMM, what are the lines usually like in December? Thanks!

Check their website. They are not open every day in December. https://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/events/all


As far as crowds I think at this point it is to early to judge. They are now promoting a "Holiday in the Park" This year. Traditionally december weekdays were dead and sunday is better then Saterday (Which I imagine will still be the case). However Holiday in the Park is a special event like Fright Fest which I assume will attract more crowds then a typical december day in the past.


I always recommend budget a fast pass and you can buy it the day of if the lines are rediciously long.

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Wow. A little eerie, someone the other day noticed charred wood on the lift and remarked that it looked like they were using a cutting torch to cut the rails and hoped the ride didn't catch on fire. Two days later thats exactly what happened. I also just heard that apparently RMC had the same thing happen on Goliath.

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Wow. A little eerie, someone the other day noticed charred wood on the lift and remarked that it looked like they were using a cutting torch to cut the rails and hoped the ride didn't catch on fire. Two days later thats exactly what happened. I also just heard that apparently RMC had the same thing happen on Goliath.


My initial thought was sparks from cutting of the rails. Using a torch to cut the rails on a wooden coaster does not exactly seem like a good idea. I'm sure we will know soon. Either way, it will be interesting to see how much of the structure will have to be removed.

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UPDATE! Official statement from Six Flags Magic Mountain:


"The fire at the top of the lift hill at Colossus is now out. The park was closed today and there were no injuries."


Fire has erupted on Colossus at Magic Mountain!



Monday, September 08, 2014

A fire erupted on the Colossus ride at Magic Mountain in Valencia.


Firefighters are on scene.


The Colossus was shut down on Aug. 16 to be replaced by a newer version of the ride, which was scheduled to open in 2015.

Video of the lift hill collapsing:






Another story: http://ktla.com/2014/09/08/firefighters-respond-to-report-of-fire-at-magic-mountains-colossus-roller-coaster/


Firefighters were responding to a blaze that was damaging the iconic Colossus roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain Monday afternoon.


The Los Angeles County Fire Department was called to the scene at the amusement park in Santa Clarita just after 1:30 p.m., fire Inspector Scott Miller said.


Photos posted to Twitter showed a column of smoke appearing to rise from a high point on the ride.


When Sky5 arrived, the wooden track of the roller coaster was charred black and part of it collapsed. Several fire engines were on scene and firefighters were dousing the flames.


The wooden coaster ceased operating in August after 36 years in operation. It was set to be replaced by a hybrid ride called “Twisted Colossus.”


The popular ride dropped 100 feet and reached speeds of up to 60 mph.






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