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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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This looks AMAZING! Things I'm especially stoked about:

* So much airtime! SoCals first airtime machine and the best coaster on the West Coast (and almost certainly a new top ten steel coaster). Normally I'm more suspicious when a park says something will have 18 airtime moments, but given RMCs track record I think they'll deliver (Robbs airtime counting video on NTAG seems appropriate).

* High five element (during the turnaround) AND two (!) Top Gun rolls! I'll admit I was worried this would be filled with barrel rolls and loops, but I can't think of a single better "gimmick" that they could've included. Looks so fun!

* One continuous track with 2 lifts means we get a long ride, retain some racing/dueling, and they can't shut down one side when the park is quiet.

* It's scheduled (yes, we know, SFMM) to open Spring 2015. Not fall 2015, not 2016. So not that long of a wait

* All the obnoxious pre-announcement speculation-complainers on here (you know who you are) were completely wrong - it still has two lifts, no twisted first drop (thanks for those 15 pages of whining, BTW), and not a ton of inversions.


Well, time to go check the other announcements.

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Yep, it's exactly what I thought it would be, my predictions were very close! It's insane! It will no doubt be better than every coaster in California! And just maybe, top 10 worldwide? Now we have to wait until Spring or so. It's pretty much a big out and back now, but with the layout sorta cut like it is, it will never be dull! I wish I could see a straight POV of this whole thing, but I'm glad I'm getting what I am.


- I'm still calling it Colossus, the name is stupid.

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^^I actually think the name doesn't sound too bad (certainly better than steel/iron colossus).

Now, I'm not at al disappointed and I'm sure that, being a RMC, it'll ride ride awesomely. However, I did expect a slightly longer layout (maybe I'm not the only one)

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Wow! SFMM finally will get a good coaster!


Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 15 years Goliath, Tatsu, X2 and Full Throttle are pretty freaking awesome coasters. I'm glad they didn't add a million inversions on Twisted Colossus. Instead we have an airtime filled wicked coaster! Is it spring 2015 yet???

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I personally don't get the complaint that the layout doesn't look that good. I've heard it by a few, and I honestly do not agree with them at all. The layout looks great! Cool elements, and they included the element I wanted! And airtime hill with a zero g stall area flying over it! I wish that the high five element would've been a bit longer, but overall I am very pleased. Hopefully six flags will have it duel consistently.

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