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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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^I don't know why they couldn't turn the bottom section into something that's very similar to the top, I don't think the staffing matters, all that's in that bottom section are emergency spotlights in case the park blacks out.


I believe it was closed down due to people throwing stuff out, there's a couple open grates up there where you can even poke your head out and look straight down. It's very cool being on that bottom section though, just because at 400 feet, you get to feel the wind and all that.


Thanks for clearing up all the traffic bologna up, that must really blow! In my opinion, the best way to get to the park if you're going Northbound (when the traffic is bad) would be to exit East on McBean, take it to MM parkway, and head West from there.

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I wonder what event is within these two weeks? Hmmmmmmmm.


Its hard to find construction pictures of the tower. I was thinking does anyone have pictures of MM while the park itself was under construction??




Here is one of the Sky Tower under construction, but it also shows the park around it under construction as well. So here is one photo for your two questions.




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^^ I have a feeling that this is going to be a huge hit because, for the older visitors, it will bring back memories, but the younger ones can have some fun learning about how the park evolved. They will have a new reason to visit Sky Tower (besides the view) for a very small cost. I know that I'll have a great time up there when I visit on Easter Sunday.


Wait a minute...they are charging to get up into the museum? How much? This doesn't sound like a good idea to me. I mean as an huge fan of Magic Mountain I would pay the price but I doubt your average joe blow that goes to the park will

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No there is no charge to go up to see the museum. I believe the post was just worded incorrectly.


Brandon, the Operations Supervisor said in the video that the Magic of the Mountain Exhibit cost very little to create.


Again, there is no extra cost to see the museum!

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X2 complete its first drop with the new train at approximately 6pm. Here are a few pictures.




My name is William,

and I am SIX FLAGS!



From my boss Will:

We will be testing a sound system again on Scream this Saturday and Sunday. We moved the speaker system and we welcome feedback...no pun intended.




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I cant belive that they are already testing! It seems like yesterday that they were just starting to repaint it. My little X ummmm, I mean X2 is growing up so fast . I can't wait until opening day!


I'm going in two weeks. Mabey at the pace that they're moving at they'll have it open by then. Probably not, but I can dream!

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^Quote the person who posted the original text next time please. Less confusion.


I'm really excited to see everythin occuring so rapidly. With the anticipation of X2 and Thomas Town along with the already rumored coasters...well it seems that Magic Mountain has finally started to take proper control...even if we there is yet another coaster going in before flat rides.


I think this is the only time I've ever encountered a park that has more coasters than flat rides...sort of.

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I'd have to agree about the color scheme. Just from looking at those photos the ride's new colors (trains and track) still look bad ass.


I wonder what color the lift lights will be or if they'll change them? If they were red or black or a combination of both all the way up that'd be sweet.

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