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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

P. 2201: The West Coast Customs Cruis’n the Park Car Show

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I was at the Mountain again today. Waiting in line to get in, I spoke with Neil Thurman about the new finger scan entry system. I asked why the hand held scanners that worked so well last season needed to be replaced. He said it speeds up processing of the season passes. To quote him, it took sometimes 3 hours to process season passes. Now it's done at the entry gate. I thought to myself now it inconveniences everyone getting through the gate, not just the season pass people. He also said that's why they open early - because of the delay. Once you get in, there is a special line for gold pass members. The GP is held until 10:30.


I got on the second train of the day on YOLO. That early in the morning the mechanics were still working on train #2 with water dummies still in the seats. I left after 6pm and train #2 was in the same position. Needless to say the line was unreal. Goliath was running 2 trains only so long lines there too.


So basically they just shifted the problem from the season pass processing center (probably to save labor) to the front gate. Last time I went to the park, there was only 4 people in front of me and it took 10 minutes to get in. Scanners wouldn't read smaller children's fingers, and it took multiple tries for everyone else.

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At this point, I actually think it would be hilarious to have the ride "restored" and still be awful...


Maybe I'm just jaded because I never got to experience "original" revolution, and have also been fortunate enough to have been on so many other great rides around the world...but I really don't care if Revolution gets restored or not.

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^^^ for me it's a nostalgia thing. Revolution was the first rollercoaster where I finally got over my inversion fear as a kid

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I never got to ride it without the OTSRs either, but I cant help but think it has to be much better. I'm not expecting the most fun or thrilling ride but for example I enjoy gold rusher due to the terrain and surroundings even though it's not a "crazy" coaster, I think I would similarly enjoy Revolution if I wasn't constantly trying to avoid a concussion.

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My expectations of Six Flags investing money in existing infrastructure like "make Revolution not actively terrible" are next to none and so it never really enters my mind as an option. I'd love to see it because I guess I am a dumb mark who actually enjoys riding roller coasters as a hobby. Crazy me, right?

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Hopefully the person who wrote this song isn't a member on these forums reading all the lambasts


The guy that posted above you IS the guy reading all the lambasts XD.


Look, I know the song is crap. I just thought it was funny. And I must say I agree with the lyrics!


The song may be crap, but the cause isn't! Revolution is rattling and falling apart as we speak, it must be restored!!! Onward, sir knights, let's convince MM to remove the OTS's! Charge!

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