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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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Joey went and did a quick update at the park today. Here's what he saw...


Hey look! Venom Drop is GONE!


The front gate is getting a re-model. New turnstiles and stuff, I guess.


Almost into March and we are still using 2013 park guides??? It would be one thing if they didn't have a date on them, but handing out 2013 maps in 2014, I dunno, just looks bad.


Mooseburger (or whatever it's going to be) getting new paint.


Looks like the sign for Bugs Bunny World will go here.


Dirt. Lots of dirt. Eventually this will be a roller coaster or something...


Damn, that's a LONG line for Road Runner Express! lol


Tweety Bird cages are almost back in action!


No signs of the new show yet.


Still in pieces.


Batman closed. Assuming it's getting ready for Namtab.


Woah! It was a pretty busy day today!


Coaster porn!


It was HOT, too. Busy day + Hot Day + Closed Water Rides = Sad Panda. :(


More coaster porn!


Also in pieces.


Still think it's funny they use a mix of those really old bumper cars and the somewhat new ones.


Like I said, there was a GOOD crowd there today!


...and we'll close this update with some patriotic coaster porn!


Thanks for the pics, Joey!


If you are heading out to SFMM, and what to do an update for us, please let us know!


And a bit more coaster porn...


A quick look inside the new MooseWhateverBurger shows some progress has been made.

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I'm assuming one of the Bonzai Pipelines will be taking it's place. As much as I loved the Venom Drop, I think it was time for it to go. The slide did scrape your back pretty bad. It will be missed.

Also, if I remember right, wasn't it the least popular slide on that complex? Every time I went up that tower, people were always doing the twisty slides and no one really wanted to do the straight down drop.

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It was the first free friend day of the year, and it was PACKED! Probably the busiest day so far this year. Every line was at least an hour and the line for parking stretched all the way to the 5. The parking lot was full and half the dirt lot was full as well. In the end, park hours were extended to 7PM!


Due to half the turnstiles being reomoved, Six Flags Plaza opened at about 9:55 this morning. All the shops in the area were open, but there were two blockades: one near Revolution in Bája Ridge, and one near Full Throttle pictured here.


Half of the turnstiles have been removed in order to install biometric finger scanners for all of the passholders. This will eliminate the need for photos and hopefully shorten processing lines in the future.


This was X2's line all day! Only took 80 minutes though due to an OUTSTANDING crew!


Road Runner Express had a huge line!!! I guess the park is reaching out to families! Both of the rides in Whistlestop park had full queues too!


There were long lines all over the park! This was LLDOD. 90 minutes. Even the bumper cars had a full queue.


Another pic of the new entrance...


The new Bugs Bunny World entrance is almost complete, and it is free to walk on now.


Another pic of the barricade...


They didn't forget about the Gold Passholders though! Both blockades had separate lines for them, and boy were they long! But the opened around 10:15.


The location of the new coaster is still behind a fence and there's still a lot of dirt!


After riding Full Throttle I got to Tatsu around 10:35 and this was the line already! (And X2 opened on time!)


Another Colossus pic (which had a long wait... BOTH station queues were in use with only one track running with a line all the way to the entrance!)


One of the Colossus backwards trains was moved to the other transfer! Getting ready for the bug day (Mar. 22nd)


This is the longest queue for Ninja I have ever seen!


And it continued all the way over here!!!!!!!!


Tatsu didn't quite have a full queue at 5PM, but it was close, and both stations were running.


Revolution was still across the bridge as well around 5PM! Busy busy!


Thanks for reading this report! I hope you enjoyed it, and be sure to ask questions if you have any!


Some painting has begun at the Sports Bar as well.


Another view of the crowded midway and the Full throttle Sports Bar and Grill!


The walkways were busy today!


A view inside the construction site.


Another view.


Another angle, taken later in the day.


There was a cheer and dance competition today in the Golden Bear.

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I'm assuming one of the Bonzai Pipelines will be taking it's place. As much as I loved the Venom Drop, I think it was time for it to go. The slide did scrape your back pretty bad. It will be missed.

Also, if I remember right, wasn't it the least popular slide on that complex? Every time I went up that tower, people were always doing the twisty slides and no one really wanted to do the straight down drop.


From my observations it was. But I think it was mainly because the GP were basically being the GP and were intimidated by it. Other than that, it did attract a decent amount of sliders in the afternoon. I wouldn't be the one to know though, I've only been to HH a couple of times.


^Wow two updates in one day! I likey.

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I believe the left side of Colossus hasn't been running for a couple of months now.


You mean years. The other side of Colossus is literally abandoned nowadays.


Except for the other side's queue. Yesterday the queues on both sides were being used for the one side. I literally waited 45-50 minutes for Colossus and the line started at the entrance! Better than the posted 90 minutes though.


I'm wowed by two things, the fact that they put a full X2 line through in 80 minutes, and that they were using both station sides for Tatsu. *Claps*


Yeah, the posted wait was 2 hours for X2! But it only took an hour to get to where it passes under the lift hill! They were flying! But, they also made you put ALL loose articles, including just souvenir bottles, in a locker Before each time you rode. Locker policy again, anyone?


And yeah, the Tatsu line was actually moving because they were using the countdown clocks in the stations and were announcing how much time was left over the intercom, and they were almost making it every time!

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Is there anything abandoned or not being used in the park? I thought there was some abandoned ninja queue. I might be wrong though. Anything is greatly appreciated.


Here is what I can think of:

-Old Dragon Station (Bottom of the hill)

-Old Food/Shopping building next to the Sky Tower (on top of Willoughby's)

-Building next to old Flashback site (occasionally used for Season Pass overflow)

-Back half of Full Throttle food building (old Palace Arcade)

-A bunch of Fresher's Lemonade stands (rarely used except for busy hot summer days)

-The old Purple Castle behind Bunny World (used to be a rope bridge and slide tower)

-Old Colossus County Fair Metro Station

-I also want to say there is a building or two in Psyclone Bay not being used.


Here are the items that are abandoned 11 months of the year except for Fright Fest:

-Old Batman Stunt Theater (The Aftermath)

-Other Building by old Flashback site (Joker's Hideout)

-Top of the Mountain Eagles Flight Station (Black Widow)

-Laughing Dragon Pizza Company Restaurant on top of the hill

-Old Magic Pagoda Attraction (Willoghbys)

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^ Wasn't there an old queue for Revolution that is part of a Fright Fest queue now?


Parts of the queues for Ninja and Viper just SEEM abandoned because there's rarely enough people to fill them that far , but it sounds this was one of those rare weekends


I'm guessing what NAMTABSFGAm is thinking of might be the Old Dragon Station since I believe the top station is part of the current Ninja queue.

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A section of Revolution queue/the old main entrance (featured in the Vacation movie) is blocked off.


There is also the old crazy barrels queue/ride platform behind a carnival game in Colossus County Fair. Deja Vu's overflow queue behind the Psyclone Bay buildings is still there too.

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