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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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I believe the left side of Colossus hasn't been running for a couple of months now.


You mean years. The other side of Colossus is literally abandoned nowadays.


Except for the other side's queue. Yesterday the queues on both sides were being used for the one side. I literally waited 45-50 minutes for Colossus and the line started at the entrance! Better than the posted 90 minutes though.


I'm wowed by two things, the fact that they put a full X2 line through in 80 minutes, and that they were using both station sides for Tatsu. *Claps*


Yeah, the posted wait was 2 hours for X2! But it only took an hour to get to where it passes under the lift hill! They were flying! But, they also made you put ALL loose articles, including just souvenir bottles, in a locker Before each time you rode. Locker policy again, anyone?


And yeah, the Tatsu line was actually moving because they were using the countdown clocks in the stations and were announcing how much time was left over the intercom, and they were almost making it every time!

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Is there anything abandoned or not being used in the park? I thought there was some abandoned ninja queue. I might be wrong though. Anything is greatly appreciated.


Here is what I can think of:

-Old Dragon Station (Bottom of the hill)

-Old Food/Shopping building next to the Sky Tower (on top of Willoughby's)

-Building next to old Flashback site (occasionally used for Season Pass overflow)

-Back half of Full Throttle food building (old Palace Arcade)

-A bunch of Fresher's Lemonade stands (rarely used except for busy hot summer days)

-The old Purple Castle behind Bunny World (used to be a rope bridge and slide tower)

-Old Colossus County Fair Metro Station

-I also want to say there is a building or two in Psyclone Bay not being used.


Here are the items that are abandoned 11 months of the year except for Fright Fest:

-Old Batman Stunt Theater (The Aftermath)

-Other Building by old Flashback site (Joker's Hideout)

-Top of the Mountain Eagles Flight Station (Black Widow)

-Laughing Dragon Pizza Company Restaurant on top of the hill

-Old Magic Pagoda Attraction (Willoghbys)

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^ Wasn't there an old queue for Revolution that is part of a Fright Fest queue now?


Parts of the queues for Ninja and Viper just SEEM abandoned because there's rarely enough people to fill them that far , but it sounds this was one of those rare weekends


I'm guessing what NAMTABSFGAm is thinking of might be the Old Dragon Station since I believe the top station is part of the current Ninja queue.

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A section of Revolution queue/the old main entrance (featured in the Vacation movie) is blocked off.


There is also the old crazy barrels queue/ride platform behind a carnival game in Colossus County Fair. Deja Vu's overflow queue behind the Psyclone Bay buildings is still there too.

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Noticed Riddler's got some love when I was at the park on the Sunday of President's Weekend. The facade in the front was redone (the previous one had chunks missing and parts were peeling off). All seven of the station question mark lights were on and functioning, and the station DIDN'T actually have piles of trash everywhere.

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I'm not sure why people keep repeating the sentiment about the park maps, I feel like at this point it's pretty obvious the new maps won't debut earlier than March 22 with namtab and (allegedly) the new kids coaster.


I'm pretty sure magic mountain considers this the 2013 operating season still. I personally don't care. I've been to the park plenty of times in 2014 and have yet to be inconvenienced by any pieces of paper with last years date on them.

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^^ I agree. I believe it's the same every year. They release the maps mid-March right before they launch the new season. The problem is SFMM is always compared to the parks that are open 7 days a week year around and those parks normally change their maps every couple months. SFMM is only open daily from March-September and always releases the maps right before then. This probably wouldn't bother people if they didn't put the year on the cover of the map but they've been doing this same practice for decades even back in the hayday of SFMM so it's nothing new.


I believe Knott's is the only other SoCal park that follows the same practice of one map for the whole year but I don't think they print the year on the cover.

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I rarely use a park map now days. The park is probably just trying to use up some of the 2013 park maps before bringing out the new ones. Besides like its been stated, the new rides and stuff are not even open. I sometimes think people just find reasons to hate on SFMM.

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Parks typically don't start changing their maps until around March-ish anyway. Sea World didn't have their 2013 maps ready until after Antarctica opened last year.


- I requested maps from full year parks before and they sent me maps/brochures from the previous year. Nothing new here.

-- Totally nerdy for requesting maps from parks

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I sometimes think people just find reasons to hate on SFMM.


I have to agree. I know this is only my personal opinion based on my own experience, but I traveled to LA to visit SFMM last July all the way from Philadelphia and I have to say I have very few poor things to say about MM. We had a GREAT time with decent ride operators overall, minimal wait times, and actually decent food. People go to SFMM for the roller coasters. If you want brand new park maps every other month, go to Disney. They are completely different markets.


Just my two cents. I had a great time at SFMM and would rate it better overall (including ride operations) than SFGAdv in NJ.

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So the slide they took out: it was the black one that was closest to the walkway, right? If so, that explains why they finally painted that walkway from the parking lot....I assume the lack of splashing AND the lack of constant leaking/dripping, now that it's gone, helped motivate them to get that thing cleaned up. I've always marveled at how, especially when you got there midday (when there was two way pedestrian traffic), you would be forced to slop through the sludgy, wet mess that would accumulate on a part of the sidewalk.


Unrelated: is there any update on that guy down the road who has all the Magic Mountain memorabilia/artifacts? I know the dog kennels closed, but is he still around/maintaining all that old stuff/still being given new stuff?

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