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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2218 - Wonder Woman Roller Coaster for 2022!

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It is worth mentioning that the lollypop sign along I-5 has possibly completed its touch up. (pictures below)


Also, MM is hosting a job fair at the East Picnic Pavilion at the front of the park Sat. Feb 16 and Sun. 17. I mention this not for anyone to necissarily come to interview for a job, but rather to see how great the job fair looks. Each department was responsible for decorating their own booths. Each booth is very creative, imaginative and interactive. I'll only give a way a couple of secrets to try to tempt some of you to come: There are many nostalgic items from days past, from rides that haven't been in operation in the past 2 months to the last 15 years...and the Batmobile (the tumbler), will be there.


Hope some of you come on by.




Looks pretty darn cool at twilight.


Hmm, those colors look familiar...Burger King Colors...no wait, Superman test colors. (Paint colors are SO political!)

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Does anyone have any pictures of the red Gold Rusher?


Next time you're at the park go ride Gold Rusher, and look at the track around the station, you can still the original red track around the station. I don't have a picture of the entire ride being red, since they painted it about a decade before I was born.

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Wow I cannot believe the sign is actually lit up. I seriously can't remember the last time I saw it with the lights on, it must have been at least ten years.


And for the record I'm so glad they haven't painted Superman those colors. For now, atleast.

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I was a kid the last time that sign had its lights on, very exciting indeed. And I've got to agree with PURE, had they painted Superman those colors I think it would have looked terrible. If that tower ever did get painted, I think a solid color would be the way to go.

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Hey everyone!


Ready for another Six Flags Magic Mountain update? Of COURSE you are!


Today was the SFMM Job Fair. For those of you who don't have a job, I'd highly recommend visiting Magic Mountain this weekend to check it out. It's open to the public, you don't need admission to the park to check out, and there is some VERY cool stuff to see.


Each department has been given free reign to do the best they can to impress you with their hotness and convince you to come work for them.


They are competing against each other for the best of show and will be given some great incentives to come in first place (we had heard from the Dippin Dots guy that it's an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas including tickets to the famous Crazy Horse strip club, but that might have been some crazy rumor and not true at all!)


Whatever the prize is, I think the showing off of each department was a FANTASTIC idea and everyone there seemed really enthusiastic about working at Magic Mountain. This is something that I have not seen in many years.


Anyway, if you are in the So Cal area and are interested in what Six Flags Magic Mountain has to offer, the job fair is on all this weekend and goes through Monday. Check it out. For more info:



There was also a lot of other great improvements at the park. New Paint all over the place, Sky Tower was open today, X2's ex-change operation is looking complete (at least the paint anyway), and overall it's just nice to see the park looking better and better.


Anyway, enough blabbing...onto the photos....


Entrance to the Job Fair from inside the park.


Elissa says "Maybe I'll think about getting my old job back at Hurricane Harbor!" (How's it going Roland?)


"C'mon Elissa, don't you want to be a stilt walker just like me?"


Games had a lot of plush. KidTums even got a mini-penguin!


All of these photo collages really put a personal touch to the job fair.


Merchandise showed off lots of plush. Sexy huh?


Entertainment brought out the big guns!


Guy with sombrero for the WIN!


They had one of the cars from the Batman Stunt show on display. Wanna go look inside?


Pretty cool! I think I'm going to try to steal it!


Now it's time to make my getaway!


Dammit! How did they know about my flatulence?!?!


Batman's none too pleased. "Tell your father to put the car back or you will never see him again..."


Operations had some VERY interesting looking stuff to show off.


"If you worked here you could press buttons just like this too...well not JUST like this one since this is Psyclone's control panel...but very similar at least."


Is it a model? Or is it real?


"Am I too young to work Tatsu?"


Awww...something for all us old-timers!


Just admit it...you want to be a ride op. You WANT to.


You know you want to work in security and kick out people who sneak backstage to take pictures!


Being a smoking pumpkin pays about $8.50 an hour.


Kristen wants to work with Bugs & Daffy.


"ok, you guys...now you're making me a little nervous...."


"I like men with giant bills."


"My name is KidTums and I am Six Flags!"


Robb trying out for the super hero role = FAIL!


Sky Tower was open which allowed us to get some nice pretty pictures of X2.


Arrow corner is looking a bit red these days....


The new hill has a tumor.


Something is missing.


Thomas Town is looking very dirty still.




Much better than Psyclone!


Something is missing.


All these nice photos are courtesy of the brand new "Free Binoculars" rental policy in Sky Tower! (Seriously, they now have a few pairs of binoculars for guests to borrow.)


You can never have enough photos of Tatsu.


"Sky Tower is MY ride!"


Ok, guys...seriously now. First Ninja gets painted. Then Viper gets painted. The X gets painted. Now you're painting Gold Rusher's station. Really...can we please STOP with all these improvements now? Sheesh!!!


For all you old paint/new paint enthusiasts.


Jahan is now an area supervisor. They put him at Spin Out. Hmmm.....


This area looks a little bit different now.


Riddler's now hops over a great big ball of nothing!


Freefall has been replaced with "Fence: The Ride!"


I'm really sorry Joey!


Grrrr!!! No Vault ICEE. FAIL!!!!


For each Flash Pass you buy, you get a date with Mike!


Oooh! New Ben & Jerry's inside Food Etc. Yummy!


A couple times a day the management of the park get together for a brief meeting to discuss goals to help achieve better guest satisfaction.


The new park president Jay Thomas and his team are really making a noticeable improvement throughout the park.


And it's all about the team working together. (either that or someone dropped fifty bucks in the middle!)


Since we were parked behind Magic Moments Theater we headed out right after the management meeting.


Seriously guys. The park is looking the best it has in the last 10 years. Keep it up! Looking forward to seeing some of you at West Coast Bash on March 9th. If you haven't downloaded the WCB flyer yet you can do it HERE!



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Thanks for the great feedback!


Within the last few months we have been able to show off our creativity, and this is just one example of what we can create. It was a BLAST!


It will be an even greater accomplishment when we no longer need to hold a job fair, because we are fully staffed. That might only be a few years down the road.


My name is William,

and I am SIX FLAGS!

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The job fair goes through Monday, so you still have time to check it out and go be a ride op!


Seriously, I was VERY impressed with the different departments booths. It was so nice to see stuff like that. I might not have 'grown up' with a good Six Flags park down the street, but Kristen has gotten the VIP Treatment so far (well, ever since the Orient Express incident!). The character interactions have been top notch, the ride ops have talked with her, it's been great.


It is really nice to see Six Flags going in the right direction. I hope they get some great new employees this weekend!

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Why does the sign still say Gift Shop? I don't think that little store at the base of the sign has been opened since 1974

If memory serves correctly (and I'm not 100% sure about this) I believe there is an ordinance in Santa Clarita which says the sign for your business needs to be within a certain distance of the business itself.


Magic Mountain proper is too far away to have a sign at the freeway, so *technically* the lollipop sign is actually for the Gift Shop. (even though the shop hasn't been open in decades)


So in order to get around the ordinance and still have a sign for the park, it needs to say "gift shop" on it.



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Nice update Robb! I haven't even been to the back of the park yet since they've painted Gold Rusher's station; looks great!


A lot of the guests were actually talking about the job fair yesterday, which is always a good sign. Oh yes, and binoculars! Sky Tower's spending budget must have gone up since I was a lead there. That's really great in my opinion. One of the things I remember guests that lived around the area doing is trying to pick out their house from up there, I'm sure with the new additions of binoculars it can actually make it more possible!


Once again its really great to see another update which shows Magic Mountain going in the right direction!



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I can't believe how much has changed sense the last time I was there back in 04!! I'm hoping I can make it there for the Ace day. I'm kind of choosing between that event and Coaster Mania at Cedar Point.


Go to Cedar Point


But seriously, I'm impressed by this update. X2's paint looks really awesome, it's too bad I probably can't ride it this year.


FREE binoculars? More paint? I'm shocked


It looks like, for the time being, the park is finally getting their crud together. Thanks for the photos!


-Amanda "I want to go steal half the stuff out of the Operations booth" V.

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"Any idea if they have plans to get the monorail going again?" (WillMontu)


At the TPR event last month, Tim Burkhart told me that there were too many obstacles to doing that. I think accessability for handicapped visitors was one of them.


If you're able to come to West Coast Bash, I'm sure you can find out more.



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That is a gorgeous picture!



Gotham looks very sad wihtout freefall. I never realized how much it was immersed in the skyline.

And is i just me or is the area where Goliath Jr. is supposed to be completely reduced to rubble? I thought they're keeping Goliaht Jr. In place?

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