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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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Unless Iron Colossus isn't really happening. Isn't it all just speculation at this point?


It has been speculation since NTAG was a sketch on a dinner napkin.


Though its totally just speculation, its reasonable ti think it will happen. The company is going through and doing this to a lot of their coasters. It just has to happen! LOL

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I had forgotten that they actually shuttered the tower for SIX years. Incredible. Looking back, the photos of both the tower and Tatsu being FRESHLY painted certainly do strike a contrast to their states now, some 8 years later!


The views from there were a bit different, as well, back then:


(all images are TPRs, from this media day report in '06: http://www.themeparkreview.com/skytower/skytower1.htm )



It's always been interesting to me to picture the sky tower AS The Playboy Club in Chicago - I think it all worked out the way it needed to, as I can't imagine the City Of Chicago being too happy with that thing still sitting on a plot of land somewhere in the city! So crazy to imagine Hugh deciding to abandon the tower, and Newhall picking it up for their Magic Mountain park....I wonder if they had any idea of just how much of a landmark it would become?



(photo credit to "montezooma" / Shane from this "Attic" thread post: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=534278 )


I wonder what the lifespan of the tower was designed to be? Did they ever have to do any after-the-fact earthquake retrofits, or were the steps they took with the foundation acceptable even after the state started going crazy with the regulations? In any case, I'm sure there's a decent cost to simply maintain it year-to-year (even without occupancy) so it seems strange that they would (and did!) shut it down for that long.

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Just gonna be the first to say this will be YOLO Plaza Phase 2 from what I've heard.

It will also open as the best restaurant in theme park history on February 30, 2081. SFMM will become the Park Food Capital of the World!!!

Featuring: YOLOfries, YOLOshakes, and an awesome YOLOburger with #SWAGsauce

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I just watched the movie Roller Coaster, and there is a part where an announcer promoting The Revolution says "Come on Folks, You Only Live Once!"! I laughed so hard!


Too funny. Here's the part of the movie mentioned:

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Who cares about Mooseburger? The food hasn't been good in 15 years...




The last time I ate there, my friend and I got the buffet. They failed to tell us they'd be removing the buffet 5min after our purchase. Never again. Now I just go there for the beer.

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