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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2218 - Wonder Woman Roller Coaster for 2022!

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Well maybe if it was the parks first time with the landscaping problems we wouldnt rip on them. But since they already have two coasters in a parking lot i think we have free justice here.

Still looks like fun! Hang time looks unique!!



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Thanks for the POV, the footage looks great.


But yeah, I hope they can get some shade and cooling installed pretty quickly. Heat wave hitting this week in so cal.

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I just got back from a reasonably good day at Six Flags Magic Mountain. There were crowds, but they weren't excessive, and a majority of the park was running well.


First off: Full Throttle. I've heard nothing but positive reviews of this ride, so I was expecting it to be better than it looks. It is. The ride's signature 160 ft. loop is easily the best part of the ride. By my estimate, the train is probably moving around 10 miles an hour at the top, and on the ride you feel as if you're going to fall from the train. It isn't the same floating feeling felt on B&M's large loops, but more of a falling sensation. The rest of the ride was very good, and everything seemed to flow nicely together. The only thing I was disappointed in was the lack of airtime over the top hat, but as I doubt it would be a better airtime hill than the one on Goliath that's okay. Overall, I wouldn't say the ride is a top ten coaster or worth traveling some distance just to ride, but I would say it is a must ride when visiting SFMM and one of the top coasters in the park. My wait was 90 minutes due to two minor breakdowns, with posted times of 45-60 minutes throughout the day.


As for the surroundings of the ride, a lot of stuff looks unfinished. The queue is all temporary, the station structure is missing a cover, the hillside is still dirt (and a few saplings), and the tunnel has some equipment for effects but all that's currently working are strobe lights. I am glad the park opened the ride as soon as possible, but I somewhat wish they had waited a week and got anything that couldn't be done while the ride is in operation finished before opening. There was still construction equipment present and they were doing work on the hillside, so at least they are not done and don't intend to leave the area in its current state.


Finally, the nighttime dance party thing (I forget the official name). I walked through the area a couple times while this was going on, and while there were plenty of people about nobody seemed to care about the party. Most of them were just standing around and using their smartphones. I have to question if this is really a good idea, as I can't be the only one who would be driven away from the attraction due to the extremely loud music and it didn't appear anyone was specifically enjoying it.


A few other notes from the day.


The good:


-The park was very good at posting wait times at the entrance to all attractions, and more often than not the line took less time than posted, as operations overall seemed above average for the park.

-Full Throttle operations were about as good as can be expected from the ride. Dispatches were usually within 30 seconds of the other train reaching the holding brakes (for reference, the ride is only about a minute long and it takes approximately 20 seconds for the train to advance from the hold position to the station after a launch).

-It appears a large percentage of visitors are afraid of Lex Luthor, as it never had more than a 15 minute wait. This was the only ride I did twice today, and while not my favorite overall drop ride it still remains the one with the best drop.

-Despite crowds, most of the non-headliner coasters were only station waits.


The not so good:


-Scream is still running one train, and the line was halfway to the entrance. It looked like the other two trains were fully assembled and ready for use, and in any case the park really should plan better to avoid having to run one train during the summer. At least they had a sign warning that only one train was running.

-Apocalypse has gotten really shaky lately, particularly in the second half. It isn't rough in that it's painful, but it does shake you up quite a bit. Hopefully the park will take care of this ride as if they don't it could become quite rough over the next couple years.

-X2 was experiencing major issues and didn't open until mid-afternoon. I didn't end up riding as the wait looked to be close to an hour.

-Even though Superman was testing with both tracks in the morning, they were only running one track later in the day even though the line extended from the building and halfway across the plaza. Due to an average 4 minute cycle time, this turned out to be a 75 minute wait, the longest of the day (excluding Full Throttle). This ride really needs more than two operators in order to achieve any kind of reasonable capacity.

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After watching the POV of Full Throttle several times, the best part (to me) looks like that giant loop. Superman Ultimate Flight's rather slow barrel roll at SFDK already provides a freaky experience as you are literally dangling out of our seat...thighs pressing against lapbar...a nice, falling sensation from 150 feet up. I suspect a similar experience on Full Throttle.


I can't really judge the tophat but from the POV it looks like one could get a quick pop of air coming up but remain firmly seated coming back down.

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The park just emailed me our Full Throttle on-ride still photos from the media day...


Upside down in the massive YOLOop.


Coming out of the YOLOop.


The reverse launch.


Over the tophat.


In the brake run. Thumbs up!

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Dude! that picture will never get old. It's become the, "That's what she said!" Joke of YOLOcoaster. In comedy terms, it's timeless. Or it could be Andy Kaufmanesque and go through an infinite number of phases of funny. Funny, not so funny, no longer funny, annoying, aggravating, thread bashing obnoxious, and finally hysterical! Being that you have deemed it no longer funny, it only has 4 more phases before it becomes comedy gold!


Guy "Wait for it! Wait for it!" Koepp

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well lets hurry up and get through them. Unlike most other examples this one takes up a lot of real estate.


Dude! If it's true Andy. We will see that picture at the top of every page for years on end. Possibly until all of us are well beyond 6 feet under.


And I will be laughing my a$$ off from another plane, dimension, heaven, valhalla, whatever. Cause it's just that awesome!

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I'm not one for cross posting videos but you and your YOLO tees are trending now on yahoos now trending blog, even puts TPR as the source. Nice vid good job. Looking forward to getting down there for Bash.

article and vid.




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