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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2218 - Wonder Woman Roller Coaster for 2022!

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I may be on my own here, but I hate to see this thing go. Psyclone, not so much. But I loved Flashback. I know it's insanely bumpy, and flat out painful at times. But still, It was a powerful, and IMO enjoyable ride.Oh well, I can still hope they make the best of the land.

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I can not believe they took out circus wheels that was our families favorite ride. They say they are being more family friendly but my six year old and ten year old loved circus wheel, sierra twister, sierra falls, sierra twister, and granny grand prix. Like I have said before the Thomas Town at SFDK was so lame my kids did not even want to watch it and that is what we get in return. Being honest I make the five hour drive six or seven times a year because the coasters at sfmm our so much better than anything in Northern Cal but if they keep this up the family is not going to want to go as much which is the opposite of what they say they are trying to accomplish.

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^^ Very cool vid, shocking that an e-stop would allow stopping it on the loop. Why??? Better to just let it valley inbetween like they just ended up doing later anyway, less jarring than slamming to a stop nearly upside down.



W R O N G!!! Revolution was a Shwartzcoph (Which is totally spelled wrong) and was the first coaster to have a loop, Intamin is lying through their teeth...


Actually, Intamin custom built it based on the design of Schwarzkopf.


Major misconception:

Anton Schwarzkopf had numerous other companies, supporting him and his company with parts. At its best time, the Schwarzkopf company had about 200 to 250 employees and was represented outside of Germany by the INTAMIN company. Note: INTAMIN often appears as the builder of Schwarzkopf rides - nope - they only represented him!


Schwarzkopf had been building their own coasters since the early 60's, long before Intamin the ride broker was ever conceived. Intamin the coaster builder didn't even build their own coasters until 1979's Jr Gemini.

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^ and ^^


That is not an E-Stop. That is a Tower 2 miscatch. The loop brakes stay closed until the train reaches the top of the tower. (Same idea regarding Tower 1 and the Boomerang brakes)


If those brakes did not stop it there, there is a possibility that the train could make it through the loop and valley between the loop and boomerang. If that happened, they would have to evac, and the ride would be down for days instead of 15 - 30 minutes

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I dont understand... why are there brakes on the loop?


I could be wrong but I believe it's to keep the train from clearing the loop during a valley and getting stuck between the cobra and loop which would make it a lot harder to evacuate riders.



I wonder if Deja still has it's almost daily over/under shoots.


edit: I see someone beat me to the answer

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Just got in some photos of the Flashback demolition progress courtesy of Six Flags Magic Mountain.


I for one am certainly pleased to see the park removing the old ride, and I'm looking forward to what may replace it!


"I'm on the road to nowhere..."


While I never found Flashback as bad as some others, I'm looking forward to what this land may be used for.


Everything beyond where the station was looks cleared.


One day this view will hopefully be of something bigger and better!


There used to be an airtime hill here.


The steel dives are no more!

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I hope that they make a new coaster here seeing as Psyclones spot is going to thomas land or what ever... this should be kept for thrill seekers xD


I also like how Six Flags released photos! most parks try to take thing out without people noticing Props to six flags (they seem to be turning around :o)

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Hopefully they'll replace it with a modern day intamin. A fun, well themed one. I think that's one of the only things that can better the park that comes to mind, that can fit in that spot.



So long Flashback...



Tomi "if only delivery costs weren't so high..." Zandsthein.

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As appetizing as it would be to have a new attraction in that spot, part of me feels its not going to happen. Why? The years-long rumblings about how the ride was a distraction for the lifeguards, plus there aren't really any attractions in that area save for the backside of Bugs Bunny World. Why take out a loud one and put in another loud one?


Its a really quiet area except during Fright Fest and even then thats only at night. Granted, out front is a large mostly flat piece of concrete in front of the Season Pass Center which is begging for an attraction entry, but I dont think its gonna happen any time soon.


IMO, I think they will use it for the water park and that's not saying for a slide or anything. They could very well use it as a service area.


Question: Last couple times I was in that area (in 2006) I noticed that gate has turnstyles. Do they or did they ever use that area as a secondary entrance to the park.


For those old-timers, has the entry to SFMM always been to the left and has the configuration changed at all? My first visit I can remember was when I was like 5 so that would have been like 1988. From watching National Lampoons and Rollercoaster I cant seem to match up the entrance with the current layout.

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