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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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What's with all the YOLOcoaster love? This is The Six Flags Magic Mountian "Dis"cussion Thread. I won't stand for all these positive comments. C'mon guys, can't we all get back to what we were wishing it could have been. Cough... ...Projekt Helix... ...Cough! For that matter, it's Spring Break and insane crowded. Every ride, including Green Lantern only has one train operation. The place probably looks like crap, and smells worse. Line jumpers are in full force, and they still havn't paved the whole place yet.


Guy "Think I might stop by tomorrow for a peek myself. Does anyone know if it will be crowded on Easter Sunday?" Koepp

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Heading down to the park in about an hour to go for some ERT on Goliath and get a quick update! (And hopefully get on some other rides.....)


Anyone else going to be there today?

I was going to go, but somethng came up.... Cant wait to see if the loop is finished

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