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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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There's been some cool photos of the construction from backstage floating around various sites like Screamscape, sounds like there was some kind of a special media hard hat tour today.


I'm really looking forward to this ride and the new details we've been hearing about the FullThrottle area. It may not be the most impressive attempt at a themed area, but it looks like SFMM will be putting quite a decent amount of effort into making the area look nice.

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It might be a bit short and gimmicky, but I'm optimistic that this will give a good ride (however brief that might be). Given the height of the loop and top hat, I imagine the launches will be fairly intense.


Have any pics of the trains appeared yet? Would be awesome if they have lapbar-only restraints.


I think this will be a great ride too, despite it's length. I really like Premier rides and anything that launches is pretty awesome anyway! If this ride really has lap-bar only cars, that will make it even better!

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Thanks to SirClinksalot, we have an awesome Full Throttle update from yesterday's construction tour! Check out all this awesomeness...


To get from the parking lot, you now ride in these FULL THROTTLE approved buses!


It SURE is!!!!


Today's construction tour doesn't just focus on mounds of dirt! Oh, no... there is MUCH more to see! Read on...


"Go this way... REALLY fast... if something gets in your way... TURN!"


This is the sacred fire hydrant looking thingy. No touchy or you get wrist slapped by the evil munchkins!


OH! MY! GOD! Is that... yes... wait... am I see things? No... it's FULLFREAKINTHROTTLE SUPPORTS!!!! OMG! OMG! OMG!


This is a picture of a road, because we have road enthusiasts in our group, and we wouldn't want to disappoint them.


This is where Prince Desmond lives. When YOLOcoaster opens, they will be serving YOLOwings and YOLOfreestyle Coke in here!


The "Full Throttle" lifestyle includes lots of cement blocks and a dirt bike.


"Hey, can you get your lunch box off our footers? We got work to do here, man!"


The back side of log flume.


This machine haunts me in my dreams!


We are now being taken to a place where something incredible...magical...beyond words is about to happen...


Mr. Crane is about to do something that has never been done before...


Is that.... WTH?!?! Is it? OMG! FULL THROTTLE TRACK!!!! SQUEE!!!!! YOLO!!!!




Yes, this is the first piece of FullFreakinThrottle aka YOLOcoaster track being lifted into place!


And there is MORE TRACK!!! This ride is gonna go up quick, isn't it?


Not only does YOLOcoaster have new track, but when Full Throttle opens, there will also be YOLOwings!


Hot Habanero is the quintessential definition of "YOLOwings!"


YOLOwings and YOLOfries!!! (The marketing people can thank us later for giving them all these awesome product names) =)


And now comes the "Sea of track" photos!


There is so much track out here, you could almost build a roller coaster out of it!


This short little nubby piece is my favorite of all the YOLOcoaster track pieces! I just want to reach out and pet it!


"I think I look pretty freakin' SWEET in this YOLOhat, don't you think?"


Post below if you're excited about Full Throttle this summer at Six Flags Magic Mountain!!!

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I would guess that the difficult part will be the programming and testing. Lets see how that goes before we get our hopes up!


Or maybe construction will stop because it's too hot outside today?

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Tim mentioned that after the tunnel is done they are going to do the track on the back-side, over Superman Plaza and down to the exit of the loop. Then the crane will be moved and they will do the station track prior to completing the Loop, Top-Hat and launch so they can do all the electronics, build the station, etc.


They anticipate that vertical construction would be done by early April.

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I suppose it's about time. Hopefully the former Log Jammer area won't look like a wreck for long... Do any of you know what they plan to do with all that extra dirt? I don't recall the launch, station, and queue taking up all of that room.


Then again, I should probably just assume that they're going to pull another "Six Flags" on us and call it theming.

In that case, I think I need to update my list:

YOLOcoaster: Dirt

Goldrusher: Rust

Scream: Asphalt

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^That is amazing!

I can only imagine when the ride sign is put up...


EDIT: v No matter if it's a different font. I'm so used to referring to it as YOLOcoaster that I didn't even catch it at first.

Edited by Myself
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Yay, YOLOcoaster Porn!

Sorry, I just had to do this, the photo was begging for it


Kind of reminds me of this:


Good to see it vertical though. Hopefully the ride is better than the marketing!

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