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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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The park was pretty dead while I was there today. Longest line was for the Season Pass processing. Even when I walked by Tatsu the line only seemed to be about 45 minutes and was just in the queue, not stretching out into to walkway. And this was before X2 opened. It was testing all morning but it seemed they were having some kind of issue. I think it opened later in the day. Green Lantern's queue was at least inside the building. Lex had about a 5 minute wait. I rode Ninja and Colossus and walked on both.


By the time I left at about 1:30 the 2nd lot was only about 1/2 full.


Also rode slingshot. I thought it was fun but I didn't realize you flipped so much on those. I just can't do stuff like that anymore. While I was sitting there for a bit (about 20 minutes) I didn't see anybody pay to ride.


EDIT: I also saw today that with the new lockers you have the ability to rent a "locker pass" and move your stuff from ride to ride. Unfortunately it's $6 for only 2 hours so I'm not sure how much it will actually be used. I personally think that if it used to be $1 for an hour then it should be no more than $2 or $3 for 2 hours. I'd even go as far as to say $8-$10 for a full day would be the way to go. Will have to see if they modify this but it's a great idea!!!

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I would pay upwards of $15 even $20 for an all day fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo pass.

I hope SFHH is getting these same fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo... Would be worth the money, and then you dont have to carry around that key.


Starting last year they began using waterproof wristbands as keys to the lockers. It was nice and easy!

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For all those who complain about Revolution's roughness.


Go ride Desert Storm at Castles n Coasters, then tell me how unridable Revolution is.


Haha! I live in AZ, and I'm maybe about half an hour from Castles n Coasters. Haven't been on Desert Storm in years, but I do remember it being kind of rough the last time I was there! But then again, one nice thing about it is the fact that it's lap bars only (at least it was when I was there last). Just imagine how much more rough it would be if it had Revolution's restraint system!

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January 19th - Six Flags Magic Mountain UPDATE!


If you want to be part of the card carrying "cool kids club", you have to endure this painful initiation! =)


* Pay Once Eat All Year not available to card carrying ACE members.


What? There's construction going on here?


OMG! Brand new Fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo!


Lockers appear slightly bigger so you can fit larger bunnies filled with more goo!


aka "People with no friends."


Oh, please, please, PLEASE let "Storage Wars" do an episode from here!!! YUUUUUUUP!




Today we bring you an update on YOLOcoaster aka mounts of sexy dirt.


"The guy said the treasure was buried under a large S... where could it be?"


This is some stuff.


This is actually a picture of SCREAM! It is NOT a picture of piece of steel pipes and bones out in the parking lot.


Now this is a picture of Goliath. Please focus your attention on GOLIATH!


Things are happening.


More things going on here.


Crazy hole punching machines has set up ferret cages!!!!


This is where parking lot trans go to die.


Or something like that.


This is a picture of Goliath's BEAUTIFUL SUPPORT STRUCTURE! There is NOTHING ELSE in this photo of interest! ONLY Goliath's SUPPORT STRUCTURE!!!


I'm pretty sure they are just using mashed potatoes to smooth out the earth's surface.


"This MEANS something!"


Looks like those raptors escaped their containment area again!


That's not for a YOLOcoaster footer.


This is the actual spot where E.T. used a Speak N Spell to phone home.


Guy on bench is waiting it out until 2015 when Superman re-opens. (Jokes, jokes...it was actually open!)


OMFG!!! It's, it's..... DIRT!!!


"Wow we really f**ked up this area good, didn't we?" =)


It's something.


Whoops! Sorry about the mess! The moose out front should have told you...


This is where the go-go dancers will be right before the train enters the tunnel.






"Hi, Rocky Mountain Coasters... I would like 46 barrel rolls and a 436 degree first drop, please!"


OH. MY. GOD. Is that what I think I see? Yes! WOW!!! PINK RIBBON!!!!! OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!


Pink ribbon and ferret cages!!! WOW WOW WUBBZY!!!!


If you're part of the REALLY REALLY cool kids club, you only have to wait in this eleventy hour line to get your card.


$2? Load me up with that crisp crisp crispy chicken, bitches!!!


The high-tech fluffy fluffy bunnies have told me these words.


For $6 I can penetrate them with my stuff. SOLD!


Random Employee guy doesn't look worried at all...


They are about to blast off on this all-new Slingshot!


Congrats! Six Flags Magic Mountain is finally up to the level of quality attractions as places like Old Town in Kissimmee! =)


Thanks for reading! Thanks Greg for the pics. Now... POST. YOUR. COMMENTS!!!!


If any of you are going to the park in the next couple of weeks and would like to contribute some photos, please email me!

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Oh man Tatsu really is looking faded. Also, now hoping for a big rain storm to wash out that area where they're storing track! I really thought they stopped storing stuff over there after a bunch of that land fell into the wash a bunch of years ago!

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I think MM finally realized that the sun is NOT their friend, hence the white color of FT. Scream is just, ughh. It already in the worst possible location, and the color scheme makes it look even more out of place. And now with this faded paint........yep, it just screams MM. High Quality!

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Oh man Tatsu really is looking faded. Also, now hoping for a big rain storm to wash out that area where they're storing track! I really thought they stopped storing stuff over there after a bunch of that land fell into the wash a bunch of years ago!


They're putting that stuff on the land that didn't fall into the river so there's obviously nothing at all to be concerned about!

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