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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2205 - Opening Day Photo TR!

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Its kind of odd how everyones saying X was running well the last couple days before it went down. When I went to visit about a week before it closed my buddy said he had the worst ride on X he'd ever remembered. And we were in row 5. Of course he was on the outside, but even I haven't seen anyone get tossed like he did.


I think the lighter, better designed trains will be fine. Perhaps we'll get lucky and they'll ride even better.


Lighter weight makes a big difference when it comes to shaking the track and train roughness at high stress points.


*crossing fingers*

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^Boooooo! Wonder if it'll be trash or if it'll sit in the junkyard for a year or two.


I like the Colossus retracking ideas. Getting the double down back and all that crazy stuff. I think Colossus' layout is not that bad a coaster, its just really worn.

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Hey I'm just wondering, but did anyone else hear the rumor that Batman got a new train? Or am I just missing something...


^And I too noticed the difference in the ride from even the summer. I was actually surprised at how I really didn't get thrown around at all!


I haven't heard such rumor, but who knows.


As for the roughness, that really WOULD suck if the new trains were worse then the (now) previous trains which allegedly (on my behalf) ran smoother than usual.

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It has been years, but this is what Flashback looks like with a train on it.


Interesting side note: When I worked for Six Flags corp. office back in the 90's Gary Story wanted to relocate Flashback to Elitch Gardens as part of the re-branding of the park to Six Flags Elitch Gardens.


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The Batman Train looks so awesome and right now the other train is in rehab. Lets just hope Batman Crew can take good care of the new train. Some of my co workers have noticed some stuff getting repainted such as handrails at Sandblasters and a few other place.

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There isn't a new train at Batman. The one you saw has just been rehabbed really well, and the ride ops have been keeping up on the daily cleaning.


You can start to see a lot of areas of improvement in the park at other coasters as well; clean queue lines, clean trains, lots of foliage getting raked up. Honestly, there's a lot of work going on around the park as of late, a lot of little things are getting worked on and it shows. Its just a matter of time before the GP starts noticing and bringing in bigger attendance.

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In case no one remembers...this is what Flashback looks like when it runs.


Thanks montezooma!


BEAUTIFUL!! It may have been a rattling deathtrap, but it was one of a kind. "Whaaaaa this ride is too rough, I bit my lip, my vertebrae have been reduced to liquid." It's a horrible shame to see a unique ride be brought down, and to stand in the shadows and weep as the masses shake their pitchforks and torches and shriek in their madness for a lynching.


Maybe they'll melt it down and build some flats.

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Although the track is of the 80's Intamin type that was carried over to B&M.

No it's not. That "track type" you speak of were all Giovanola rides. Intamin had nothing to do with it other than contracting with Giovanola to build the ride.


I'm sure these are all the coasters you're thinking of....all Giovanola built and brokered by Intamin before Giovanola split off on their own:







Which also shares the track style of these coasters:





I don't know exactly what the relationship between the Giovanola track style and the B&M track style is, but all I know based on the dates of when the first Giovanola coasters appeared versus the first B&Ms it would seem that Giovanola was using it first.



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