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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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Speaking of X2..I've heard many people say (And I've seen that it happens) that the X2 line all but disappears at around 4:30 in the afternoon on a lot of days, but I'm curious why that happens.

I can't believe people still run to X2 in the morning. The line will die down to 30 minutes or less at around 4:30 in the afternoon. The only real explanation is they actually been doing really well on dispatches and the back of the park is significantly more crowded that time of day, so no one is in the front riding X2.

Thanks I was wondering if it was really that simple. I'll still run in the morning so I can get a couple rides then on top of the rides in the afternoon..I'll take as many X2 rides as I can get!
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Anyone hear why Viper, X2, and Revolution were all reportedly down at the same time tonight?

Maybe that section of the park's power went down briefly? Just venturing a guess

That was my first guess too. I know the Chupacabra is set up over there I wondered if something happened there that affected the whole area.

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Anyone hear why Viper, X2, and Revolution were all reportedly down at the same time tonight?


Are you sure as they were running those rides in the dark along with DC rides and Goliath and Colossus.


I was there most the day and never noticed any out of the ordinary ride delays. Sure was great day/night being first day of FF and sweet non 100 degree weather.

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Anyone hear why Viper, X2, and Revolution were all reportedly down at the same time tonight?

From the skytower I seen x2 running empty at about 4:00. So they were doing maintenance checking. It was almost a walk on after 5:00. I'm sure when the fright fest people came in at night it got busier. But Basically Magic Mountain was empty on a Friday with everyone in school. Ninja seemed to have a line...So I'm guessing they only had one train. But the park was a roller coaster riders dream in the day to the evening. With Fright fest at night it was just a wonderful day. I even met some people fro TPR who rode Lex Luther for the first time. They loved it.

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Went to Fright Fest last night and had a pretty fun time.


If anybody is going this year I'd STRONGLY suggest getting the Express Pass, this was only the first weekend and it was PACKED.


There are three stand-out mazes (Willoughby's, Aftermath and Blackout), three middle-of-the-road mazes (Chupacabra, Jokesters, Black Widow), one good-enough for what they have to work with (Cursed) and one absolute POS (Slaughterhouse).


As for Blackout, we both loved it. Ended up doing it twice and Mr. X wanted to be in front the second time. The talent in there is great and is the right blend of creepy and in your face based on what the maze is.


The only maze that the talent seemed like they didn't care was Slaughterhouse, which is the reason we didn't like it. Hopefully they will get better over the next few weeks.


Cursed was ok, they don't have much to work with but the talent in there was actually trying which was nice.


Black Widow was interesting. Some hold-over props from Bite II, the same layout, but we also noticed some props from the old Willoughby's. First time we went through the maze it was just "ok" but it was MUCH better the second time. This could turn into a really good one if the talent stays consistent.


As for Willoughby's, it was good. The maze itself is great of course, the talent still seemed to be "finding their way" if I'm being honest. Hopefully as they get more familiar with the new layout, new effects, hiding places, etc they will get better.


Aftermath was again great, first time we went through it was "ok", second time was really good.


Scare Zones are ok, City Under Siege is as always the best one (sup' guys) and I really like the creepiness of Nightmares. Just wish they had more to work with.


We'll be going back in a couple of weeks so will see if anything improves.

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