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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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It seems like the Fright Fest announcement was made via LA Times



By Brady MacDonald


September 12, 2012, 6:15 a.m.

Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain has always labored in the shadow of the Herculean Halloween events at Universal Studios Hollywood and Knott's Berry Farm.


Last year saw a significant improvement in Fright Fest's offerings with more haunted mazes, scare zones and monsters in the park.


The Valencia amusement park promises to continue the bigger-and-better trend this October with a complete makeover of an aging workhorse maze and the addition of two new mazes.


The best maze of 2011, the Aftermath, returns this season in the former Batman stunt show arena with more post-apocalyptic torment and turmoil. The dystopian world of overturned vehicles and nomadic creatures was head and shoulders above anything else at last year's Fright Fest.


Adding to that promise are assurances from Magic Mountain officials that a 100% makeover of the worn-out Willoughby's Haunted Mansion will be equal to the success of the Aftermath. We'll have to see if Willoughby's Resurrected transforms the granddaddy of Fright Fest mazes from moribund to blood curdling.


Also new for 2012: The Black Widow spider-themed maze and the Blackout lights-out maze.


Unfortunately, Black Widow replaces Bite II, the second best maze from last year's lineup. I would have preferred to see Magic Mountain drop either the Cursed werewolf maze in the Tidal Wave queue or the Lecter's Slaughterhouse deranged butcher maze in the DC Backlot. Sadly, both of those woeful entries from last season are back again this year. Both mazes need vast improvement if they hope to rise up from the bottom of the heap.


Fortunately, the Blackout maze replaces the absolute worst maze from 2011: The toxic mutant-themed Warehouse 13. The old Logjammer queue has been scrapped clean in anticipation of the new Full Throttle launch coaster, leaving only a slab of concrete for the Blackout maze and hopefully a clean slate for Fright Fest's creative department.


Speaking of wiping the slate clean and starting over, I nominate Jokester's Hideout as a candidate for the 100% makeover treatment in 2013. The clowns-run-amok maze in the former Flashback coaster location has become hopelessly tired and entirely predictable. The scares never change but the maze certainly needs to if Fright Fest hopes to continue improving.


That leaves Chupacabra, a new maze in 2011 that featured a compelling back story about the mythical Latin American creature and plenty of great scares but failed when it came to scenic design. Here's hoping Magic Mountain offers more than painted plywood corridors this year.


Pretty much everything else from last year -- scare zones, live shows and coasters in the dark -- stay the same for Fright Fest 2012 save for some new musical offerings. And then there's always my favorite (and the sole reason for Fright Fest's existence as far as I'm concerned): Colossus backward.


Fright Fest 2012 runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from Oct. 5-28 at Six Flags Magic Mountain.


So it looks like we have 8 mazes this year:

Willoughby's Haunted Mansion (Entirely Re-themed) - NEW (Old Magic Pagoda)

Black Widow (Spider Themed Maze) - NEW (Old Eagle's Flight Queue - Replaces Bite II)

Blackouts (Lights out maze) - NEW (Old Log Jammer Queue - Replaces Warehouse 13)

Aftermath (Batman Action Theater)

Joker's Hideout (Old Flashback Queue)

Chupacabra (Old Revolution Queue)

Lecter's Slaughterhouse (Game's Warehouse)

Cursed (Tidal Wave Queue)

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Need some help for a upcoming visit to SFMM! I'm taking some first time SFMM friends on October 13th. I have a few questions about pricing and the halloween event. First question is I have is is it worth the $10.00 charge for the mazes? I've never been to a Six Flags Fright Fest before. I go to CGA's every year and love it, how does it add up do that? Next question is it says the park is open until midnight but is that for guests who have bought the mazes? Next question is that I bought a Gold Pass from SFDK and it gives me free admission to Fright Fest, does this include SFMM also? Last one (I promise) how do you think the crowds will look? I tried called both SFDK and SFMM over the last few days to ask these questions and even though the recording says that the parks HR is open Monday-Friday from 9-5, no one is picking up. Thanks in advance!

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Need some help for a upcoming visit to SFMM! I'm taking some first time SFMM friends on October 13th. I have a few questions about pricing and the halloween event. First question is I have is is it worth the $10.00 charge for the mazes? I've never been to a Six Flags Fright Fest before. I go to CGA's every year and love it, how does it add up do that? Next question is it says the park is open until midnight but is that for guests who have bought the mazes? Next question is that I bought a Gold Pass from SFDK and it gives me free admission to Fright Fest, does this include SFMM also? Last one (I promise) how do you think the crowds will look? I tried called both SFDK and SFMM over the last few days to ask these questions and even though the recording says that the parks HR is open Monday-Friday from 9-5, no one is picking up. Thanks in advance!


Since you have a pass to SFDK, you do get into SFMM as well, and Fright Fest is included with admission (the only additional charge is for the mazes). The entire park will remain open until midnight, so both the mazes and the rides will be open until this time, and it's for all guests.


Can't say for certain how crowds will be (I only visit a few times a year), but from my experience, Saturdays in October tend to be pretty busy. I'd recommend making a counter-clockwise loop around the park (start at either Lex Luthor or Goliath, then go to Colossus, Scream, Batman, Green Lantern, etc), and save X2 as one of your last rides- I always get in line for it right before park closing. Others on here might be able to give you a better strategy, but this is the one that usually works for me.


I haven't been to CGA's Haunt, but I've heard that Six Flags' mazes don't come close to the detail in the mazes elsewhere, so I wouldn't expect them to be too amazing. I did do Aftermath at last year's Fright Fest and it was pretty good though. The only other Halloween event I've attended is Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood, and those mazes were far superior to SFMM because their sets were film quality. So I'd say if you want to try the mazes at SFMM just to see what's there (since it's your first time), go ahead, but don't go in with high expectations.


Hope this helps! And have fun!

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They sent out an e-mail today with the Fright Fest News.


Also there is a bring a friend free special online coupon for Monday the 17th.



The website is up...



Here are the descriptions of the three new mazes and that new dining feature:


NEW! Willoughby's Resurrected


Eerie twists await you at the Granddaddy of all mazes....there's hair raising terror around each nightmarish turn and dreadful screams down the long twisting hallways.


The manor on Sky Tower Lane was the largest house on the block, but it was very run down. The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby, had not been seen in years and the mansion never had visitors. Extended family members had hopes of renovating the abandoned property to make it beautiful to sell for big bucks. Groundsmen and construction workers began visiting the house to make repairs but would never be seen again. Finally Cousin Chad decided to take it upon himself to fix the old family mansion, something he would soon regret.


Cousin Chad entered the house to begin his construction project and found bloodstained walls, rodent and bug infestations, and mold and cobwebs growing in the corners. He cleaned the mess and often worked overnight to complete his renovation. Sometimes he thought he heard heavy footsteps, tapping on walls, and muffled whispers, but his hammering, sawing, and drilling disguised the unusual sounds. Neighbors often complained about hearing Cousin Chad’s construction tools in the middle of the night, but one night, they heard something completely different coming from the house —SCREAMS. They thought Chad had hurt himself so they rushed over to check on him and found him lying dead in the kitchen with a nail through his heart.


As neighbors and police roamed the house for clues, lights began flickering and doors and windows were locked. Then, they appeared—the previous homeowners, the Willoughby Mansion’s evil spirits had resurrected! There there were … the ghosts of the Willoughbys along with a smirky Cousin Chad! Mrs. Willoughby told the detectives, “We love visitors,” and Mr. Willoughby continued, “but we hate when they try to leave.” As Cousin Chad chuckled the detectives were suddenly lost and became trapped in there menacing mansion forever. Now, at Six Flags Magic Mountain, you can tour the classic mansion to explore the unfinished renovation and help find the other trapped victims, but remember—even if you can find your way out, the Willoughbys won’t like it when you try to escape.


NEW! BlackOut


Unexpectedly, local construction has veiled the world into darkness. Now your mind must find your way as you wind around with no light to guide you. Scream if you must and hold on to those you think you can trust.


A college girls friends took her to the theme park to celebrate her birthday. The attraction that grabbed her attention the most was the fun house maze. She was determined to prove that she could untangle the twisted course. She stepped up to the door of the maze house and the attendant snickered and asked her, “You sure?” The worker was a short, fat man with a long nose, creepy grin, and blisters all over his face. He slowly opened the door, and she stepped inside.


When she entered, the wooden door fiercely slammed behind her, locking her inside as a result of a local construction crew accidentally cutting a power line. The maze was pitch dark and disorienting. Now her life depended on her other senses leading her to the exit. She began maneuvering her way through the endless corridors, misleading corners, and through dizzying smells. She ran into blocked pathways, forcing her to feel like she was going in circles. Panic began to set in. Her heart began to beat and brow was covered in sweat as the realization that she was trapped in the BlackOut.


As you maneuver the twisted course, you may run into a young spirit or other trapped victims. Are you brave enough to show your friends that you aren’t afraid of the haunted maze? The last people who entered BlackOut are usually the newest inhabitants. Are your senses strong enough to lead you out?


NEW! Black Widow


Get tangled in a web of terror as you struggle to survive the Black Widow's nest.


One quiet evening Linda Willoughby was watching late night TV when it suddenly flashed off. She realized the old tube had accidentally tripped a circuit breaker. She went down to the dirty old basement to flip the power back on. As she made her way across the dark dungeon to the electrical box, she felt something slowly crawling up her leg. She screamed and the black widow spider bit into her skin and began to suck her blood. She shrieked in pain as the poison burned her body. The infection led to her heart and left her lying dead in the dark basement shadows. Unknown to Linda, eggs had been laid in her fresh wound and shortly after her death, hundreds of blood-thirsty black widows crawled out of the decomposed body and began to hide out in the darkness, waiting to attack those who linger too close.


Demonic Dining


You don't want to be scared on an empty stomach.


Olivia just moved to Los Angeles and didn’t know anyone in the area. She was ecstatic when her new neighbors, The Willoughby’s, invited her over for a welcome dinner. To thank the hosts, Olivia baked a pie for dessert and brought over a vase of flowers for the centerpiece.


However, the friendly feast turned into a fright as Olivia learned what was on the menu. For starters, Mrs. Willoughby served roasted cockroaches, garlic eyeballs, and fingers dipped in blood sauce. After she choked down the appetizers, Mr. Willoughby brought out the main dish. Olivia sat in front of a plate of fried brains, with a side of human hair pasta and spider web salad. To wash down the meal, she sipped on a glass of pig’s blood.


After dinner, Olivia excused herself to the restroom and vomited her entire meal. The Willoughby’s overheard and confronted her when she came out of the room. “You don’t like my cooking?” Mrs. Willoughby asked. Olivia stuttered that she was just feeling sick, and without explanation, she was tossed in the oven so the family could enjoy baked girl for dessert.


You’re invited to dine with the Willoughby family for just $24.99. Their appetizing menu is sure to keep you screaming.

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Scheduled seating times are 4:00 p.m., 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Reservation of date and seating time is required. It’s sure to be a meal that you won’t stop screaming about.


Reserve your Fright Feast with the Willoughby’s now and dig in to an all-you-can-eat buffet in the company of the beloved Willoughby family. Limited seating for this devilish delight will take place on the top of the hill near SUPERMAN: Escape from Krypton plaza. Buffet items features all your favorites: Pa-Willoughby’s Famous Fried Chicken and fixins’, Mama-Willoughby’s Sinful Salad Bar, Cousin Chad’s Pizza Station featuring Primo’s Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, all-new Tri-Tip Pizza, and cheesy bread, Miss Linda’s Lively Pasta du Jour. Also included are desserts featuring Grandma Willoughby’s Signature Pumpkin Pie, soft drinks, coffee, and tea. Beer & wine will be available for purchase.


Bottom line .. Chicken, Pizza, Salad Bar, Pasta?, Pumpkin Pie and non-alcohol drinks .. all you can eat in about a hour... $25 bucks.. whatever.

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I'm guessing it will be empty. The Jews aren't supposed to be doing anything that day, and I doubt many people who have Jewish employers are thinking "hey, I got a bonus day off...lets go to SFMM!"

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Today was hot ... Cars parked in the gravel but not to deep.... Caught one of the final shows of Warner Brothers Kids Club at current location, as might be relocated to other area of the park, last show might be Monday.....What the Fried also might be final day tomorrow Sunday to grab a Dole Whip... Couple of canopies & tables set up at main gate being used by some groups for Will Call ... Took my favorite Sky Tower run and epic as always then called it a day.

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Also I should mention that the park was handling the crowd very very well today for the most part. All restaurants and drink stands were open with all windows open. Tatsu was running both stations with decent operations. Wait was around 45 minutes all day. Everyone rushed to X2 in the morning causing a 2 hour wait (on the bridge). But when I came back to X2 around 4:30 PM, the end of the line was almost to where they split you to the different sides of the station. 20 minutes.


Riddler, Scream, and Revolution were all running 1 train today, causing for some LONG waits. Riddler was almost to the entrance with 1 train, Scream was also. Revolution had a wait outside the station all day. Looked like the longest waits in the park were for Riddler and Scream! That never happens!


Goliath was running 3 trains and operating at maximum capacity. EVERY SINGLE TRAIN was loaded and ready for dispatch before the train in front of it had even cleared the lift. The train in front of it has to clear the MCBR before the next one can be dispatched so that was making the train have to wait in the station for 15-30 seconds before dispatch. The drew was hustling! They would be done with 20+ seconds left on the countdown clock almost half the time! It was amazing! The wait stayed in the station for some of the day and got longer in the evening.


Also, Batman's crew was horrible, horrible! It would stack before they had even started loading the train! It looked like 1 train operation almost. The line was close to being out the entrance with all the switchbacks being used. Took about an hour to get through.


Pretty good day overall.

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Remember when Magic Mountain bought their coasters with an extra train in case one went down? Psyclone had 3, Viper had 4, etc. I heard Colossus originally had 8 NAD (or was it IAD?) trains. Couldn't they run Full Throttle with 3? I mean, just to make sure a group was always ready to go - kinda like Millennium Force. It's amazing what a few feet of "flat track" (albeit with brakes, etc.) can afford to your capacity. Heck, the new GCI woodie at Europa Park has 3 trains... On a side note, for those that are interested, the Revolution page on facebook has 800 likes. An official page would be nice...




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