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Worst Injury You've Had?


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My worst injury would have to have been when i was playing softball. The girl slid into me and took my leg one way and my knee the other. I was in pain but the thing that kills me is i was walking, the next day we went to play volleyball i took one step and i heard a crack. I tore my ACL and my miniscus, and now i have 2 screws in my knee

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I broke my right collar bone coming out of my mom during birth.


I think the worst story I've heard of is when Mike was hit by a car trying to catch a Frisbee that Jahan had thrown...ouch.


Yeah, that was quite a weekend.

Also my earlobe getting cut off wasn't great either!


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The worst injury I ever had, either its;



Back when I was 7, I was over at my friend Andrew's house playing basketball with him. The hoop had a rusty pole and one day the pole rusted through and crumbled. I didn't get out of the way in time and the basketball hoop's backboard hit my head and left behind a good headache. I was rushed to the hospital, but no injuries at all, just one monster headache.


Always look both ways, that means you too, automobiles.

I was biking down to the mall one day and I was crossing a streetlight. The little walk dude was on and it was safe to cross. A guy in a BMW was driving out and about to make a right hand turn. He didn't see my coming. I *almost* cleared crossing until he thwacks and screws up the rear wheel of my bike. I fell of and almost flew into busy traffic going 45 mph. The worst I suffered was an extremely sore and bruised elbow that took a week or so to heal.


The bike was totalled and I ended up getting a new bike.

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Blowout fracture of my right orbital bone (eye socket) and cheekbone (in other words, they shattered) when I was 7...the result of getting struck by a car (police report says 70MPH). Required 11 hours of reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive means exactly as it sounds...the entire right side of my face had to be rebuilt. Also sustained a hairline fracture of my right pelvis in the same incident...no surgery needed.

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The worst injury I've had:

Broken arm i guess. I've broken three limbs but this one was like.... crooked. I don't really know and thinking back i wish i had a picture. From my angle it didn't look bad at all, but everyone else was like, getting quesy looking at it. I didn't think it was broken, didn't tell my parents, slept on it (TERRIBLE PAIN!!!) and went to school the next day.


Eventually the teacher sent me to the nurse because she couldn't stand to see my arm anymore. She sent me home, i got an appointment with the doctor, they sent me to the ER, and the doctor waled in and said " *shudder* OMG what happened to you?!"...


...this is a guy who sees people die daily.


anyway, they put my under, did somthing to my arm, and i woke up with a cast!



Most Painful Injury (if you would call it an injury):

I woke up oneday and i was almost blind (i could only see colors, not defined images) and my eyes hurt like hell. I went to the doctors and they said that i scrathed the outer layer of my cornia or somthing to that affect, and gave me two eyedrops.


I took one and i was fine, then i dropped the other into my eye...


HOLY CRAP. I was on the floor in pain, i couldn't believe it, it hurt SOOO bad.


Worst thing was, i ad to do it multiple times DAILY.


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The eye injury reminds me of one of mine...


I was in Jr. High metal shop and was finished with the course material early, along with two other people. So the teacher showed us how to use the arc welder...and then left us alone. Me being the idiot I am took off my eye wear and didn't stare directly at the weld, but always had it in sight. That night my eyes burnt so bad and felt like I poured sand covered in hot sauce inside them and all around my eye socket. Worst feeling ever...

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When I was 13 I got my first dirtbike (motorcycle). I had a tire blow out on my first lap of the neighborhood and hit a mailbox at 60 MPH. Broke my arm, shattered my jaw, and had road rash up one side of my body.


That sucked.


David "evil kenivel" McCollum

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Not really an "Injury" but it was an accident that could have very easily killed me, I was on a trampoline with my two cousins and I had them double bounce me instead of me and my larger cousin trying to bounce our smaller one. (smaller being in physical mass not age) I landed just as the shockwave hit my feet, wound up doing half a backflip, landed on my neck, rolled over and whacked my shin on the metal bar around the edge resulting in a bruised bone. Ow.


Okay two days ago (21st) (also happens to have been my Birthday) i awoke to a smoldering mattress, (my reading light got caught between my pillow and my mattress) not realizing how hot it would actually be I TOUCHED IT. Then i proceeded to get myself and my cousin out of the room, put a towel soaked in cold water on my hand and get my parents. 2nd degree burns. ow

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One kinda serious injury I got was from playing Basketball a couple years ago I got a slightly herniated disk on my lower back.....that really really hurt bad for about 3-4 weeks, I couldn't turn my back and even hurt to run and walk.


Also on numerous times during Football I've been hit on the side of my knee that could've very easily torn one of my ligaments, but luckily the worst thing that happened was a little sprain

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Riding my bike, felt great then, BOOM!!!, huge black jeep rams into me, and flings me 20 or somethin' feet into the intersection! But wait, it gets better, a 16 year jumps out of the car *cough* blond *cough*, in high heels and enough makeup to make a Cirque Du Soleil cringe. So she walks up to me, ( I was on my side, and my legs hurt to much to move), and she says, "Oh I'm so sorry, here get in my car!" does she help me get up, eh NO! So she goes back to her jeep and waits for me to bounce up into her backseat, *CREEPY* she's waiting in her jeep for 15 minutes before an ambulance arrives, and then people ACTUALY help me up!

Anyway, my legs were battered enough that I couldn't walk for a week or so, but at least I wore my helmet!


Oh, PS,

Later on, I found out that my 'Paris Hilton' didn't even have a driving under supervision permit... thing...


I will burn her ALIVE!!!!


*Is Evil*

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My injuries are like a grocery(I suck at spelling) list

ive broke both my arms

both legs

got one knee bent back so far that I almost lost movement in it

dislocated both shoulders once

broken ankle

broke 2 fingers

3 concussions

broken toe

bruised sternum

2 broken ribs

and a ton of fractures and cuts and bruises


most of these were from football

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Broke my wrist about 3 years

My friends and I were trying to see who could jumped the furthiest of a swing....I swung as high as I could.....but when i when to jump....i was too high lol..so i didnt come off the swing...but I hut the ground with a big bang lol.....was cuncsed for 20 minutes and broke my wrist


worst part was i was going to Disneyland Paris and Parc Asterix 5 days later.....I still went but i got on literally nothing at Parc Asterix but I got on most at DLP.

The day at Parc Asterix was probably one of the worst days of my life lol...watching all my friends go on the rides while I stood and held the bags!

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I was eating at one of the Japenese places in town, and the chciken just so happend to be really tuff that night. After I got done my jaw started to hurt. It is still hurting today.



But probably my worst injury was when my sister threw me off of our golf cart onto cement. I was bleeding bad for a while, but I got over it

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I've never had a broken bone or dislocated a joint, or even had a bee sting. I haven't had any major injuries, even the biggest one didn't even have a big cut.


My biggest one recently was ripping through the netting around my friend's trampoline, and doing a front flip and landing on the back of my head. 8 minutes and I was up and bouncing again, without even a bruise, just a little neck pain.

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A few more that I remember:


Running out the front door apple in hand, lost my footing, and went sailing into our newly built fence. I believe I was 4 or 5 at the time. Anywho, I busted my nose and found out we made a pretty durable fence.


Running outside and slamming into a crystal-clear sliding glass door at my aunts house when I as 6ish. Glass didn't break but I had a bloody nose for the next 10 minutes. Eversince, they always taped a napkin on the door so we could see that it was closed.


Dropping in a halfpipe for the 3rd time. A puny 6-footer. The first one was a minor slip on my arse, second time was a success but no one saw it so I gave it another go. Third time, I fell on my side and sure enough, I put my arm out to catch myself and my arm was sore for the next 2 weeks...couldn't lift anything heavy...not even a skateboard. Luckily, it was my right arm, not my left as I'm left-handed. Writing would also have been a pain to write. The day after the next, I went to SFMW and was kinda sore raising my hands up on a coaster.


Lastly, probably when I rode down a steep hill on my bike with my brother-in-law to a bike shop. I was smart enough to 'merge' over and onto the sidewalk as I was slammed into my back tire by his bike. I was launched off out in the middle of the street and could barely walk. My bike was unridable as 5 spokes were ripped right out...and my helmet cracked.

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Thw worst injury I've ever had is when i fell off a tree and fell 15ft and fracured my skull and was in a comer for just under 3 weeks. i was also on a ventalator for 2weeks. As a result of fracturing my skull I now have a metal plate in my head to stop my brain swelling up.


WOW - can you ride coasters at all ???

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