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Post your milestone coasters

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I hit a couple of milestones on the Emo/East Coast tour, and due to an accidental checking of a box on coaster counter my 300th turned out to be not quite as auspicious as what I planned:


100 - Woody Woodpecker Nut Coaster, Universal Orlando (2004)

150 - Lost Coaster, Indiana Beach (2007)

200 - Teddy Bear, Stricker's Grove (2007)

250 - Boulder Dash, Lake Compounce (2008)

300 - High Speed Thrill Coaster, Knoebels (2008) but I thought it was Phoenix but I accidentally ticked a coaster on coaster counter, very blah.

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I only have 26 coasters on my list, I'm sad...


The only milestone that I can recall was my 25th, which was X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain. And let me just say, riding it at night is really something else. That fire... Holy crap. Unfortunately, this ride was really rough, maybe it was just because I had an outside seat next to a quite larger man.

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#1 - Matterhorn at Disneyland in 1983

#100 - Goliath at SFOG

#200 Coming in a couple weeks. I have it planned out to be El Toro at SFGAdv. Hopefully it works out for me!


Here's a pic of me and #100. Don't mind my stupid face. There were a TON of people staring and I felt like an idiot. I guess that's my nervous pose?


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^ John, you couldn't have picked a much better milestone coaster!!!JJ


Unforutnately, the park did not open Grizzly until noon, and I already had all the other credits in the park. I was also on limited time that day and had to get back to San Francisco by early afternoon.


Oh well, I will plan my 500th with much more foresight!

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#1 must have been a kiddiecoaster called Keverbaan in Slagharen (Netherlands) in 1975 or something.


After this initial nightmare my first memory of riding a rollercoaster again was at Knott's Berry Farm in 1984. The most exiting thing they had back then was Montezooma Revenge.


Currently the count is 579 so I will most likely hit #600 on the China trip.


#500 Spongebon Squarepants in now called Nickelodeon Universe.


#400 Superman - Ride of Steel in Six Flags America. When it finally worked again.


#300 was Wild Mouse in Idlewild.


#200 Bouzouc (which was simply called Train de Mine at the time) in Bagatelle (France).


I didn't really start counting until I was well over #100 which I figured out had to be this one. Whirwind in Fort Fun (Germany).

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Milestones on the East Coast Trip:


Elissa #900 Stunt Coaster at Kings Dominion

Robb #1000 Crazy Mouse at Delgrosso's

KT #8 The Great Chase at Six Flags America


This is by our counting methods. Using Coaster Counter I'm nearly at 1000 and Robb is nearly at 1200! Using the Jeff Johnson method...well, I don't think numbers have been invented that are that high yet!


Poor Kristen could have gotten a lot more credits on the East Coast trip, but I value her brain and spine too much to put her on some of the stuff she was allowed on! (SkyLiner at Lakemont, Mad Mouse at Quassy, etc.!)

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She's only 30'', so she can only ride coasters that have no height requirement (or that the only requirement is riding with an adult).


Shockingly there's a ton of stuff she's allowed on, just stuff I would never take her on. Most log flumes, bumper cars, tons of flats. I just would never put her on something crazy like that till she's older.

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I stopped counting after my #600 was that random Boomerang in Korea that they welded back together right before we rode it. I decided that day that no way was I ever going to get a better "milestone" credit, and just quit counting. I'm sure I'll sit down and figure out my count again at some point (I'd guess that 700 is not too far off now) but right now I'm not really worried abou it.



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Robb #1000 Crazy Mouse at Delgrosso's


PLEASE tell me there was a shaved chest involved!!!


I honestly don't care enough about milestone credits to really count. I use the coaster fanatics counter to keep track, but that's about it. My 100th was something at Great America, and 150th something in California earlier this year. I know, I'm lame...

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100 Grand National, Blackpool

150 Balder, Liseberg

200 Rasender Roland, Hansa Park

250 Dragon Flyer, Camelot

300 Twistrix, Drievliet

350 Camel Coaster, Nasu Highland

400 A travelling dragon

450 Rollersoaker, Hersheypark

500 Racer, Kings Island

550 Flying Super Saturator, Carowinds

600 Frozen, Sokolniki Park (which I found!!)

650 Boomerang, Six Flags Mexico

700 Powder Keg, Silver Dollar City

750 Fairly Odd Coaster, Nickeodeon Park

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100- The old side-friction Log Coaster that used to be in Rhyl

150- NO idea!

200- This ghetto old kiddie coaster in the north of England, near Pleasure Island, but I can't remember the actual name of the ride, haha

250- Leap-the-Dips, Lakemont Park

300- Back Lot Stunt Coaster, Kings Dominion


Sadly, the old Log Coaster was the best of them!

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50 - Clown Coaster, Blackpool Pleasure Beach


100 - Xpress, Walibi World


150 - dunno?


200 - A kiddie coaster at Dunes Leisure (a park on the north English coast).


250 - Vortex, Canada's Wonderland


300 - Volcano, Kings Dominion




and i'll be hitting 350 next week at Busch Gardens Africa. Yay!

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