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Post your milestone coasters

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I've never really kept up with my mile stones or total credits but i finally did a real count and.....


Firehawk @ kings Island = 200!!!!! yeah!!!!


isn't it funny how you tell your friends that you've been on 200 coasters and they think it's a big deal and that your some kind of coaster nut, but really there are people on here like Robb and Jeff Johnson and Big Mike n such whose counts make us look like beginners!!! Crazy

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Well, I am up to 393 and my 393rd was the AWESOME Ravine Flyer II.


But here is my dilemna:


I will be visiting SFDK and Great America in July. So my 400th will have to be one of the coasters from SFDK, none of which really seem like the coaster I want my 400th to be!


But what do you think?? If you had to pick one of these to be my 400th, which one should it be:


Boomerang Coast to Coaster




Roadrunner Express


Tony Hawk's Big Spin

V2: Vertical Velocity



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1. High Speed Thrill Coaster, Knoebel's

10. Blue Streak, Cedar Point

20. Wild Mouse, Hersheypark

30. Great American Scream Machine, Six Flags Great Adventure

40. Mantis, Cedar Point

50. Montu, Busch Gardens Africa

60. Revenge of the Mummy, Universal Studios Florida

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1. The Beast


100 is soon to come at Six Flagas Great Adventure!! (Only 4 coasters to go)


When I go to SFGA what should I make my 100th coaster?

-Batman the Ride

-The Dark Knight

-El Toro


-Kingda Ka



-Rolling Thunder

-Runaway Mine Train

-Skull Mountain

-Superman: Ultimate Flight

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