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Post your milestone coasters

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I haven't gone out of the way to make any of my milestones special, either as a really good coaster... or really bad. With the exception of #200 and I ended up goofing on that one.


1) Scooby Doo-- KD (Now Woodstock's Express)

25) Two-Face: The Flipside-- SFA

50) Rock N Roller Coaster-- Disney's Hollywood Studios

75) Carolina Goldrusher-- Carowinds

100) Batman The Ride-- SFoT

150) Raptor-- Cedar Point

200) The Dark Knight-- SFGAm (messed up on my count and originally was trying to make the Whizzer this one)

250) Goliath-- SFMM


264) Superman--SFMM


I should probably hit #275 this summer at Lagoon and will hopefully get #300 sometime next year.


I'm not gonna lie I ended up messing up my count as well, as I thought Ravine Flyer 3 was my 100th but due to a miscount it ended up being The Devils Den lol, (Ravine Flyer 3 did overtake the Comet (TGE) as my number one wooden coaster thou.)

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Here are my milestones


#1. Gadgests Go Coaster @ DLR

#50. Demon @ CGA

#100. Boomerang @ Great Escape

#200. Hoosier Hurricane @ Indiana Beach

#300. Ispeed @ Mirabilandia

#400. Batman the Ride @ SFOT

#500. Rewind Racers @ Adventure City

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50. Kong (5/26/2008)

100. Catwoman's Whip, SFNE (7/1/2011)

150. Rolling Thunder


200. Nighthawk (8/6/2012) Yes, only 5 days after 150... Thanks, TPR!

250. Revenge of the Mummy, USF (8/1/2014)

300. Tremors (7/3/2015)

350. Raging Bull (10/10/2015) Another relatively quick credit bump for me!


I don't know what my #400 will be, but it will be in the next month.

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I don't have exactly accurate counts because I didn't feel like raking my brain for coasters I've ridden 10+ years ago, but here's my milestones since I started keeping track in early 2015


#1 Talon, Dorney Park

#10 Great Bear, Hershey

#25 Nitro, Six Flags Great Adventure

#50 Fury 325, Carowinds


Last coaster in my count: Twister, Knoebels


"breakthrough" ride: Possessed at Dorney Park, initially made me want to see what other coasters outside of Dorney had to offer. Skyrush at Hershey made me want to experience as many coasters as possible.

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050. Kong (5/26/2008)

100. Catwoman's Whip, SFNE (7/1/2011)

150. Rolling Thunder

, SFGAdv (8/1/2012)

200. Nighthawk, Carowinds (8/6/2012)

250. Revenge of the Mummy, USF (8/1/2014)

300. Tremors, Silverwood (7/3/2015)

350. Raging Bull (10/10/2015)

400. Monstre

, La Ronde (7/2/2016)

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50. Merlin's Revenge - Castle Park

100. Medusa - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

150. Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers - Six Flags Magic Mountain

200. Raging Bull - Six Flags Great America

250. Mystery Mine - Dollywood

300. Wicked Cyclone - Six Flags New England

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Since my last post:


600. T3, Kentucky Kingdom (2016)




100. Wacky Worm, WOF (2010)

200. Superman: Ultimate Flight, SFGAdv (2011)

300. Lightning Racer: Lightning (2011)

400. Carolina Cyclone (2012)

500. Goofy's Sky School (2013)


I'd totally forgotten that it took me nearly three years to progress from 500 to 600, although I do remember that one of the intervening years was decidedly low-credit.


(These have all been decided based on what I considered accurate at the time of original counting. My tiny number of retroactive credits I've added as the "latest coaster" whenever I ruled each one as countable.)

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New for me is #700 - Space Mountain at Tokyo Disneyland. My count now sits at 745.




#600 - Karlo's Taxi at Djurs Sommerland (RIP) 2014

#500 - Wacky Worm at Adventure Landing 2013

#400 - Goliath at La Ronde 2011

#300 - Sea Dragon at Columbus Zoo 2010

#200 - Miner Mike at Zuma Fun Center Knoxville 2009

#100 - El Toro Six Flags Great Adventure 2008


I really had slow downs between 2011 and 2013 and now between 2014 and 2016. Quality is starting to slowly take over quantity!

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#10 - Crazy Mine (Hansa Park)

#20 - Rutschebanen (Tivoli Gardens)

#30 - Tornado (Bakken)

#40 - Fluch Von Novgorod (Hansa Park)

#50 - Teststrecke (Hamburg Fruhlingsdom)

#60 - Gröttenblitz (Heide-Park)

#70 - Matterhorn Blitz (Europa Park)

#80 - Kvasten (Gröna Lund)

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My 700th, in my 7th Country as well!


100 - Clown Coaster, Oakwood - Wales 2006

200 - Mine Coaster, Kijimi - Japan 2007

300 - Backyardigans Mission To Mars, Movie Park Germany - Germany 2008

400 - 13, Alton Towers - England 2010

500 - Mine Coaster, Sun Park - China 2012

600 - Medusa, Six Flags Mexico, Mexico 2013


700 - Ghostrider, Knott's Berry Farm - USA! 2016


(And as of today, I've ridden about 707 coasters.)


How I put it: "#700, 7 years before I turn 70!" (o;


...and I decided in advance, to uh..."doll up" the certificate. (o; I even got the date right. Whew!

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#1 Runaway Ore Cart, Silver Dollar City, 1989

#50 Goliath, Six Flags Great America, 2014

#100 Millennium Force, Cedar Point, 2016 (Coastermania)

#150 Tatsu, Six Flags Magic Mountain, 2016 (West Coast Bash)

#200 Great Noreaster, Moreys Piers, 2017 (with Coasterbill and Boldikus)

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#1 Dragon Wagon, King Richard's (2004)

#10 Expedition Everest, Animal Kingdom (2007)

#25 Between Time Warp, Behemoth, Skyrider, Thunder Run, and Vortex, Canada's Wonderland (2010)

#50 Lucy's Crabby Cabbies, Carowinds (2012)

#75 Dominator, Kings Dominion (2014)

#100 Goat Coaster, Goats on the Roof (2016)

#121 (Latest Credit) Mako, SeaWorld Orlando (2017)

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#1: I want to say it's Runaway Mine Train @ SFGAdv, but odds are my parents threw me on a Wacky Worm or Wacky Worm-like ride at a Jersey Shore park like Keansburg or Casino/Funtown Pier when I was little.

#100: Flying ACE Aerial Chase @ KI

#150: Great Chase @ SFNE

#200: Black Diamond @ Knoebels

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1 - Not sure, but my first big coaster was Medusa, SFDK

50 - Big Bad Wolf, BGW

100 - Kingda Ka, SFGAdv

150 - Storm Runner, Hersheypark

200 - I305, KD

250 - I'm 13 away, so we shall see! No more new parks/coasters planned for this year, but maybe SFOT/SFFT and SDC for next year?

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