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Post your milestone coasters

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#1 Iron Dragon Cedar Point when I was 6

#25 Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit IOA

#50 Dominator Kings Dominion It was the first roller coaster I saw my dad ride when it was at Geauga Lake when I was 5 so it had to be number 50

#50 Steel only The Fly Canada's Wonderland

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KT had two very good US Trips due to finally hitting that magic 48" mark!


Finished at 415 Jeff Johnson Credits and 362 Actual Credits.


She's also now up to 52 woodies which should put her in pretty good standing for the Mitch Hawker poll!


And on a sad note, she rode her first Boomerang!


She should do well with a quick trip to SoCal next month.


Did she get on X2, Goliath, or Superman yesterday?

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As you'll see I don't really plan for these things.... :/


001 - DrachenFire BGW

025 - Boomerang KBF

050 - Skull Mountain SFGAd

075 - Stormrunner HP

100 - Superflight - RP


Superflight at Rye Playland was undoubtedly - and I mean with not even a close second - the single worst coaster I have ever experienced. Oh well.


It may also be interesting to point out that all these milestones have been within in the last year... except #1 which was about 1993 "OMG never again"

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Did she get on X2, Goliath, or Superman yesterday?


Excellent question!


With our quick SoCal weekend she's now at 427/374!


At SFMM she rode Goliath, Speedy Gonzales, Goldrusher, Superman, Apocalypse, and Revolution. She loved Goliath, like super loved it. She was nervous about Superman but ended up riding that a ton as well. She rode it and liked it even more once I told her it was an Intamin ride!


As for X2, we skipped it. It was the first 48" ride she qualified for but I didn't feel comfortable putting her on it. Between the restraints, not being able to hold on to her, and the roughness of the ride I just didn't feel right about putting her on it. Just because a kid is tall enough for a ride doesn't mean they should ride. Even a kid who's been on 427 coasters!

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1: Rollo Coaster at Idlewild

50: Lightning Racer at Hersheypark

100: Ricochet at Carowinds

150: Batman the Ride at Six Flags Great Adventure

200: Superman el Ultimo Escape at Six Flags Mexico

250: Fly the Great Nor'easter at Morey's Piers

300: Ninja at Six Flags St. Louis (Boy, was THAT a mistake.)

350: Sierra Sidewinder at Knott's Berry Farm (during WCB on Saturday!)

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I didn't really start keeping track until 2010, so I'm not 100% confident on those below 100.


1: Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland

5: Freeway Coaster at Adventure City

10: GhostRider at Knott's Berry Farm

20: Hi-Miler (traveling coaster owned by Ray Cammack Shows)

50: Batman The Ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain

100: Mean Streak at Cedar Point

150: Screamin' Eagle at Six Flags St. Louis

200: Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure

250: Dragon Mountain at Marineland Theme Park

300: Flying ACE Aerial Chase at Kings Island

350: Cyclone at Luna Park

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  • 8 months later...

Just BUMPing this, as I realized, each milestone coaster I've achieved, each one was in a different country!


#100 - Wales - Oakwood - Speed

200 - Japan - Kijimi - Mine Train

300 - Germany - Movie Park - Backyardigans Mission To Mars (whew!)

400 - England - Alton Towers - 13

500 - China - Forget the Park - a Mine Train

600 - Mexico - Six Flags - Medusa


Has anyone else had this happen? I didn't plan it at all.

It's just how things turned out, randomly.


And for the record, I am kind of hoping my #700

Coaster will be in the USA.


Maybe next year, perhaps?


My #600 - Medusa, at SFMexico. (And no, that is not spelling G-O-D. Just a visual.....thing.)

Edited by Nrthwnd
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Not a very impressive count, but here goes:

1. Lil' Phantom, Kennywood

25. Lightning Racer (Thunder), Hersheypark

50. Skyrush, Hersheypark

75. Rolling Thunder (left), Six Flags Great Adventure

100. Flight of Fear, Kings Island (was very nearly able to make Flying Turns #100, but on my first KI visit only a few weeks before, FoF was closed, and I ended up returning about two months later after FT became #99)


I'm currently at 102 with Impulse at Knoebels being my latest credit.

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^ Hey, it's all good. And listen - when I started actually

counting coasters, I was 53 and not even at 100 yet!



Now of course, I've gotten "a bit better", thanks to all

the awesome TPR Tours (all overseas) I've been on.


Good times - my #100 - at age 53 - in Wales. Back in 2006 on the very first TPR UK Tour. (o:

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First I thought an SLC was my #50 (Blue Tornado @ Gardaland) but then I realized that I counted wrong but I now don't know if it is Raptor or Sequoia Adventure also @ Gardaland. My count is at the moment at 54.

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Like Bill, lately All my milestones have been in different Countries.


500 - UK - Thorpe Park - Swarm

600 - Japan - Toshimaien - Cyclone

700 - Denmark - Tivoli Frieheden - Tyfonen

800 - USA - Gillians Wonderland Pier - Wacky Worm


900 will be in Canada at Canada's Wonderland. Trying to think of somewhere AWESOME for the big 1000 next year.

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Mine also vary across countries too:


1 - Corkscrew, Sea World - Australia

50 - King Solomon's Mines, Southport Pleasureland - UK

100 - Viper - Six Flags Magic Mountain - USA

150 - Runaway Mine Train, Flamingo Land - UK

200 - Ragin' Cajun, Six Flags Great America - USA

250 - Grizzly, King's Dominion - USA

300 - Mad Rats, Happy Valley Chengdu - China

350 - 10 Inversion Coaster, Chimelong Paradise - China

400 - Raging Spirits, Tokyo DisneySea - Japan

450 - The Ultimate, Lightwater Valley - UK

500 - Flager Musen, Fårup Sommerland - Denmark

550 - Skyways, Clarence Pier - UK

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