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Post your milestone coasters

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#1- Dragon (LLCA)

#50- Dragon Challenge (Fireball)


My last coaster credit was Alpine Bobs at the San Diego County Fair which brought me to 68 so I will be expecting to get 2 more credits at Six Flags Magic Mountain (Road Runner Express and Speedy Gonzales) to get to 70.

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#1 Sooperdooperlooper, King's Dominion - This is according to my dad. I was 3 1/2 so I'm not sure if there was something before that.


Don't know #2-69


#70 Top Thrill Dragster


Most recent was #86 on Bombora at Lagoon yesterday. I'll be going to SFMM later this week so I expect to be adding Apocalypse and Full Throttle to that. Maybe Green Lantern too.

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KT had two very good US Trips due to finally hitting that magic 48" mark!


Finished at 415 Jeff Johnson Credits and 362 Actual Credits.


She's also now up to 52 woodies which should put her in pretty good standing for the Mitch Hawker poll!


And on a sad note, she rode her first Boomerang!


She should do well with a quick trip to SoCal next month.

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#1 Woodstock's Express (California's Great America)

#10 Vortex (California's Great America)

#25 Revolution (Six Flags Magic Mountain)

#50 Rolling Thunder (Six Flags Great Adventure)

#75 Raven (Holiday World)

#100 Gemini (Cedar Point)

#110 Raptor (Cedar Point)

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