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Post your milestone coasters

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100. Wacky Worm, WOF (2010)

200. Superman: Ultimate Flight, SFGAdv (2011)

300. Lightning Racer: Lightning (2011)

400. Carolina Cyclone (2012)

500. Goofy's Sky School (2013)


The first time I went to DCA, I wanted to ride all the coasters, but I didn't especially care for the park, so I skipped out early. This year I made it 'til the end of the day, if just barely.

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I've only been on 40 coasters, but

First coaster: Space Mountain, Magic Kingdom

First coaster with inversions: Demon, Six Flags Great America

First wooden coaster: Viper, Six Flags Great America

First B&M: Raging Bull, Six Flags Great America

First Intamin: American Eagle, Six Flags Great America

First Vekoma: Woodstock Express, Cedar Point

First B&M Invert: Raptor, Cedar Point

Voyage was my 40th.

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I made it to 700 in 2011 but haven't got to 800 yet, I'm slowing down I don't know what 100 was so here are the others:


200 Wacky Worm - Delgrossos

300 Daemonen - Tivoli Gardens

400 Revolution - Six Flags Magic Mountain

500 The Boss - Six Flags St. Louis

600 Snoopy's Great Race - Universal Studios Japan

700 Iron Dragon - Cedar Point

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My milestone was finally riding the Beast. Really, I remember looking up roller coasters as a kid on proquest at the library and I've been wanting to ride it since. Just never made it to KI until last summer. I topped off with the visit with the last ride of the night right after some decent fireworks. I believe it was #39. Looking forward to getting back there in a few months!

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Hmm let's see:

First steel coaster with corkscrews-Corkscrew at Michigan's Adventure when it was still Deer Park Funland.

First wooden coaster-Florida Hurricane at Boardwalk and Baseball.

First steel with vertical loop-Double O at Boardwalk and Baseball.

First hyper coaster-Magnum XL200 at Cedar Point.

First inverted coaster-Raptor at Cedar Point.

First stand up coaster-Mantis at Cedar Point.

First giga coaster-Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland.

First dive coaster-Sheikra at Busch Gardens Tampa.

First flying coaster-Manta at Sea World Orlando.

First floorless coaster-Kraken at Sea World Orlando.

That's pretty much it for now.

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I'm almost positive my 50th was Gemini. I can't remember my first or 25th and I'm currently at 67. My goal is to get to 100 by 2015 so hopefully I'll post my 100th here by then!


I found out my 50th was actually Magnum XL 200. Considering its in my personal top 5, I unintentionally picked a nice milestone coaster. Forgot I rode a coaster I checked off this year over a decade ago so that moved everything down 1.


I'm now at 74 credits after going to Hersheypark and Lake Compounce after I wrote my last post. My 75th credit will be my first new ride this year. I'm gonna try to make that be Bizarro (SFNE) or Outlaw Run .

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#01 - Corkscrew - Sea World Australia

#50 - Klondike Mine Train - Drayton Manor

#100 - Tatsu - Six Flags Magic Mountain

#150 - Knightmare - Camelot

#200 - Superman Ultimate Flight - Six Flags Great America

#250 - Grover's Alpine Express - Busch Gardens Williamsburg

#300 - Dragon in Clouds - Happy Valley Chengdu

#350 - Speed Mouse - Amazing World

#400 - Laser Blaster - Window on China Theme Park

#450 - Hero - Flamingo Land


500 will be somewhere in Scandinavia!

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I'm at 88 right now and I only started to count "Milestone" coasters this year, so here it goes :

#1 : Marche du Milles-Pattes @ La Ronde

#60 : Anaconda @ Zoo Granby

#70 : Blue Streak @ Cedar Point

#80 : Batman: The ride @ SFGAm

#90 : next year... What will it be ?

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First Steel Looping: Loch Ness Monster

First Dive: Griffon

First Hyper: Apollo's Chariot

First Giga: i305

First Strata: Kingda Ka

First Floorless: Dominator

First Inverted: Dragon Challenge

First Wood: Ghoster Coaster

First Flying: SupermanL Ultimate Flight

First Stand-Up: Shockwave

First Launch: Incredible Hulk

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Flyer @ Hunts Pier, Wildwood. First (wooden) coaster.

Sea Serpent @ Morey's. First steel/looping.

Nitro @ SFGAdv. First hyper.

Kingda Ka. First strata/launch.

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