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Post your milestone coasters

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#1: Rollo Coaster (Idlewild) - I wonder if this is the root of my love for terrain wooden coasters.

#50: Top Gun, Son of Beast, or Flight of Fear (Kings Island) - Whichever it was, it was at Kings Island.

#100: Thunderhead (Dollywood) - Great ride, a new favorite.

#150: Skyliner (Lakemont Park) - I had thought Leap the Dips was #150, but I just realized I never put the ride I got on Ravine Flyer 3 into CoasterFanatics. Skyliner was a fairly decent ride, though.

#156: Thunder Run (Kentucky Kingdom) - It didn't disappoint, some nice airtime.


I'm not sure what new credits I may get next year. Maybe Kennywood's new coaster and Intimidator at Kings Dominion, but its not looking like any new parks.

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#50 was Nitro if I don't count any small coasters which I am not sure if I have ridden.


If I did ride Toronto Island Monster @ Centerville Amusement Park (which I should remember, so I probably did not ride it), then #50 would be Bizzaro. Neither Nitro nor Bizzaro would be bad milestone coasters.

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I'm going to count 50s as milestones until I hit 500 or something so my milestone list doesn't look so small.


50 Looping Star at Beech Bend


100 Thunderhead at Dollywood


150 Tivoli at Marineland


200 Giant Dipper at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk


250 Speed at Nascar Cafe Las Vegas


I'm sad because up until just now, I thought Canyon Blaster at Adventure Dome was my 250th. It was the only Vegas coaster that I really liked.


So 50% of my actual milestones took place on a TPR trip, while 2 out of 3 semi milestones did. The moral of this story is "Go on a TPR trip."

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I didn't start ordering until 167 (East Coast tour), so from that point I have milestones (something I swore I would never do!)


200 - Wild Mouse (Idlewild)


300 - Hunderprut/Dog Fart Coaster! (Bon Bon Land)


400 - Runaway Reptar (California's Great America)


I'll probably hit 500 somewhere on the mid-america trip next year.

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I'm currently at 92 coasters.


1- Rudy's Rapid Transit Coaster (Santa's Village)

10- Space Mountain- Alpha (Magic Kingdom)

25- Boulder Dash (Lake Compounce)

50- Dragon Coaster (Rye Playland)

69- Loch Ness Monster

75- Pandemonium (Six Flags New England)

92- Wild Mouse (Funtown U.S.A.)


I'm probably going to reach about 120 by the end of this summer, and I am aiming to make Darien's Ride of Steel my 100th coaster.

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