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Well this is my only trip to my favourite theme park in the UK. I had to go to get pictures of Speed for my website Oaktowers.


So after a long 6 hour drive from Southampton to the campsite it was a fun night, got a bit tipsy thar, woke up the next morning around 7am, didn't go to the park till 9am.


After we queued and faffed outsite we ran to the 'fobia. I must say its not lost any of its pace, its still one amazing ride, with airtime galore! Tad bit rougher though.

After walking back to the meet up place and faffing for badges and the party bags we headed back to the 'fobia for a CF ride, I decided to do back row, which was amazing and intense experience, i've still got a bruise on my elbow, it hurts .


So after this we went over to the new ride Speed, after queueing for some 20 mins because they stupidly put on 1 train, so the queue was big. I rode back row first time, and it was really good, the first drop was just incredible, and the airtime was immense. Loved the loop it really had a good force, was 50/50 on the jerk out of the brake run. Helix was extremely intense almost like Nemesis and Cobra's (yes a kids ride has a intense helix).

Got interviewed for the CF Documentary after the ride, which was fun, so might be on thar soon. After this we rode The Waterfall which is the tea tray ride, i almost fell off, which was sort of annoying, but then the person after me just fell in completley.

Then i did treetops back row, which like many rides was completley insanse to do! Got throw about so much.


After this was Plane Crazy, which is a tame flat ride, not that fun to do really. Tis a nice addition though. Probably with the only themeing i've ever seen at Oakwood for a flat ride.


We broke for lunch so i naturally went off to whore some rides, which i did with Bobsleigh and Death Slide. After walking to the amazing Speed Bacon Bite i queued for Speed which took 50 mins! Because they still had 1 train on, and again i stressed to the ride op why are they doing this. Front row this time, which was ace, the lift scares me, tis very intimidating.


After lunch i met with the group after being 10 mins later because of Speed, we all did Hydro which was alright, still a good water ride, just its so tame with those OTSR. Lapbars were better

After the water ride we headed off for The Bounce which is my fav tower ride, had a good ride with that and got a nice picture of Speed from the top .

We all headed back to Speed for a group photograph which was fun to plan and take. Afterwards we queued again, again using 1 train, until they probably saw me coming as a van arrived and a engineer came out and hopped into the matinence area and proceeded to add another train onto the ride, this lead to me explaining to people how the transfer track works. True geek, eh? So the queue went down a lot quicker after this, did the front row again, tried to take some pictures on ride, didn't work, ended up turning out so much like TPR's .


Anyway we all broke to go do whatever. I did the pirate boat, which was lame. Better last year.

After this we all met up and headed for CC2000 for some crystal maze goodness. My team came first on the Expert mode which we all did second time.

Most people went off to Narbeth to get booze and stuff, i put my order in. Went back to campsite got pisshed. Little did we know a storm blew in and knocked down two of our tents, i had to sleep in the rec room we were socialising in.


Overall a great weekend


Here are some pics.

(Copyright of Oaktowers and Coaster Force, please ask for permission if you'd like to use them.)


Across the Severn Bridge back over to England!


Speed from the top of Bounce, really like this picture.


Big 'ol splashdown!


Back shot of Megafobia!


Speed behind a massive woodchip hill


A nice silouhette of Speed, shows how they are getting really high on it.


Weird, yet its a nice angle of megafobia, even if i took it over my shoulder.


Its pretty steep isn't it?


This was a lovely shot at the campsite, on the friday

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Faffing is standing around doing nothing because people can't decide what to do next.


This was SUCH an awesome weekend.


And Speed is AMAZING. Omg it was so scared going up the lifthill! Then the drop was insane and the airtime....


I'll have a trip report up soon maybe. I didn't take that many pics cause the weather was a tad grey and cold!


Camping in the torrential rain and gales was not acceptable however haha.

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