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UK Photo TR: DDR Machines of UK Theme Parks

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We know that Robb and Elissa were all over the DDR machines during the 2002 Europe trip. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see how many DDR machines I could get a picture of on the TPR UK Trip. As for playing them, I'm not that kind of person. It looks like these machines are still popular in the UK


The third machine at BPB


Another one at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. This one appears to be missing its marquee sign


I believe this one was in the arcade across from Grand National at Blackpool Pleasure Beach


The South Pier in Blackpool has this DS Fusion machine


Another one at Southport. This one was completely indoors, near the all-you-can-eat buffet


This one was at Pleasureland Southport


This one was near the Forbidden Valley section at Alton Towers


This one was in the same arcade near Oblivion


Here's one near Oblivion's exit


I caught this one while passing through the Alton Towers Hotel


The Splash Landings hotel (where we stayed) gets double points for having two machines side by side.


Here's a DS EuroMix at Oakwood


Coney Beach gets extra points for it's DDR Third Mix, complete with duct tape handles and exposed wires


I found one Dancing Stage EuroMix 2 at Chessington

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Actually it was kind of funny that there were so many.


In 2002 I think we only saw 3 the entire trip, now there were multiples ones at each park!


Kind of figures, it's dying off in the US so now the Brits pick up on it!

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Ya it really is dieing in North America. They took them all out of the arcades by my house and put in Air Hockey tables which are awesome probaly because im Canadian and play it very intensly. I am very good at DDR as in I play at Heavy levels and it just died on me.

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DDR isn't as popular in US arcades anymore because it's the same old versions. DDR USA in 2000 was the last US DDR arcade game, and since every arcade it seems in the US has upgraded to Extreme which was the last Japanese arcade mix since 2002, it got old and boring.


Hardcore players moved onto In The Groove and In The Groove 2.


I think with the newly released DDR Supernova in arcades (released in Japan, the US and Europe I think), with arcades just starting to get the game, it will get popular again in US arcades.

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Nice pics! I love the duct tape action on some of those machines.


In America they don't even go that far to service a beaten/used machine.


I wouldn't say DDR is dying in the U.S. just yet as DDR SuperNova is just getting introduced into the mainstream arcades. Plus the next gen. console versions are starting to come out in the U.S. starting with the 360 in October. But it's definantly not as popular as it used to be... except at my house where I still stomp till the cows come home.

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