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Linnanmäki Discussion Thread

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So maybe a Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster?


I doubt it but mainly because the track is pretty narrow for a Gerst. (Assuming the rendition is to be trusted)


Gerstlauer track is significantly wider than Intamin or Mack track. The support style does remind me a lot of Mack's support style but if it were up to me I would certainly rather have an Intamin

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I agree that it is definitely not Gerstlauer track in that teaser, but teasers are not always 100% correct. I was just pointing out that the top hat reminded me a lot of Gold Rush's first element.


RCDB states that the coaster will be 52 meters tall and will feature an LSM launch. Currently, there are no Mack launch coasters that are this tall - the tallest one being Helix at 41 meters. The tallest Gerstlauer Infinity that features an LSM launch is Junker at 40 meters. But there are multiple Intamin coasters with an LSM launch that go over 52 meters. So if we are looking at all this together with the matching track pattern, an Intamin will be the most likely. (I am not saying Mack or Gerstlauer can't build launch coasters over 52 meters, I am just pointing out that it is not been done yet.) But again, teasers aren't always the most reliable sources.

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Thank you for all the replies and support for this!


I'm thinking Intamin as most sure manufacturer for this ride. Height will be 52 meters and "rapid-launch will achieve the 106km/h speed" I'll put my two cents for dual sequenced launch more likely than one launch. Or has Intamin made short and rapid launch coaster with LSM yet? Of course there is a chance that the train will achieve some 50-75km/h speed by its own gravity and then launch with LSM in the side of the hill side area.. Vonkaputous water coasters remains are so unnoteable at this time so my mind is on far away future already. Of course the bithciest part of this project is the footers of the Vonkaputous ! They dig them deep in the 2000-season and the work for clearing them out from the soil is a hard and long work.

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This whole thing is so exciting. A relatively big (for linnanmäki) plot for Intamin (most likely) to play with to make Finland's tallest and fastest roller coaster to add to Finland's big 4 coasters (Tornado, Junker, Thunderbird, Vuoristorata, of which I can't get to 2 because Powerpark is too far to go to without staying overnight and I can't afford 150€ a night just to sleep)


And I mean come on if it is Intamin it has a high likelyhood of becoming a coaster to be talked of even abroad! I can't wait!


I'm just hoping they add some theming to the ride like they did with Salama in 2008 with the scenery pieces along the ride + slightly themed queue/station. As long as the theming is better than in their last coaster addition Ukko.

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I'm just hoping they add some theming to the ride like they did with Salama in 2008 with the scenery pieces along the ride + slightly themed queue/station. As long as the theming is better than in their last coaster addition Ukko.


Theme with Ukko? Whrere do you see it? Joke!


But yeah. This scale of coaster and advertising at this point needs a well themeted station and surroundings.. With Kyöpelivuoren hotelli (dark ride with really good input to theme) in the neighborhood it would be a total kill to have a coaster with none of theme included. I'm hoping that next teaser will come shortly.

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Colors of the coaster will be blueish and grey. Don't know the roles of the colors still (Will the blueish be the track and grey for the supports). All this small information is being published as in the building application and permit forms

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Shaping looks kind of Gerstlauer to me, the Track is from NL2 so judgements based on that is kind of invalid to me.


Well, the shaping looks Intamin to me


But also: If it was Gerst and they're using NL2, why not go with the Gerstlauer-licensed Infinity or Eurofighter track model?

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Linnanmäki Amusement Park, in Helsinki, Finland, announces their biggest roller coaster project ever: Taiga is Getting Ready to Launch!



Something exciting has been brewing at Linnanmäki Amusement Park during the past winter. The amusement park has been posting teasers in the social media implying that “Taiga is in the air”.


It is finally time to announce that a spectacular roller coaster is arriving at Linnanmäki in 2019!


“We are very excited to finally announce that Linnanmäki is making its greatest ride project ever in co-operation with ride manufacturer Intamin. This most unique high-profile launch coaster can be described as a coaster enthusiasts’ dream”, explains Pia Adlivankin, Managing Director of Linnanmäki with great excitement.


This new ride will have a top hat height at 52 meters, Finland’s longest track length of 1104 meters and a furious maximum speed of 106 km per hour. In addition, this new coaster will have two launches and four inversions.


Intamin is a European coaster manufacturer with the largest number of launch coasters in operation all over the world.


”It was an easy choice to select Intamin as our ride provider, since they had the most creative layout suggestion for our challenging terrain. We are truly satisfied with our biggest ride acquisition ever” Anssi Tamminen, Technical Director of Linnanmäki comments on the project.


Linnanmäki expects this ride to be one of the most exciting rides in Europe.


”This coaster will impress everyone. The final layout design phase was a true collaborative effort with Linnanmäki, and we were able to come up with a roller coaster which will set new standards not only in Finland but in the whole Northern Europe and even beyond”, Intamin’s Executive Vice President Sascha Czibulka proudly explains.


This fierce new roller coaster, Taiga, will be launched during the 2019 season.

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Can I just say how excited I am that something this amazing is coming to my homepark!



Plus we go some more benefits


This is absolutely amazing. Linnanmäki blew away the top of coaster masterpiece with this! I can't handle this right now.. At all..

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