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Linnanmäki Discussion Thread

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I rode Taiga today. It is now my #1.


In the backrow, every airtime is ejector, and every element is more intense than previous one, yet it remains smooth and very enjoyable (e.g. almost no lats). Theming is also very highly detailed, and the queue is very nice.


I can't wait to ride it again! They really knocked it out of the park with this one.

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Lots of great reaction shots there, lol. But - only two guys putting their hands up??? (third + second to last photo) Sad. Thanks for sharing these ones. The coaster looks great!

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Anyone want some Taiga pictures?


A small batch from my visit on July 30.


(there will eventually be more in a full trip report some time down the road)



Oh my holy sht god! How excellent and sharp shots there! Really nice new views of this beast!


And to the train/capacity question, it is a Intamin, new ride for 2019 and it has some tech issues sometimes. They try their to best run with two trains and stopless roll but Finns as coaster riders are slow and forgetfull sometimes (Oh, i had phone, car keys and handful of coins in my pockets - thanks for asking three times still before you launched this coaster.. How 'bout a camera? Can I film a bit for my family?!)

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